Brookland Blowing Up Vol. 17 – Brookland’s Finest Getting Real Close plus Big Development Coming across the Street

12th and Jackson Street, NE

The owners of Brookland’s Finest [from owners of the Pug, Solly’s and formerly Sova] coming to the corner of 12th and Jackson Street, NE is getting super close – I’m told they’re finishing up inspections and furniture is getting delivered soon. Nice!


And walking by last weekend I saw what’s coming diagonally across the street:


Jackson Place Flats webiste says:

“34 contemporary two bed, two and a half baths units with direct access from the street through covered entry ways

Each unit has 2 floors: one level for living and dining and one for bedrooms and baths

Upper Level units have access to large private roof terrace

Roof deck finished with low maintenance decking and enough lighting and power points for entertaining

Optional green roof planted with native plants

Over 20 parking spaces available with secured entry”


You can see the floor plans for the future condos here. Though summer 2014 seems a bit ambitious…

3221 12th Street, NE

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  • i actually think those condos look really nice from the renderings, but if they were actually done by july-august the fact that it was a rush job would probably be evident.

    • +1.

      Also you might have already reported this, but – there’s another similar development that looks like it’s about to break ground at 12th/Franklin across from Menomale. Technically on the Brentwood side of Franklin, but close enough…

  • can’t wait for brookland’s finest to open! it will be a great addition to the neighborhood!

  • those look really nice! any idea on pricing?

  • I assumed “Summer 2014” was a typo. Is that for real? Rush construction = not good construction.

  • it might actually be august 2014, there is a new condo building that has been slung up on chapin street in about 5 months (the lot did sit empty for months prior and they waited for the peak of winter to start, which didnt make sense). I think a 4 story condo with that style could be thrown up by august

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