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  • I guess if people can live on 18th Street they can live next to 9th and U.

  • seven. hundred. thousand.

  • Yay more condos because there aren’t enough being built as it is.

    • Well, actually, there aren’t. Way too much of what I’ve seen going up lately is all rental.

      • I guess I meant apartments and condos in general. I can think of at least ten buildings that are being constructed not to mention ones that recently went up, and I am genuinely curious: is there really a need for so many units of housing, or are these going up in anticipation of lots more people moving to DC?

        • DC gained 1,100 people a month in 2013 with no sign of serious slowing, so yes, there is demand.

        • The District’s population has increased by 50K in the last five years and over 1,000 people are moving to DC every month. Yeah, I’d say there’s a need for more housing.

          • Well maybe some of these people should consider staying in Clarendon and Fairfax and Iowa and Massholechusetts. We’re going to be facing overcrowding at some point in the future.

          • Ridiculous comment. DC’s population used to be significantly greater than it is now, so obviously there is room to grow. Also the sentiment that DC should be blocked to others to enjoy is appalling. We should applaud more people choosing urban living, not castigate them.

          • We are already experiencing growing pains.

          • And people lived differently back when the population peaked in the 1940s. People had large families, and poor people lived all cramped together in tiny, filthy shacks (DC’s more southern answer to the nasty tenement buildings of the northeast).

  • Thank you everyone in coming out to support (re)activate this past weekend. An important part of this mixed used development project will be three live/work spaces for artists and a multi-project art space on 9 1/2 street. If you enjoy the videos and performances during (re)activate, please come back in 2015 for more engaging art events at the new H-Space on 9/U.

  • Walked past there just last weekend and a sign read that this particular site is actually part of a designated art space. I guess work/live spaces for artists? Sounds different than the typical condos going up in the neighborhood….

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