You Have Until Tomorrow to Provide Feedback on the Chuck Brown Memorial Park Project

Rendering via Commission on the Arts and Humanities

Thanks to a reader for sending this survey from Commission on the Arts and Humanities. [Though they are a bit surprised that you have to email back your input instead of an automated set up.] The sculpture will go into Chuck Brown/Langdon Park located at 2901 20th Street, NE. You can see all the renderings and fill out the survey below:

Chuck_Brown_Park-Community Survey (PDF)

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  • I guess I’m not sure how to present a Chuck Brown monument with class, but from this rendering I can tell this isn’t the right way. I already hate having to look at the monstrosity that is Duke Ellington near the Howard Theater, and I have a feeling that this proposed monument, if adopted, will be equally reviled in the long run. Why does it seem that these days we are trying so hard to make statues “fun”? They just end up looking like jokes… Chuck Brown would hate this thing.

    • do you know of examples of contemporary memorials and public pieces that you’d rather something be like?

      • Call me old fashioned, but I prefer simple profiles. I really feel like the Ellington monument is way too whimsical, but yes, to each their own. I think the MLK memorial was done fairly well in terms of design, despite the deserved controversy.

    • I really like the Duke Ellington memorial. To each their own I guess.

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