Capitol Hardware/Locksmith Store Moving from Georgia Ave

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3655 Georgia Ave, NW

The store is located on Georgia between New Hampshire and Quebec Pl, NW by the Petworth metro.  Hoping something besides a bodega takes over the space…

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  • Where are they moving to? More likely just closing. Sad when any small business goes under but why would go there when you could support a much better small business like Annies Hardware over on Upshur?

    • While I have no idea where they’re going, I bet its somewhere much smaller to focus on being a locksmith. You can’t see it in the images, but it says that keys and locks are excluded. That space is actually quite large (it goes behind the grocery next to it). I’m surprised it held on to that much space that long.

      • I don’t think that necessarily means they’re going to focus on the locksmith side of the business — it might be that they’re just trying to clear out their inventory of larger items, and keys and locksets are pretty small. (And the locksets are likely pricier per cubic inch than a lot of other items they’d have.)

  • gotryit

    They were still open?

    • Exactly.
      I live nearby but never actually set foot in here, partly because they never seemed to be open when I was home (I think they might’ve had hours of Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., which are my working hours) and had no hours posted, and partly because the merchandise in the window made it look like a half-assed operation — like, displaying things that were yellowed from sunlight, or displaying a granny cart that was missing one of its four wheels. (WTF??) If I remember correctly, a light-up Santa Claus was also displayed in the window well past Christmas.
      I just hope this space doesn’t become yet another mini-mart. That tiny strip of shops already has three mini-marts!!

  • I wish they’d move to Fort Totten!

  • I kind of wish that whole block would move somewhere. In all of my years of living in this area I’ve rarely used any of the stores there due to cleanliness issues and old-DC price baiting. The rental units above it are also quite dated and I notice a fair ammount of panhandlers always hanging out around the apartment entrances there.

    • I live nearby and feel the same about those shops.
      For a long time, I thought that the takeout food place (between the beauty store and the hardware store) was a vacant storefront, because the windows were papered up on the inside and the place looked so dingy. Turns out it’s a takeout place with plexiglass between the customers and the staff. It’s so dingy-looking that I’m amazed that anyone would purchase food there — it just feels like it’s treating its customers with contempt (albeit perhaps passive contempt rather than active contempt).
      I’m not sure that your statement about “panhandlers” hanging out around the apartment entrances is accurate, though. I’ve never seen people congregating around the entrance that’s on the Ace Cash Express side, and although there are often people sitting on the stairs of the entrance next to King’s Deli, I’ve never seen any of them panhandling. I always greet them and they’re quite friendly to me. My guess is that this is just their hangout spot, since their building doesn’t have a porch or a proper stoop.

    • saf

      “old-DC price baiting”

      What does that mean?

  • Annie’s Ace Hardware is the bomb. Love it. I don’t think this hardware store is closing, it’s simply moving. The stores and eateries along Georgia aren’t well maintained, serve lackluster food and don’t meet the needs of the emerging community. Granted, there are some decent ones, but once the Safeway opens they are all borrowed time. Rents and property taxes are going up so there will be changeover.

  • I wish those guys well. They often didn’t have the things I needed for various home improvement projects, but they were always a force for good. And the owner re-keyed a lock for me in 5 minutes flat once, just before closing.

  • I went in several times over the years. Each time the owner would make inappropriate comments to me. Good riddance.

    • I’d see him smiling if he was outside on the sidewalk, and somehow it didn’t seem like a genuine warm/friendly smile. I guess I was right. 🙁

    • Exactly. I went twice. One of those times he told me to “smile pretty” before he would help me, so I vowed to never go back. One of my friends days he’s extremely racist as well.

      I don’t like to see a business go under (or move, if that’s actually what’s happening) but good riddance when you treat customers like that.

    • Second that on the inappropriate comments. Last time my wife visited the store he hit on her.

  • Any idea what is coming in place?

  • Echoing everyone else here. The shelves are filled with old, dusty, overpriced inventory. And they’re nearly never open. And their customer service attitude is pretty questionable. Basically, a total failure as a hardware store, though they ARE legitimate locksmiths.

  • I heard a rumor that the landlord didn’t renew the lease for any of the tenants a few years ago and that the building is getting developed – any truth to that?

  • My wife and I were, just yesterday, saying that we were surprised that the whole block was still there despite being an overall great location. Would be nice to have the whole block actually get redone and become some decent market-rate units.

  • The statement, “Hoping something besides a bodega takes over the space…” sounds culturally insensitive to me. What do you mean?

  • I have been in that shop many, many times. Also with my wife on many occasions. I have never had a problem with them. They always help me and give me suggestions on repairs. Not sure where the comments re: store hours come from. I will miss the shop.

  • The locksmith here got me new keys after I was mugged and mine were stolen (sucky muggers, please stop doing dumb things like that, I just had to pay to change my locks and you got a handful of useless keys).

  • That guy is odd.

  • This guy made really weird comments to my girlfriend right in front of me. We went to get those litte rubber key identifiers when we first moved here last year and haven’t gone back since. Good riddance.

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