Map and Advice on Navigating Rock n Roll Marathon’s Street Closures

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“Dear PoPville,

Do you know anything about how the marathon street closures will work? For example, if I drive on Maryland NE going east, can I drive through 13th St NE?”

According to the Road Closure Grid for 13th Street, NE the whole road will be closed from North Carolina Ave NE to East Capitol Street SE from 8am to 11am. You can see a list of all the road closures and times here:

Road Closure Grid (PDF)

Ed. Note: We spoke about the marathon earlier in the week here if you’d like to celebrate or curse the event you can do so there.

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  • So, let’s say you need to get from the District into Virginia on Saturday morning – how the heck do you drive?

    • No one needs to go to VA…

      Use 395

      • I need to go to VA at 10am on Saturday for work. Not all of us can just sit at home all day and avoid the clusterfuck of the worst race held in DC.

    • The answer depends on where in DC and where in VA.

      • Columbia Heights to Ballston – I figured it out – I’m going to take the Chain Bridge.

        • Right on.
          For anyone “inside” the course I would suggest getting on 395 from NY Ave. Anyone “outside” the loop, head west toward Chain Bridge or east to get on 295 headed south. Also as Sam mentions below, the course (on N. Cap) goes under NY Ave, so you should be able to get to 395 from NY Ave even if you’re coming from “outside” the course.

    • I am not sure how this is getting missed, but you can exit the city via Mass Ave NW to the West (race goes under in Rock Creek Park), RI Ave NE and NY Ave NE to the East (North Cap goes under both), and 395 via Mass Ave NW to the South (tunnel goes under to the SE/SW freeway). These are major streets in every direction except North, which can be accomplished by minor detour to the East or West.

      Side note in response to the comments below: This is a celebratory event. The half and full marathons are tremendous accomplishments. People are working very hard to accomplish the goal set by either race, many times for themselves and other people (through charities). How about we celebrate the human spirit, for a change. It is rather unfortunate how quickly these comments devolve into a snarkfest.

  • Can I cross the road closures on foot? Bike?

    • Generally speaking yes, but only do so when there is plenty of room between runners, and please respect any specific barricades in place and instructions from police or race officials.

    • You can cross the course on foot, but you have to be careful. I wouldn’t get in the way of the elite runners, but as the race goes on and you get to the average runners you can get gaps and maneuver your way through. It’s on the person crossing to make it as non-disruptive for the runners as possible.

      • You mean as non-disruptive to my life as they are being? How about all the fucking trash they though around the course that doesn’t get picked up. The hell with them, I’ll be as disruptive as I want.

        • justinbc

          Sounds like an excellent plan for getting your ass run over.

        • Grow up.

        • The trash gets picked up by volunteers and race staff paid, in part, by entrance fees. Clothes that are thrown off get washed and donated to local charities. Yes, it is a hassle for about 4-5 hours on one Saturday morning each year. If you haven’t watched or participated in the race, though, I’d recommend either. The attitude and positive energy from the spectators along the whole route is pretty uplifting.

          • It’s fun to run along parts of the course unregistered, too, just to get a feel of it. I do this all the time. It’s a lot more fun when you make the best of it rather than let it control your life.

          • The trash on my streets has not been picked up once in the last three years this race was run.

          • No, not nearly all the trash and clothes are picked up, and yes it is a hassle. This group is notoriously lax for their follow through on cleaning up the course.

    • I had to get across the street last year to babysit and ended up having to jog along for a few steps and Frogger my way across the street. Really only way to do it.

  • A related question: is there detailed information about bus detours? The WMATA site has a list of affected routes and says that they’ll turn around near metro stops, but I can’t quite figure out where specifically I can catch the bus I want.

  • Sweet – Trader Joes is going to be DEAD on Saturday morning. Time to drive over and do my grocery shopping! (I live inside the course perimeter)

    • Oh, great point, I hadn’t thought of this! But are we kidding ourselves? Is TJ’s (especially this brand spanking new one in this location) really gonna be dead on a Saturday morning?

      • I was talking about the one in Foggy Bottom. I don’t think the new TJs will be open yet.
        Even though I live 3 blocks from the 14th Street TJs, I’m still going to go to the Foggy Bottom location. Ain’t no one got time to deal with those crowds.

  • Worth noting that the route goes under NY Ave making NY Ave a good path in and out by foot/car/bike.

  • Ugh. I have a train to catch on Saturday morning. Normally I would head down North Cap to get dropped off at Union Station from Petworth, but it doesn’t look like that would work…. How are people getting downtown? I guess I’ll take the redline instead?

    • You could always go Irving to 4th NE down to RI Ave and use that to cut back “inside” the course. You have a bunch of options to get close to Union Station then.

      • This would be my suggestion if Anon 4:31 has to drive. But I think getting dropped off at Ft. Totten and heading a few stops down the redline would make life easiest. (Note that metro opens earlier than usual on Saturday so this should work even if the train is an early one.)

  • what time will the roads open again?

    And the race organizers absolutely DO NOT clean up all the garbage from this race.

  • Understand that the back-up on roads around the noose lasts a lot longer than the actual race. Many drivers are unaware of the closures and get jammed up for miles -which can take many hours to un-jam. Just accept the fact that you are a prisoner for the day.

  • Does anyone know the status of the Rock Creek Park trail from Shoreham to Haines Point? I’m planning a bike ride for Saturday and I think that the trail will be open and I’ll just get to cheer on the runners, but I’d like to be sure. Thanks in advance.

    • The marathon course runs on Rock Creek Parkway only from the Lincoln Memorial all the way up to Calvert Street, but the runners will obviously be running in the roadway, not on the adjacent trail. So the trail should be open as usual, but will probably be packed with spectators, at least in some places.

      • This is very helpful. I figured that the runners would be on the parkway itself, but had forgotten to consider the spectators. Thank you!

  • Maybe too late for people to see this but here is a link to Metro’s advisory about bus service tomorrow during the marathon. Of note, you can apparently transfer for free from bus to rail if your bus route is affected by the race.

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