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Photo emailed by PoPville reader Pablo.Raw

Congrats to PoPville pick NorthbyNE with:

“After nine hours and with the summit nowhere in sight Tom realized getting high before getting on the “chair lift” was a bad decision.”

Congrats to PoP pick Ron with:

“Imagine the confusion when he exits at Vienna and can’t find the Alps.”

Honorable mention to anonymous with:

“up to columbia heights, down to u street. up to columbia heights, down to u street. up to columbia heights, down to u street.”

Honorable mention 2 to anonymous with:

“On his way home from the Olympics, Sean White finally understands the phrase “how the mighty have fallen”

Winners and honorable mention, please email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail for your shirts.

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  • The mountain was perfect. Before heading out of the house that morning, Seth grabbed another handful of his cousin Gina’s Percoset while she slept on the couch. She said he could have some. He soon lost count of how many he took. He swallowed three before leaving the bathroom.
    Out front, three friends from school picked him up. The street lights were bright orange globes in the morning darkness. Adam got out of the back seat to help him strap his snowboard to the roof.
    “Yo, you got any goods?”
    “You know that I most certainly do, little buddy.”
    “Haha. Alright.”
    The two got into the back seat of the car. Shannon handed Seth a cup of coffee from the passenger seat. The steam from the coffee mixed with a cloud of pot smoke wafting in front of the green LED glow. Miami Horror – “Holidays” scrolled across the little screen. She looked into his eyes as she passed the coffee back and consciously tried to make the face of someone who was innocent. He smiled. Warm thoughts of the afternoon before with Shannon flashed across his mind. It was the first time they broke the bonds of friendship to hook up. It had been building ever since the camping trip last fall. They both desperately didn’t want anyone to find out.
    “I know about yesterday, Seth.” Brett smiled at Seth with a mischievous grin as she looked back while keeping her hands on the wheel.
    “Know about what, my little wonder?” Seth played aloof. Maybe it was the slow numbing of the drugs taking hold.
    “Juan told me you went over to Shannon’s parent’s house yesterday. Shannon’s parents house where the parents are out…of…town.”
    “Juan’s crazy. I went to Sergio’s after school.”
    “Uh huh, whatever.” Brett’s mouth stayed open and she made a goofy face at Seth in the rearview mirror.
    Damn they knew. They all knew. And that means the word would slowly get to Susana if it hadn’t already. Seth slouched down and pulled the hood of his jacket down over his eyes.
    “How long until we get there?” He said while tipping the coffee cup up just enough to slurp a couple drops to check the temperature.
    “Almost two hours, bro.” Adam said. Adam nudged Seth and mouthed, “Whatcha got?”
    The car sped off down Upshur Street in Petworth. The first light of day didn’t penetrate the clouds but left them with a subtle brush of bluish grey. The group of friends made their way up 270 in the dark toward Whitetail. After over an hour of farms and freeway, the low mountains appeared in the distance. The last snowfall had left the mountain with over 14″ of fresh powder. An Arctic blast kept the mountain cold enough to keep the snowflakes light. The friends shared one more bowl of weed before getting out of the car. Seth bent down to tie up his boots and slipped a quick hand around the front seat to lightly wiggle his finger into Shannon hip.
    On the mountain, the four stayed together most of the day. After lunch, however, Adam and Brett went back to the car to smoke a bowl. Seth and Shannon stayed behind to take a run together. They really just wanted to go kiss somewhere. Between Exhibition and Bold Decision the two strapped in to take Ridge Runner and made their way into a bowl just below the run to sit in the snow and kiss behind a tree. They were both really high and kissing tasted good and warm. After twenty minutes, they decided to head down the run. Both were dazed from irregular and rhythmic kissing breaths. Seth went first and headed back toward Bold Decision. Shannon had a hard time getting focused. She saw a couple stars flash in the corner of her eyes. At some point shortly after she gained a little speed Shannon veered sharp to her right, overcompensated in a turn to the left, caught an edge, and slammed into a tree headfirst. She wasn’t wearing a helmet and cracked her skull wide open, causing blood to immediately soak through her thin grey knit cap. Seth waited half-way through Bold Decision, looking back up toward the trees. He didn’t see Shannon and figured she had gone the other way. He went to the bottom of the hill to Base Lodge and unstrapped at the chairlift. He looked around. He waited. Brett and Adam saw him and came over from the the lodge. They asked about Shannon. They waited.
    Ten minutes later they heard a man yell that someone had an accident up on the hill. Seth felt his stomach drop. He knew it was Shannon. The three friends stood horrified. They waited until the Ski Patrol came down with a stretcher. The body was covered with a tarp and the three couldn’t see the face. Seth and Brett dropped their snowboards and ran toward the lodge. Adam stayed with the boards, gathered them, and walked them over to the lodge. Brett was the first to see and confirm with a hand over her mouth and an absolutely frightened voice.
    “Oh my god! Oh my god! It’s her. It’s Shannon.” Tears welled up in her eyes.
    The friends went into the emergency office. A great commotion was whipping up and reality, whatever shreds of it there were to begin with, was slowly taking on an even more surreal effect. It was a living nightmare. Disbelief lingered on the surface, but a heart-wrenching pain from deep below was setting in. A helicopter was called to get Shannon to a hospital. She wasn’t dead, but had lost a lot of blood. The friends drove as fast as they could to the hospital. Parents were called. Hours were lost waiting for a word. Finally, a nurse told the group of friends and family huddled in the waiting room that Shannon was in a coma and required emergency surgery from a severe head injury.
    Around 10pm, after almost nine hours at the hospital, the three friends drove back to DC after the nurse confirmed that she didn’t know when Shannon might wake up. Brett dropped Seth off at the Silver Spring metro station without a word. Seth got on an empty metro car. While he sat there with his snowboard, he thought about what Susana was going to say to him when she found out.

    • pablo .raw

      Eventhough the metro car looked empty, it wasn’t. He was in such shock, he didn’t notice Pablo who was seating almost in front on him. Pablo took a photo of him with his phone, submitted a copy to PoPville and left the train at the following station.
      The End. 😀

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