DC Vape Joint “full service electronic cigarette retail shop and vape lounge” Coming to Adams Morgan

2337 18th Street, NW

Yesterday the Adams Morgan BID released a potentially interesting bit of news for the former Joint Custody space on 18th Street:

“We learned today that Erik Miller will be opening DC Vape Joint soon at 2337 18th Street, NW in the lower level under Pharmacy Bar. Their sales hours will be 11 am to 9 pm seven days a week.”

A search on google doesn’t reveal much but it does have a cached facebook page that says:

“DC Vape Joint. DC Vape Joint is a full service electronic cigarette retail shop and vape lounge; creating a vaping lifestyle with a healthy alternative to smoking.”

Would this be the first vape lounge in the District?

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  • Great news for the few of us in DC who vape (ps I hate the lingo, but whatever). It sucks when you run out of liquid or a battery dies and you have to wait for an order over the internet. Usually that means grabbing a Blu for a few days. It’ll be good to have a brick and mortar place to stop by. Hopefully they do samples and such.

    • Did you switch from cigarettes to e-cigs? Use both? Trying to quit cigs? I’m interested in how people get into this.

      • I’d guess that the popville demographic is using e-cigs to help quit smoking regular cigarettes.

      • Yeah, and it really was the only thing that really worked. And it worked really well. After about a couple of weeks, I didn’t even like cigarettes anymore. I’ve been gradually dropping the nicotine dosage as time goes by. Been off the tobaccy for about 9 months so far.

        • Congrats. I quit after about 25 years of smoking using the patch and the gum. It wasn’t any fun, but I’m glad to have gotten past it. I find the whole e-cig phenomenon interesting, but I know nicotine and I can’t just be friends, so i’m not going to try it.
          Best of luck to you. Quitting is hard.

        • Congrats! I have a handful of friends who’ve quit smoking with e-cigs. Granted, they’re still addicted to nicotine, but at least it’s nowhere nearly as bad for them.

        • I’ve been trying to quit with the help of eCigs and don’t like the Blu. Do you have a suggestion for a better brand of eCig? I have tried everything else, including drugs, patches, gum, you name it so I’m willing to invest in a more expensive Vape.

          • Blu is indeed horrible – there are so many better alternatives! (I would either check out some online forums or wait until this store opens – I’m sure the owner/operator would be able to tell you much more than I can.)

          • I’ve found for many (including me), Blu’s pretty much just your starter home until you find another device that works for you. There’s tons of info on the ecigs subreddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette). I personally use a eGo-type device and vape mostly Halo Turkish Tobacco flavor., although i do like trying out other flavors (VapingMe’s strawberry kiwi is another favorite of mine).

            This is why I’m excited for the store, because there’s SO MUCH information online that it’s almost discouraging to sort through it all, so it’s going to be nice to have somebody to talk to and get suggestions.

      • I actually enjoy e-cigs and I don’t smoke cigarettes at all. I also own a hookah that gets use outside during the warmer months, so you could say I’m an inconsistent casual smoker.
        For me, I like having an e-cig at night as an alternative to caffeine. The nicotine 1.) gives me a pleasurable high and 2.) allows me stay awake/alert. I can control how much I want to take and when I want to take it over the course of a night. It’s also pretty cheap on a per use basis. I only get the flavored e-cigs, so I really couldn’t imagine smoking one that tries to mimic the flavor of a real cigarette. I never smoke during the week. I have no desire to ever smoke a real cigarette.

    • It has definitely been fun trying to find shops in the area that sell juice and other hardware. I found one in the Annandale area, but the juices are a bit heavy on the VG side and don’t wick very well. Better than nothing, though! I’m definitely looking forwards to this. I’ve noticed people on the street vaping away, and now we can gather and talk about our setups and maybe even learn some more. That’d be fun.

      I’ve been tobacco free since New Years Eve 2011.

  • Overrun by 20 year old hipsters in…3….2….1….

  • Douchebag city!

  • and Adams Morgan manages to get sleazier…

    • Rude. No one is forcing you to go there.

      • Like many who talk poorly of 18th, Anonymous is probably speaking from past experience 2 or 3 years ago, which is also the last time he’s stepped foot in Adams Morgan.
        While I don’t like the concept, I’ll give it a shot.

    • ^ ugh this guy. Come on dude. Adams Morgan and “sleazy.” Stay at Charlie Palmer’s steakhouse in your douche suit.

  • My question is: Vaping what?! 🙂 Many people vape cannabis, not just e-cigarettes… considering DC has now decriminalized Mary Jane, who knows?

  • I moved across the river at just the right time.

    • Hahaha, Virginia? AKA Big Tobacco Inc? Right buddy.
      Your state is bought, sold, and run by and for the tobacco industry.

      • I love tobacco.

        I think “vaping” tobacco and the subculture of its participants is embarrassingly stupid.

        • Ok, then perhaps would you prefer the term “nicotine inhaler”? Because that’s all vaping/e-cigs really are. The effects of nicotine are very similar to caffeine – pleasurable sensation, heightened sense of alertness, and reduced appetite. Without any of the awful side effects of tobacco. It’s easy to see why this would be popular with young people who go out at night.
          Why are you so invested in what other people are doing? It sounds like you need a hobby.

  • Reading “vaping lifestyle” made me throw up in my mouth. First of all, no one should say “vaping”…ever. Second, the only word more abused and misused than “luxury” is “lifestyle.” For the love of Christ, please stop trying to connect everything in the universe to a “lifestyle.” Ugh, now I have a headache.

  • this biz will tank once they legalize pot… people wanna smoke… cigs kill and pot is illegal. these e cigs are a place holder…

  • I’ll definitely check it out – I quit smoking a month ago (on my 9th attempt) after smoking for 15 years (11 of which were at a pack a day). E-cigs and some “outside influence” were the only reason it’s stuck for as long as it has. I’m smoking Blu’s and they’re only OK, so i’d definitely like to get my self into this shop and get myself a mid-level starter kit.

  • I can’t help but think that e-cigs are just a way to get kids to smoke again… a la Joe Camel. I recognize that there are legitimate ways to use e-cigs to quit smoking… but the critical question here is which market segment has the larger potential? I’ll go with my gut and say the kid market is much much larger.

  • Hey guys we are indeed doing a “soft opening” opening this weekend as DC’s first vape lounge! Stop in, check us out and let us know what you think. We’ve got starter kits, rebuildables, accessories and a great initial selection of juices. You can come in, sample flavors and products and see what vaping is all about!

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