Dear PoPville – Anyone Happen to Know what Happened at the Chalfonte on Argonne Place Sat. Night?

“Dear PoPville,

I live in the Chalfonte on Argonne place and around 4am [Saturday], there were police crawling all over the outside and inside of the building. Anyone hear anything about this? Kind of unnerving to have 2 cops posted on every floor of where I live!”

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  • Keep us abreast of the situation!

  • anyone have any updates to this?

  • I live in this building, but I’m afraid I don’t know too much about what actually happened. My apartment is close enough to the side entrance that I was able to hear somebody just hauling off and banging on the side door like crazy every couple of minutes (maybe for 20 min or so?). (The building has key fob entry for tenants.) I was actually about to call the police, but then I heard that a guy had stepped into the hall to figure out what was going on? I couldn’t hear every part of the conversation clearly, but he said something along the lines of WTF to the guy doing the banging, and then let him in. Again, I couldn’t hear the entire exchange, but it sounded like door-banging guy was describing being mugged or jumped (I heard him say “they took everything I had”) and therefore not having his keys or ID. He must have been hurt, because Guy #2 kept asking if he was ok, if he wanted to call 911, and suggesting he go to the hospital. Door-banging guy demurred, saying he didn’t have insurance and the hospital would charge too much. I don’t think Guy #2 lived in the building because door-banging guy kept saying a bunch of stuff to try to explain his story, like “she’ll tell you I live here…she’s probably seen a [door-banging guy’s description of himself] around the building.” So it seemed like Guy #2 was maybe visiting someone else in the building. Then a couple of minutes later, we heard more commotion–sounded like it was door-banging guy now banging on the door of an individual apartment (I thought maybe he lived with a roommate and was trying to wake the roommate up to let him in to their apartment or something). Then it was quiet for a few minutes before I heard several more people in the hall–it sounded like Guy #2 and I actually thought maybe it was the police, although I couldn’t hear what they were saying (and not sure if Guy #2 called because he was concerned about the door-banging guy, or if another tenant had called the police 10-15 minutes earlier and they were just responding). Anyway, if anyone else knows more, I’d be curious to know what happened, too. And if the door-banging guy was legit, I hope he’s all right.

    • Lol, you know a lot more than I expected you to based on your intro. I hope the guy is okay too. Carry on.

      • Haha, true. I was hoping another reader heard more than me. I really just caught muffled noises and sentence fragments, so I can only piece together what I thought might have happened. And I couldn’t tell if there was more to it, since cops were swarming the building–unless the cops didn’t realize what had happened to door-banging guy, and upon responding to a 911 call, had to do a sweep of the building to rule out an intruder. And door-banging guy sounded a bit all over the place with his story–which could have indicated something shady OR on the other hand, could have been explained by him just being shaken up after having been mugged.

  • I live in the Chalfonte and I did hear some screaming outside of the building on Argonne St. around 4am. I thought it was the usual inebriated , Saturday night revelers and proceeded to go back to sleep. However, now I am concerned. On occasion I’ve heard about unsavory things that happen around the neighborhood but in our building.!!! That is scary. Please keep us informed and thanks for the info.

  • During grand jury duty I heard numerous cases involving the two buildings that are down further on Harvard. I know a few other people that have always had trouble, been mugged, been assaulted right there near Adams Mill / Harvard. There seems to be some shady happenings around those parts

    • There is one building just downhill from Harvard Hall (on Harvard), that is pretty rough. It was built in the 50s and is very shoddy. It has lots of Section 8 tenants (I have been told) Otherwise, it is a nice neighborhood.

  • I’ve lived in the Chalfonte for a few years, and the drama early Sunday AM not withstanding, it usually is a fairly quiet building. Just from my observation and hearing crime reports, I wouldn’t say it’s any more of a crime hotspot than surrounding areas of Adams Morgan or Columbia Heights. I wouldn’t walk around super-late at night on any of the quieter and less-traveled streets like Lanier Pl. or Adams Mill, and not that there’s any magical “safe” hour or any guarantees, but for what it’s worth, I’ve never felt particularly unsafe walking home to the building from the bus or Metro stop up until around midnight or so…which is plenty late for me…I’m an oldster! 😉

  • To the OP — if you knew there were two cops on each floor, I’d assume you saw the cops yourself — what’d they say when you asked them what was happening?

    • saf

      Have you ever tried to get an answer in that situation? I have. Generally, they tell you to get back inside and stop “being nosy.”
      (I call it caring about what is going on in my neighborhood._

      • I often ask cops what’s going on, and the most information I’ve ever gotten is that “there’s a situation.”

    • We tried that and in response to the question, “Hey, what’s going on?” we received “A little something.”

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