Dacha Beer Garden Coming to Mt. Vernon Square Applying for 150 Seat Summer Garden and Live Entertainment

923–925 5th Street, NW

Some details about the second planned Dacha Beer Garden coming to Mt. Vernon Square from a liquor license application:

“New Tavern, The establishment will offer a choice of draft beers and light fare. 
Food will be pre-cooked offsite and reheated on site. It will be outfitted with a 20’-foot x 8’-foot pre-fabricated building that will be connected to public sewer and water supply and will have the following functions; 1. To provide service counter space, 2. Store and refrigerate beer kegs, 3. Reheat remotely prepared light fare on a gridle, 4. Wash beer glasses in a code compliant three compartment sink, 5. Wash glasses in an automatic glass washer, Store a supply of bottled water in an under counter refrigerator.

Total Occupancy load #35. Summer Garden-Seats #150. With Live Entertainment

Hours of operation are listed as Sunday through Saturday: 8am-2am. Though live entertainment in the summer garden (occurring or continuing after 6pm) is listed as Sunday through Saturday: 8am–8pm.


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  • Still waiting to hear what’s going on with the building they wanted to construct at their 7th and Q location. Anyone have any updates?

    • Someone posted in the last thread on Dacha that they talked to the bartenders and they said that the plans were approved too late by the city to start building this last winter. They won’t build until after the 2014 season is over.
      Honestly, that should have been the plan all along, considering how slow the city moves and the fact that they are within the confines of the historic district. A year for planning, another year for building.

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