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    Anyone know what kind of tree?

  • My Grandma had something like this that she called a “walking stick tree” .

  • This is a tough one. My first thought was a curly willow, as the first poster suggested. However at this time if year you would expect them to be much yellower. Definitely not a “harry lauder walking stick”. Much too open for that. I say it is just an old maple tree which do take on a ‘contorted’ look as they age. If it branches opposite, which is hard to tell from photos, it would confirm this for me.

  • +1. Thank you.

  • The house ain’t bad either.

  • It does look like Harry Lauder Walking Stick – otherwise known as Contorted Filbert/Hazelnut tree. Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ – just studied this in my landscape design class.

  • This is my parents’ house! The tree is a cut leaf Japanese maple planted in the 1920s.

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