7-10k dollars worth of raw green coffee inventory and equipment stolen from Vigilante Coffee – Keep Your Eyes Peeled for a Maroon Toyota Sienna

Vigilante van

A reader sends from the owner of Vigilante Coffee Co.:

“Earlier today [Tuesday], our delivery van was stolen right outside of my house on 15th st NE. We had about 7-10k worth of raw green coffee inventory and equipment inside.

I was hoping you could help us get the word out to the community. The van is a Maroon Toyota Sienna. ED8240 is the licence plate number. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.”

Please call 911 if you see the van.

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  • Remember, folks, if you see something, call the police and let the authorities handle it. Don’t engage in any…
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    …vigilante justice.

  • Considering all the warnings of not leaving ANYTHING in your car parked on the street, and all the stories of oeoples cars getting broken into for a pack of gum, why would you leave all that equipment out on the street?

    • Kinda irrelevant why.

    • What is the point of speculating on how this happened? That’s life, stuff happens, even with the best awareness and intentions. It happened, and the victim is asking for help. If you just want to opine and speculate about the victim’s being at fault in some way, I would suggest that that is just incredibly unhelpful.

  • They might want to start searching for the equipment on Craigslist / Ebay…plus hit the the flea markets on the weekend. Stuff like that is unique enough that it will stand out in a listing — and has no value to the average car thief until it is sold.

    As an earlier commenter said, call the police if you have any leads from online listings. Do not try and handle it on your own.

  • I’m sorry, this really sucks and I hope they catch the thief, but I really can’t help myself. What a maroon.

  • This has got to be insurance fraud, right? What would a thief do with a bunch of coffee beans?

    • gotryit

      No, it doesn’t have to be. People in DC will break into a car to steal anything. They may ditch it on the next block when they realize they can’t sell it, but that doesn’t always help.
      Also, PSA – we should all keep an eye out for a really twitchy person looking in car windows.

    • My take is that the thief stole the CAR – the coffee beans and equipment were incidental.

  • So, as a fellow farmers market seller, it’s pretty common to store stuff in your van – moving tents, tables, tent weights in and out your van every time you do a market is very time consuming, especially if you’re doing markets daily and have to truck all your market equipment over to a storage space that is unconnected to your production space (which is what we do). Our van was broken into last winter, but the only thing they took was a water cooler, so I consider myself lucky. I really feel for Chris – this kind of loss is a big deal for a small business, and I hope he finds his stolen stuff.

  • Please, people, STOP blaming people who are victims of crimes. Maybe you would do things differently, but it does not matter, a victim of a crime is always that first, and not a moron, fool, etc.

    • Seriously, what is with the lack of sympathy expressed by some people here? It’s astounding. Plenty of people jumping out of the woodwork to judge and criticize the victim for this or that perceived/alleged lack of diligence, presenting themselves as the supremely savvy urban survivors to whom bad stuff never could possibly be visited upon.

      Sh!t happens to everyone; such is life. If you can’t be sympathetic or helpful to those who have been victimized, then, refrain from commenting.

      • Agreed. Who in PoPville has NEVER done anything stupid?! From what I’ve read on this site over the years, I’d say every single one of us at one time or another.

        • Not that it necessarily applies here, and not that they are at fault for leaving the stuff in the van… BUT… there seems to always be a violent knee-jerk response in these comments to “victim blaming”. The bottom line is that in many situations, the victim could have done something differently. Whether or not a “reasonable person” would have done it differently is the question. If you leave something valuable in your car and it gets stolen, that sucks, it shouldn’t have gotten stolen, but you live in a major city with a high crime rate, perhaps you should have known better? Similar to the person walking alone at night that gets jumped – people should think about risks and ways to mitigate them more often than they do. We live in a city the way it is, not the way it ought to be.

          • houseintherear

            … but the post did not ask for advice on what the guy did wrong, it’s asking for help to locate the van.

          • Completely agree – the snarky posts are somewhat less than helpful. I was merely challenging the ferocious cries of “NEVER BLAME THE VICTIM!” that appear on nearly every crime post on PoP.

          • N-I would feel no need to express dissatisfaction at people blaming the victim if people would simply stop blaming the victim. It would be one thing if people were actually trying to be helpful, but almost without fail comments read in tone as “you are an idiot for doing x; therefore it is your fault that y happened to you”. What possible good does that do to someone who has been a victim of a crime? It only victimizes the victim yet again. I don’t see how putting forth that kind of criticism in the court of public opinion as doing anything to help the victim or any other readers. It not as though the person victimized in a crime can’t and won’t beat themselves up enough for not preventing some jerk from victimizing them.

  • I’m sure the guy is kicking himself right now. Probably ran into the house ‘just for a second,’ for something – now ridiculous – only to come out to no van. I can just imagine the cursing, and how mad he must be for not locking the vehicle. Sure hope he recovers his equipment and doesn’t suffer much loss-wise/insurance-wise… Stupid Human Condition!!!

  • Who steals a Sienna? What a POS!

    • Someone impulsive who sees an unlocked car with the keys in it?

    • Really? I thought they were great, reliable vans (if you’re into that sort of thing).

      • gotryit

        They are great vans – maybe the person was talking about the car thief? Or having a mid-life crisis thing going on and can’t deal with a minivan?

        • POS was reserved for the thief. As a single 32 year old, I anticipate a mid-life crisis but sans the mini-van because I plan on being sans children as well!

  • Chris is an awesome guy who hustles his ass off. Hopefully he gets his stuff back in one piece. See you at District Flea, Chris!

  • So sorry to hear this, Vigilante, please let your fans know via Fb if there are ways we can support you. Also – to the rest of the PoP trolls – when something terrible befalls someone the decent thing to do is offer support, not make snarky comments like a bunch of donkeys.

  • The sad thing is that some ignorant street hood (and boy, do they breed a special kind of stupid into the petty criminals here in DC) isn’t going to have the slightest clue as to what to do with a bunch of unroasted coffee beans. They’ll end up alongside a road somewhere.

  • Folks are being a little hard on the troll here. OK, it’s not helpful at this point, and we don’t know how long the van was unattended, but it DOES spring to mind. Sorry but I react the same way to reports of laptops stolen out of vehicles. Why not just leave the laptop – or a wad of cash – on the sidewalk, spare yourself a broken window, and save police resources?

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