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  • The police are clearly not doing enough. Thy turn a blind eye to blatant criminal activity occurring between Harvard and Irving on 14th Street. Whether it be dealing illegal cigarettes outside of the 711 on Columbia to drug deals in the surrounding alleys, I consistently see officers sitting in their cars reading their cell phones. If criminals feel that they can easily get away with minor offenses, why wouldn’t they try to push the envelope? Columbia Heights has the potential to be so much more. It’s a shame that DCPD and Jim Graham are letting us down.

  • Jim Graham refuses to take a tough stand on these guys since their grandmothers continue to elect him… But would Nideau be any different? I just don’t know.

    • Yes, of course we need to be tough on these crimes. But we need to also be getting at the root causes of these crimes: better education, more job training and counseling and long term support for those who need it.

      • Thanks for contributing! Nice to have you on here.
        Your suggestion, however, doesn’t sound that different than what your opponent has been championing for years (to the detriment of being tough on crime). Being tough on crime first and foremost is what would truly set yourself apart (and earn my vote).

      • “long term support”? Another candidate who supports using taxpayer dollars to subsidize generational dependency. Wow. You just lost my vote Brianne.

        • gotryit

          Lost your vote? You can’t vote in the democratic primary. Those talking points clearly identify you as a republican.

          • Many of us who are going to vote in the Democratic primary separate our national and local politics. People who moved to this town to do national politics and run for local office are helping to bring the policies of national polarity to our cities that desperately need some new ideas. I personally will be voting in the Democratic primary and will cast my vote for someone who doesn’t have MSNBC running all the time at their HQ.

      • Pleasure to see you here, Brianne. I feel very disconnected from my political representatives in DC and it would be nice to know that they keep an eye this form of local community discussion (even if it often degrades into dog-lovers vs. dog-haters).

  • As a former Prius owner I’m confused… I’ve always kept my keys in my pocket and the car will go max 250 feet without the keys. I guess the driver gave them the keys or they were elsewhere in the car ?

  • Also, around 2am, approximately 8 police cars and an ambulance brought an end to the party at the Xi Omega Chapter building at 14th and Allison. Not sure exactly what happened inside, just the usual screaming and scattering out of the crowd outside. It was a busy night for the police indeed.

  • Is that why the elected officials continue to do nothing? Because the families of the criminals elect them? I’ve lived in several big cities and never witnessed such gross incompetence by a police force. It’s ridiculous. And you don’t even hear any mayoral candidates mention crime as a serious issue!

  • I live on the corner of 14/Irving and have never seen such flagrant drug dealing as I see on a daily basis here. Jim Graham should be ashamed of himself. Columbia Heights deserves better. It is time for the city and the police department take this area’s safety seriously.

  • First, Gram is to busy pushing his gay and lesbian agenda to worry about crime in the neighborhood he represents. He is a crook just like most of the others. I can’t believe he continues get re-elected. Second, unless you have walked a mile in a MPD officers shows, shut the f**k up. You have no idea what they deal with on a daily basis. From the idiots that call 911 for just about anything and everything to piss poor management.
    No I’m not an officer.

    • That would be tough, considering MPD officers don’t *walk* anywhere. It’s like they’re permanently attached to their cruisers.

    • “unless you have walked a mile in a MPD officers shows, shut the f**k up…No I’m not an officer.”

      Maybe take your own advice, yes?

    • Can I have a copy of the gay and lesbian agenda? I need to brush up on it.

    • Gay and lesbian agenda? Wow, you sound like a gem. As a gay person, I assure you we don’t have any big “agenda” other than being treated like normal people with the same rights as everyone else.

      • Yea, if Jim Graham has a gay and lesbian agenda, I’d be very interested in what that is and how well he’s getting it done. Gay and lesbian services/programs seem to be improving with little to no help from CM Graham, which is emblematic of why he should go (among other reasons).

    • I don’t think you know Jim Graham very well. And certainly not well enough to spell his name correctly. His agenda is Jim Graham, and nothing (or no one) else.

  • Living in Mt P, I will tell you the cop presence here is an absolute joke. I have seen a drunk urinating on himself and harassing people for money at Best World while a block down, 3 cops cars are illegally parked at a bus stop in front of the 7-11. Would love to know exactly to whom one could complain without fear of retribution. The bike cops hang out around the liquor store at the corner of Irving and Mt. P and oggle those who might be buying 8 balls but the Lamont Street park is full of hombres who are catcalling offense terms in Spanish and grabbing their crotches. Yeah, I frequently see that kind of behavior at the playgrounds in Tenleytown…..

    • the harassing behavior you describe is not illegal in DC thanks to our liberal city council.

    • I really don’t think the latino guys on MtP Street are a big problem at all. Sure, they hang around out front 711 and at the two parks (lamont and harvard), and occasionally there is some drunk shouting, but they are basically harmless. If you follow the police reports for the area you will conclude that you really don’t have to fear anything from latino guys. Very rare that muggings are committed by them – they are more often victims. Look at the footage from that MtP burglary that just happened. And the police report from the car-jacking. Are any of these perps latino? No. Police and residents alike need to focus on the real crime problems of the CoHi/MtP neighborhoods, instead of paying attention to more superficial stuff.

      • yes donuts, you’re being racist against the wrong people. please let us focus our ire on the correct race to be mad at

  • To be fair, they probably look at you and say the same thing. At least they were there first?

  • Re: MtP — go to PSA meetings. They really want people to show up! Also, call and report what you are seeing (the offenses) to get the cops to act. You can call anonymously.

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