Beagle Bolted by 11th Street Dog Park – Please Keep Your Eyes Peeled – UPDATE: FOUND


“We saw this dog at about 7:30 am at Spring and Rock Creek Church Rd NW. It was pretty shy and not wearing a collar, and it took off down Rock Creek Church Rd NW.”

The owner sends word:

“Our dog bolted without his collar this morning and we lost him around Meridian Pint this morning. His name is Jimbo- He’s black, white, and tan with a tan face and white legs with little tan freckles. He’s about 30lbs. he may come if you call him in a high voice, crouch and seem like you have a treat. He might just hide (if you spot him please call 202-503-8604).”

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  • epric002

    saw a taller black and brown hound (might also be maddie) on shepherd this morning about 8:15. no collar, could not tell if male or female. tried throwing treats and calling for it but it took off down shepherd, crossing 13th, heading west towards 14th. i walked around a bit looking for it but had no luck.

    • Did you call the number for reporting sightings of Madeline? A dog like her was also spotted on 14th near Ingram, someone took a photo that was retweeted it to PoPville which is where I saw it.

  • Saw your pup at 14th and Randolph around 8:20 this morning. Tried to get him into my car since he was running around the street, but he ran away toward Spring and I lost sight of him. Hope you find him.

    • There are some foxes down in those woods in Piney Branch. We saw the foxes last Sunday.

      I’m no pet detective, but I’m thinking fox+hounds, fox+hounds…

  • Love you Blog, POP, but I find the heading of this entry confusing. Not sure what happened.

    • Agreed – possible updated headline?

      “LOST DOG – ‘JIMBO’: Black, White, and Tan Beagle Lost by 11th Street Dog Park; Last Seen Near Spring and Rock Creek Church Rd NW”

    • Prince Of Petworth

      My bad – let me clear it up – THIS DOG IS LOST

    • Or maybe a headline of “Lost Beagle – Keep Your Eyes Peeled – Last Spotted at Spring and Rock Creek Church Rd NW”?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I think some of you folks just like to drive me nuts. It’s a lost fucking dog. A family is very sad. If you see it, call 202-503-8604 or comment here with the location. We can debate sentence structure and grammar off line at the next happy hour.

  • I got word that Jimbo may have been sighted as far east as Michigan Ave./10 St NE, near Catholic University and Brookland neighborhood. Please keep looking in that part of town too!

  • Any updates on Jimbo the bolted Beagle? I’ve been worrying all day.

  • I suggest the owners also print and post signs. Given the diversity of the neighborhood, you’ll reach those folks that aren’t online or on sites like this.

  • owner here- thank you all for looking/trying to catch him. He is still missing! We drove around all over petworth/brookland today with no luck- called all the shelters, vets, etc. and tonight made flyers and will post them. We’re heartbroken but trying to stay positive. We’ve gotten a number of really nice emails and phone calls from other dog owners who have lost their dogs and eventually found them. We appreciate your help, PopVille! -tiffany (202) 503-8604

  • Looks like he’s been found, according to the Lucky Dog Facebook page:

    Good news!

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