Capturing the Other Union Market’s Sweet Signs Before They Inevitably Vanish Forever

Photo by PoPville flickr user Miki J.

I recently noticed the awesome old liquor sign and North – East Clock had been taken down at Union Market:


I’m not saying I’m against all the development, quite the contrary. I just happen to also love these signs so I’m gonna take this opportunity to show you some of my other favorites before they inevitably vanish too:


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  • Nice photos! Sorry to see the cool deco-ish signs going. Hope that their replacements won’t all be homogenized poppycock.

  • njb510

    It would be great if some of them could be saved and incorporated into new places like the Comet sign.

  • I try not to be overly nostalgic about this kind of stuff but this makes me really sad!! Can’t they be preserved somehow? That clock was so cool 🙁

  • So sad about the clock – I always thought that was cool. I wonder what they did with it. On a similar note, I wonder what happened to the cross on the former Union Mission. I’ve fantasized about buying that and the “come unto me” sign from the developer.

  • oh man.. I was really sad to see the North-East sign gone. I wonder what the owner did with it. Hopefully they didn’t trash it.

    • Something tells me they wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of removing them in this way if they were just going to throw them away. If that was the case, I bet they’d have removed the frames as well (to clean up for possible renovation/redevelopment) or just waited until the building gets torn down. Maybe this is just wishful thinking, though!

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