Big Police Presence at 5th and Florida Ave, NW Last Night – Anyone Know What Happened?


One reader writes:

“I saw and heard quite a commotion outside at 5th and Florida NW starting around 9 pm. MPD, WMATA cops, undercover cops, and an ambulance are all over the place. The cops quickly unloaded the bus, but there seems to be a few guys hanging around screaming.”

Another writes:

“Last night around 9:00 or so there was about 7 cop cars around 5th and Florida. Stories were varying on what happened but I believe there was a fight on the metro bus and everyone had to get off and switch metro buses. The guy that started the fight was apparently causing commotion on the street and that is when the cops came. Does anyone know exactly what happened?”

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  • I live right on 5th and Florida and saw the beginning of this go down. There was a man yelling at the bus from the street, trying to pry open the front set of bus doors with his hands. Then he went in front of the bus to stop it from driving forward. Still yelling, he ran into the street to stop a cop SUV car coming from the opposite way driving with its lights on. He was waving his hands frantically to stop it. Then I went inside my house. The next thing I knew, there were 3 or 4 cop cars and the bus had been unloaded. Lots of yelling during this whole thing.

  • honestly, some of my favorite dc memories revolve around bus drama. I’m looking at you, crosstowns

  • Yeah, I can always regale my Midwestern friends/relatives back home with memories of the 70 bus. Does anyone know how to access the short independent film made about it a few years back?

  • Andy Cohen could start a Bravo reality TV show by just riding the 90 bus!

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