Chef Mike Isabella opening 2nd location of G Sandwich Shop at Nationals Park


From a press release:

“Top Chef All-Stars Runner-Up Mike Isabella is opening a G location at Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals, in Southeast Washington, D.C. this season. This second edition of Isabella’s Italian-style sandwich shop will feature four of G’s top-selling items, including the Chicken Parm, as well as a rotating special, ‘Sandwich of the Homestand.’ G will be located on the Main Concourse in right field near the First Base Gate, behind Section 136.

“People in this town are passionate about their food and passionate about their baseball. G at Nationals Park is a perfect fit,” said Chef Mike Isabella. “We’ll be serving our sandwiches made with the same top quality ingredients and freshly baked bread as our 14th Street location. I’m really excited to bring my best sandwiches to baseball fans. I think the G Chicken Parm is the perfect thing to enjoy while watching a game. ”

Isabella opened the original 14th Street location, G by Mike Isabella, a sandwich shop by day and tasting menu by night, in July 2013. G features classic Italian-American sandwiches along with pressed paninis, wood roasted sandwiches and specials created by prominent D.C. chefs. The menu at the newest addition to the G family will include Isabella’s take on the Italian deli classics, the Chicken Parm and Italian Hero, as well as his meatless Roasted Cauliflower sandwich and The Drewno, The Source executive chef Scott Drewno’s house made kielbasa sandwich created especially for G. Lamb Chili and peanut brittle will round out the menu.

G at Nationals Park will open for the Nationals Exhibition Game against the Detroit Tigers on March 29, and remain open throughout the season.”

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  • NICE. hopefully it won’t be a shadow of its regular, non-ballpark self, like shake shack.

    • Say what? The Shack Burgers I’ve eaten at the ballpark taste no different than the ones I’ve had at the Dupont location. On the other hand, their fries are no good at any location.

      I’m hoping that Hard Times will be back. Their chili dogs at the ballpark were excellent.

      • justinbc

        Shake Shack is about as basic of a burger as you can possibly get. I’m not sure either how any location could be significantly better or worse than the other.

        • It may appear that way to the uneducated, but there are lots of little details that make their burgers stand out.

          • justinbc

            I’m quite certain I’ve eaten enough burgers in my life to realize how boring the offerings at Shake Shack are, but nice attempt at trolling.

          • Not trolling. We all know how highly you think of yourself, but you really ought to realize that your opinion is not the same as fact.

          • +1 shake shack is terrible and unoriginal and I’m sure this new Isabela place will be even worse if his history holds true

          • justinbc

            @Anonymous 1:37, if you’re truly not trolling, then please explain what “education” I lack regarding Shake Shack. I’ve visited the DC location multiple times, disliked, and find it to be a somehow blander version than Five Guys even. I went on a date once with the girl who was in charge of setting up the DC location, who had come down from NYC, and voiced my displeasure with the product. Even she informed me what we have here is nothing like what’s offered there. I don’t care enough to go up there and confirm her findings, but the fact she told me that, unashamed about it, was enough to convince me I no longer needed to keep giving them “another shot”.

          • Fair enough, maybe it’s not really ignorance, but an inability to separate fact from opinion, fact being that they’re wildly successful (so they must be doing a few things right), and your opinion of their food, which is clearly not widely held.

          • You know who else is wildly successful? Mcdonalds.

          • justinbc

            @Anonymous 1:56, my point was never that they weren’t successful, or even that they were bad. I just find it boring, both the burgers and fries (although I will give them credit on the shakes department). Lots of people love boring. Old Navy is still around as a testament to that. My point was that when you make something so basic as a stripped down cheeseburger with like 3 toppings as options, how divergent could one location be than the next?

          • Except that Shake Shack is worse than Old Navy because at least my $10 Old Navy hoodie lasts a month. My $10 burger from Shit Shack barely makes it 2 hours before ruining my intestines.

          • Lol, what details make their burgers stand out? I’m curious. They’re totally overhyped. Not bad, but nothing special either.

        • Most people would disagree with you, I’m sure.

    • Don’t get your hopes up. These stadium deals are usually just licensing agreements, in which a huge institutional catering company (like Aramark, Delaware North, HMS Host etc.) runs all of the concessions at a given stadium and simply rents the name and (modified for quicker mass service) recipes. Neither the company nor the employees who staff the concessions have a huge interest in the long-term health of the brand whose name is on the menu, and you have a semi-captive audience in the stadium, so there’s not much incentive to keep up that brand’s standards.

      • David Garber

        Really? Haven’t seen that so far with some of the other local places at Nats Park — Shawafel, for example. Their owner is often there during ball games.

        • Really. The concessions at Nationals Park are managed by Levy Restaurants, a Chicago-based company. They might have an agreement that allows the brand owners access for quality control and other purposes, but unless Shawafel is an extreme rarity, the people there work for Levy.

          • It may be an exception to the rule, but the Hard Times Cafe stands are staffed by Hard Times employees, not Levy.

          • It’s possible that Levy is running Nats Park differently now than most other large venues are run. I worked in one such place when I was younger and still know a few people in the field. And when Centerplate ran the concessions the employees were all working for them, not the brands that were purported to be on the sign. Since they were fired (2009? 2010, maybe?) a bunch of new brands have popped up at the ballpark, so it’s possible that Levy’s working under a different business model. If so, that’s great.

        • The one time we tried the Shawafel stand there, it was atrocious. Almost no meat, and completely dried out. Maybe it was an off-day or something

  • Excellent, my seats are in section 135.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    These sandwiches rock, esp lamb, goat, and cauliflower. The cauliflower always sells out at 14th Street. Try the housemade sodas as well..

  • I guess I’ll be the lone voice of dissent here. My partner and I recently went to G to grab lunch for his birthday and were ignored by staff for at least five minutes while at least three of them fussed over the proper preparation of somebody’s sandwich. It was completely empty save for one or two other patrons that day. We were briefly glanced at, and then they turned away without a word. No greeting, no “We’ll be right with you,” no anything. Shame, as we were quite looking forward to trying the goat sandwich. Anyway, Isabella is two for two for restaurants with crappy service, as Graffiato was some of the worst service I’ve ever experienced (went there for my birthday, group of at least ten, so guaranteed good tip/gratuity, but the waiter treated us with the utmost contempt and unmistakable hostility). Anyhow, the G anecdote does have a happy ending: we ended up going across the street to Judy for the first time, and not only was their food fabulous and reasonably priced, but their service was stellar as well. Strong recommend.

  • I’m more interested to see how the new sushi place(s) far at the Park.

    Nothing says yummy like raw fish, late August at 100degrees in the shade, bottom of the 9th. 🙂

  • I don’t think you understand. We stood there for five minutes in an otherwise empty restaurant with nobody greeting us or offering to take our order. I don’t see how that’s an expectation of being “coddled.”

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Maybe they were waiting on the FLoTUS or some other VIP 🙂 My service has always been good.

    • I’ve had multiple similar experiences there. Generally the staff have been nice, but actually getting them to acknowledge my existence, even after eye contact, is a battle, including when it’s not busy. I love the sandwiches so much, though, that I’ve decided I’ll just deal with it.

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