Dear PoPville – Anyone Know the Dancing Guy at 9th and U Street/Florida Ave, NW?


“Dear PoPville,

Anyone know the guy that dances in front of the DC Housing Finance Agency (815 Florida Ave NW)?

Curious if he has a story– Has he discovered the friendliest way of protesting, ever? Is he just an avid dancer and likes the reflective doors so he can critique his dance moves? Does he dance on this corner because the surrounding bars already have music playing so his car’s music doesn’t really cause any additional disturbance to the neighborhood?

Almost every time I pass by on the weekend he is blasting music from his car and having a personal dance party. Always seems happy.

Wondering if anyone knows what the story is?”

Ed. Note: For those who are going to say, why don’t you just ask him, well not everyone feels comfortable doing that. Period. No need to debate. There we got that out of the way. But some people do feel comfortable interacting with strangers doing unusual/fun/interesting things, so for those folks – anyone ever chat him?

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  • Super nice guy. He has been dancing there for years. I would recommend saying hi to him as he is always happy to talk.

  • I love that guy. I try to always give him a fist bump.

  • LOVE this guy 🙂 He’s SO happy and friendly. He makes my Sunday’s

  • LOL…my friends and I were just talking about him….again….this past weekend. We’ve seen him there multiple times and have always been amused by him.

  • Guy seems to be in good spirits every time I’ve seen him out. Good for him!

  • His name is Andre and he just loves to dance, he thinks it’s a waste of money to go to clubs. You should say hi, he’s a real nice guy, although it is hard to interrupt his great moves.

  • Just recently a friend and I were sitting on the roof of DC9 for happy hour, spitballing about what he was doing. My friend thinks he might be a security guard disguised as a civilian. I think he has a negative history with the DC Housing Finance Authority and is just practicing the world’s hippest form of civil disobedience.

  • Reminds me of this DC story (adapted to film):
    Retirement from DC Shorts on Vimeo.

  • You sound like a condescending ASS!

  • I had no idea this guy was a regular occurrence. Saw him for the first time a month ago, HE’S GREAT.

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