Your Weekly Trader Joe’s Fix – Proper Signage Spotted – Transformation of 1900 Block of 14th Street Nearly Complete

1916 14th Street, NW

When I took this photo I guy running by stopped to do a double take and literally started applauding. The whole building is really starting to come together now:


Trader Joe’s will open in about a month. A quick reminder of what the space once looked like:

1916 14th Street, NW in 2008

1916 14th Street, NW in 2010

And in 2010 next door neighbors formerly home to Taco Bell, Foot Locker, Dominos and the United Supreme Council National Headquarters and Archives.


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  • I miss Chi-Dog-Os. That spicy dog on the poppy seed roll was damn good 🙁

  • LOL! It’s almost like you’re scared that they’re gonna back out at the very last minute! I think you can relax now. It’s gonna be great.

  • This place is going to be more miserable than the one near GW. I hope Trader Joe’s is prepared for how busy it’s always going to be.

    • TJ is always prepared! Nobody handles a line better.

      Finally, I don’t have to make the trek to Foggy Bottom to buy a case of totally decent $5 wine.

      • I remember the first time that I ventured over the the TJ’s in FB, and I almost walked right out! Had never seen anything like it in all of my TJ shopping experiences. But someone said don’t worry, the line moves fast. And they were right. I was impressed at how fast that line (which wrapped around the entire store and nearly out the door) moved. I still avoid that one at all costs unless I can sneak in a trip at 7 on a Tuesday evening, but I actually think that this one either won’t be as miserable/crowded as some think, or at the vary least, may alleviate some of the clusterf*ckness that happens at the GW location.

        Of course I could be wrong and they can both reach new heights of ‘crowdedness’, and if that happens, I’ll just make the trip to Olde Towne, as I often do.

  • This will probably be the top performing TJ’s in the country. At least the Whole Foods on P shouldn’t be as crowded after this opens.

    • I’m not so sure the TJs will have much effect on WF. The TJs in Foggy Bottom seems just as crowded as it was before WF opened. They actually draw somewhat different customers—TJ skews younger and older (the Bethesda TJs is probably the most geriatric store I’ve ever visited) and people who are more budget minded. WF is good for produce, TJs is nothing special in that department while TJ is good for frozen food and other packaged items which deliver better value than the stuff at WF (much of which is available at Safeway or Giant for less). Both are pretty uneven for bakery goods, and TJs is more uneven for deli/carryout type items. TJs will have more effect on Giant and Safeway–I wonder if the Soviet Safeway will be done in by TJs even though they sell lots of things TJs doesn’t.

  • Too bad the payday lender is still there — I cannot think of a more disgusting and predatory business, except for for-profit colleges!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    The Foggy Bottom TJs is ALWAYS crowded. When I was out of work I tried going at off hours. Off hours at TJs are somebody else’s on hours.

    • I usually go on Saturday morning at 830-9am. I’m usually the only person in line to check-out.
      Despite living at 11th and U Street, I’ll probably keep going to the Foggy Bottom TJs. This new one will relieve some pressure at the Foggy Bottom location and I can’t complain about the free parking. That’s fine by me.

    • Off hours for normal people are busy hours for students, so that TJ’s never gets a rest. At least the clientel at this TJ’s will be a bit more homogeneous, so more predictable hours.

  • This is going to be an awesome addition to an already thriving neighborhood. I had an opportunity to buy in condo two blocks away in 2003. I kick myself in the butt every time I think about it. What an absolute amazing transformation!

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