Behold the new Supercans!


The bigger supercans are starting to arrive. Thanks to a reader for sending this one from Mt. Pleasant. Unfortunately:

“Delivered to the front of the house even though our trash pickup is in the alley and the new super can won’t fit out my back door!”

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  • Then drag it out to the alley yourself!

    • I suspect the OP has already come to the conclusion that he/she will need to wheel the Supercan back out the front door, and then around the block to the alley.

      • Dear PoPville,

        I need to bust a hole in the back of my house to accommodate a wider door. Does anybody have any contractor recommendations? Will I need a permit??

        Thanks a lot,
        Super McDupercan

  • I thought you were saying you keep your trash can in your house.

  • Why are the bins and lids different colors? Where did we get them? Building 19? The Goodie Barn?

    • Building 19? You must be from New England — I grew up not far from the Building 19 7/8.

      • Ahhh, Building 19!!!! Thanks for the flashbacks of Saturday mornings at the Building 19 1/2! (Although, I admittedly hated that store as a kid-especially since we would simply pass the glorious Burlington Mall on the way there…) 🙂

      • Building 19 7/8: In LYNN LYNN the City of Sin!!! Grew up there as well. Miss the North Shore terribly. Lynn… not so much.

      • Building 19 just closed! At least the one near my parents, but maybe all of them? end of an era!

        • shaybee

          What?! Oh now I’m so sad. I used to spend Saturday mornings in there with grandparents growing up in Worcester. Though, come to think of it, I have no idea if the one in Worcester has even been there for years…

  • And these arrive more or less automatically, yes? We don’t have to get anything to get one?

  • I really hope they don’t bring me a bigger trash can. I don’t need or want it.

    • They will take away whichever cans you don’t want (the new ones or the old ones.)

    • Can I keep using my old Supercan and recycling can and return the new ones?
      Yes. Inside the new Supercans or trash cans, you will find an information packet from DPW that will include three “Take Me” labels. Use these labels to classify which can(s) you want DPW to remove. The cans MUST be empty. Then, call 311 or (202) 737-4404 to make a container removal service request. Finally, place the unwanted cans where your trash/recycling are collected and stick the “Take Me” label on the front of the can(s). However, please note that as of February 7, 2014, DPW discontinued repairing the old cans. Hereafter, only the new cans will be repaired.

  • This is a lame ploy to attempt to garner favor with voters. Plus the mayor got to use city dollars to mail a postcard with his face on it to every household in the city. Ridiculous.

    • Yup. This.
      This is another way for the administration to skirt campaign finance laws (sound familiar?) and use city funds for what is basically election-related mail. The postcard and accompanying “Look what I’m doing for you” message seems to have received more thought than these massive cans that few people seem to need or want.

    • I don’t disagree, but my vote is a helluva lot more expensive than a supercan. Think more along the lines of a literacy specialist and/or a math specialist for my in-bounds public elementary school.

    • It may be an election-year ploy, but go to a neighborhood meeting where everyone complains about the rats going in and out of the holes in old cans and you’ll see that it’s not an unnecessary one.

      • There’s really no way this isn’t an election year ploy. If the issue was really just replacing old, damaged cans, it would be far cheaper and more sensible to let people request free replacement cans via 311 like you used to be able to do. Instead, this was a city wide “we’re replacing your cans whether you like it or not” campaign so the mayors office could brag about it in shiny campaign literature paid for by DC tax dollars.

        • I really wish you could request free replacement cans since mine is completely busted up (thanks trash collectors) and now I have to wait till the new ones come goodness knows when.

        • The problem is that many residents in need of new cans might not be aware that they can request new ones, and/or simply wouldn’t care. That would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that the rat population is a public health issue. I’m happy about the new cans but I still won’t be voting for Gray.

    • This is honestly the biggest and best thing the city has done for me in the last couple of years. As a non-parent, homeowner in Brightwood, this is a big deal for me.

      I am happy to see it, and am tired of spending time breaking down boxes and having to hold recycling until the week after because I have too much.

      Bigger cans=more recycling=less trash

  • There are thousands of them on South Capitol St

  • sweeeeet. my house is two units and i’d love a supercan for recycling rather than 2 smaller cans, which is what we have now. also our inherited trash supercan is busted as all hell.

  • I know we should be appreciative, and I am happy to have a larger recycling bin since mine overflows each week, but I really don’t want a larger garbage can. I don’t need one, and few backyard spaces have enough room to accommodate them.

    • I think they’re changing the size only for the new recycling cans — if you currently have a 32-gallon trash can, you’ll be issued a new 32-gallon one, and if you have a 64-gallon one, you’ll be issued a new 64-gallon one.

      • According to the DPW site, they are issue 96 gallon cans for once a week site. You can keep using the old ones, but they won’t repair them.

        • Ahh, I didn’t realize this. So the current Supercans are 64 gallons, and the new ones are 96 gallons? (I paid less attention to that part because my neighborhood has twice-a-week collection and thus has only the 32-gallon size anyway.)

    • If you don’t want the new cans (whatever size they are) then you can keep your old cans instead.

  • Lots of good info about the new cans here. For example, if you don’t want the new cans, you don’t have to keep them, and other useful information:

  • It’s going to take 6 months to distribute them all? I’m a twice-weekly collection household, so I guess I won’t expect them to show up till June or July. Really was looking forward to having a new, larger recycling can this month (especially since mine has a busted lid and only one wheel).

  • Why are they made of Plastic??? The number one issue with out garbage cans is that rats chew holes in the side and dine on or trash. The obvious answer is galvanized metal trash cans. This just seems so obvious.

    • Even with plastic cans, it would help if they latched to prevent rats from getting in. (I keep bricks on top of the lids when the cans are on my property, but I have to take them off when leaving the cans in the alley for pickup.)
      I asked the DPW director about this at a D.C. rat summit, and got a tepid answer about their needing to make sure that elderly people could open the bins. My guess? Kickbacks.

  • Why are they delivering the cans but NOT picking up trash and recycling that has been sitting since the snow?

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