Cafe Out, Dry Cleaners in cool little spot on 11th Street

2712 11th Street, NW

After (at least) a year of wondering we finally know who is coming into the former Swiss Upholstery Shop next to the Cardozo-Shaw laundromat (at 11th and Fairmont) – a dry cleaners. A reader had heard some scuttlebutt that a cafe/bakery could be coming to the space. Sadly, depending on your perspective, that didn’t work out.

Short Articles about Long Meetings reports:

“No dry cleaning will be done on the premises — only pick up and drop off. There will also be alterations and shoe repair available.”

They also note that this space was previously home to a grocery store and dry cleaners before the upholstery shop.

looking north on 11th

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  • Just what we need… ANOTHER dry cleaner.

  • this is a major disappointment. another dry cleaner, next door to a laundromat. is there really a market for that many places to clean clothes?

  • Well that’s no fun

  • kind of a bummer. so this place will just take the clothing somewhere else to be dry cleaned? do other establishments do that?

    side question for anyone from the neighborhood: anybody know anything about the huge hole in the side of the apartment building pictured in that 2nd photo? it’s on the opposite side than what’s pictured, on Girard St., and looks almost like it was the start of an underground parking entrance? It was created well over a year ago and has gone untouched since then.

  • I used to live directly across, and had joked at the time the only thing better than a coffee shop would be a dry cleaner. Huge need.

  • This Upholstery shop has not been open for more than a decade — and property has been sitting vacant. I believe both buildings (dry cleaner & Upholstery shop) are owned by same individual. Don’t understand why these types of buildings aren’t included in city’s “vacant tax” rate scheme — seems like a decade-long shuttered store front could be much of a drag on neighborhood as an unoccupied home.

  • this sucks. We need some food/drink options on that lower stretch of 11th! There are cleaners on 13th and florida and 14th and fairmont.

    • Please. Eleventh Street is fortunate to have plenty of food/drink options just a few blocks north, west and south. A dry cleaner may not be the most exciting use for the space but complaining about a lack of food/drink options in that immediate area is silly.

  • I live nearby and while a coffee shop or cafe might be nice- the consistent smell of laundry detergent would be off-putting. It’s definitely not an overwhelming scent, but probably not best suited to a dinning establishment right next door.

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