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  • so is Penn Quarter – 600 block of D St NW.

  • Same thing on M street in Gtown.

  • binpetworth

    Does USPS ever replace mailboxes in areas where they were previously removed due to construction? There used to be one a block from me that was taken away when the road/sidewalk needed rebuilding, and it never appeared again. Now the closest one is about half a mile in any given direction.

  • This is happening all over town. I don’t really understand the rationale though. Is it the minuscule time savings from the letter carrier only having to empty one box instead of two?

    • Probably the time savings mixed with being able to move that unneeded mailbox to a new location that needs it, rather than paying for a completely new one.

    • Also, the boxes aren’t usually emptied by a letter carrier delivering on that route, but by a person who just goes from box to box to empty them. So eliminating little used boxes might make the route a lot more efficient. Though that’s tough for the people who lose the service (no tears for those who now have only one box in a location).

  • Dan, why are you favoring the bland new construction mailbox over the historic mailbox full of character? sure it’s a little bit dinged up, but those battle scars tell a story of mail delivery through the generations that would be impossible for the neighborhood to replace.

  • Saw this in Tenleytown as well. I had no idea that post boxes were such a zero sum game! Moral of the story: spread out where you return your Netflix…

  • I wish I could get rid of the mail box at my house!

  • Same at the Hechinger Mall post office location.


  • Bring it to Georgia and New Hampshire!!!!!

  • The closest one to me disappeared without warning! I miss it!

  • Why do we even have mailboxes anymore? Seems to me that there’s no need for them anymore since everyone just texts or, if you’re elderly, emails.

    • Not everyone pays all their bills online. And many people get DVDs via Netflix; not everything is available for streaming.

    • Because sometimes it’s nice to send a handwritten get well or birthday card, or – gasp – letter.

    • I think of myself as a very light mail consumer (mostly e-statements and bills, not much online ordering, etc.) and yet I have “real” mail in my box 4 days out of 5.

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