Car Flips on Florida Ave across from Shaw’s Tavern Last Night

6th and Florida Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

As we were leaving Shaw’s Tavern we witnessed a very scary car crash on Florida Ave. As you can see in the photos, the driver flipped his car after crashing into the back of another vehicle. A young woman was crying and saying she was in shock since she had been hit by the driver. Miraculously there were no injuries that I could see.”



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  • crazy! shaw’s tavern seems to attract unlucky accidents. wasn’t it last year that a driver who had been stabbed hit their outside wall?

  • Even though the car has DC tags, cue the Maryland drivers rant in 3,2,1…

  • How does one flip a car there on Florida Ave?

  • Motorists need to do more to police scofflaw motorists who do things like this. If they want to have a right to use the road.

    • How fast does someone have to be driving to flip a ~1ton vehicle?
      Nonetheless, our current candidates for office continually pander to the entitlement addicted automobilists who whine endlessly about speed cameras designed to encourage safety for other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

      Andy Shallal is not the only one advocating for reckless aggressive drivers (even Liveable Walkable Tommy Wells balked on increasing fines to deter this bad behavior):

      It didn’t take much to take out little “Bobby” in Mt Vernon Square last August:

  • I was wondering this morning how that poor tree at the bus stop got crushed… I’m still trying to understand the physics of how a car could end up like that at this intersection.

    • speed + stupidity x (number of alcoholic drinks/hours of consumption) = flipped car

    • gotryit

      Using a simple formula, V = sqrt(2*g*h) and assuming the center of mass of the car goes from about 1 ft high to 3 ft high gets you 10 mph. Then you have to throw in a big loss of energy as things crumple, so… not so easy to calculate. That’s physics. The speed / stupidity / alcohol equation is clearly engineering and a much better approximation.

  • Very glad no one was hurt. And what a photo of the car next to the sign saying “Stop here on red”

  • this is not a caption contest, but I can’t resist:

    The “Stop Here on Red” arrow clearly points to the road, not the sidewalk.

  • Can anyone read the plate number on the light-colored Nissan (the car that’s not flipped)? It looks like a letter followed by 5 numbers, which doesn’t fit the pattern of standard D.C. plates.

  • A little too much laissez-ing the bon temps rouler!

  • I bet the driver of the black car never even got to finish their text message. Damn shame.

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