What the Hell? There are “several instances” of This?!?

Thanks to a reader for sending a link to the bizarre story from the Post: D.C. Council member says daughter was briefly ‘kidnapped’ in dispute over taxi fare:

“A taxi driver locked the daughter of a D.C. Council member in his car and drove her away from her home after a late-night dispute over an inoperable credit card machine in an incident that the council member said Wednesday “meets the definition of kidnapping.”

Taxi Cab Commission Chairman Ron M. Linton said he believed most were complying, but he said the commission had learned of “several instances of that locking-the-door business” in which drivers illegally demand cash when a credit card machine is not working.”

Read the full story here.

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  • yea these drivers are nuts
    they try to get off making claims that people are unwilling to pay

  • Yep, this happened to a coworker of mine about two weeks ago. Dupont Circle to Metro Center, mid-day. Forced her to go to the closest ATM to get cash.

    • oh man, if that were me I would’ve gotten right out at the ATM and called the cops! NO WAY am I paying in that situation. The taxi driver that did that to Mary Cheh’s daughter will be lucky if he’s not sued for false imprisonment.

  • If kidnapped by a DC cabbie, lie down on the back seat and kick out either window. Unlike windshields, it doesn’t take too much force to crack them.

    • Call 911 immediately too. Ridiculous.

      • Sounds like she and the cabbie both called 911, since the police responded while on CT Ave. Not sure why they refused to arrest the cabbie, however. Seems like a typical “too much paperwork” kind of response, even if it’s the cabbie’s word against the passenger’s. If the destination was Mary Cheh’s house, then why are the police being called to show up somewhere on CT Ave?

        • That’s part of it. The rest is that “If we charge someone with kidnapping, then we have to report that a kidnapping took place in our district, and then next year we can’t say that there were fewer kidnappings in our district.”

          The way DC views “crime rates” is a major incentive for police to not do any policing. We view increases or decreases in crime as a function of effective enforcement, rather than as a symptom of social issues. When we focus on enforcement, then we blame police for any increase. And police are the ones who decide whether it gets reported. Beat officers hear us saying, “if you report more crimes, we’ll accuse you of not doing your job. If you report fewer crimes, we’re congratualte you on effective enforcement, and delude ourselves into thinking that our neighborhoods are safer.”

    • Good advice. Back when I took cabs I always made it a point to take down the driver’s info the moment I got into the cab (and make sure he saw me doing it). That seems to prevent nonsense like this from happening.

    • Or keep a piece of wire in your pocket long enough to strangle them from behind. That will most definitely make them stop.

  • I had an experience where a cab driver sped right past my destination and took a wild 20-minute detour down dark secluded roads. My friend and I were terrified and he ignored our pleas to stop. Eventually he did return us to our destination– I guess he was trying to rack up the meter but it backfired since we darted into my apartment building without paying. In retrospect that probably was a kidnapping experience too, but I was so accustomed to bad behavior from cab drivers that I didn’t think much of it at the time.

  • but they are mad that uber is cutting into their pockets
    business model is clearlty not the only reason to that

  • What is the proper solution if their credit card reader is not working and no cash is available?

    Are they not supposed to be working if their machine is down?

    • That’s what I’m wondering. Though, the card readers are so new I find it very hard to believe they’re all breaking down already. I think the only way to change things is if people refuse to use cash. Drivers know they can find a fare paying cash, but if almost everyone used a card I bet they’d shape up pretty quickly.

    • Get it fixed or it’s a free ride. That will end this crap.

    • How about they tell you before you get in the cab?

    • The fare is zero dollars

    • I read an article in the Post about the commission fining 4 drivers it found to be unable to accept credit card payments in spot checks they run, so my take was that they are not allowed to be offering rides if they can’t accept credit cards.

      What is unclear is, can you legally refuse payment? Or do you have to pay and then hope the commission gets around to answering the formal complaint you file?

    • Yes. If the credit card machine isn’t working, they can’t drive.

      • I did once have a cab driver who was unable to process my card and he just said “hey, it’s your lucky day” and motioned for me to leave the cab so of course I told him to wait and ran to an ATM but I was not sure if that was his legal requirement or him being nice.

  • Horrible. But I’m not shocked honestly. It’s ridiculous that I have to ask the driver if the machine is working when I get in, but I do every time. Last time, before I could even ask, the driver said “you’re paying cash, right?” and I said no, if the machine is broken, I’ll hop out (we had gone less than a block). He proceeded to curse me out under his breath and drive super aggressively. Fun stuff.
    I spend a lot of time in NYC and Chicago and have never had a problem paying with a credit card since they started requiring machines.

    • They deserve to lose market share. They act entitled to provide bad service for cash and expect bit tips for crappy service. I’m done with them.

  • All of the examples of this happening that I’ve read/heard about have happened to women. The issue isn’t just about having working credit card machines but about what these cab drivers feel free to do to women – with minimal or no consequences. And almost every woman I know has at least one “story”.

    • A cab driver basically berated my girlfriend for taking a cab late at night from the metro to our house 8 blocks away. That’s definitely not as bad, but it’s ridiculous they think they can get away with it. It’s your JOB to drive people places, even if it’s “only” 8 blocks…

    • Yes, exactly. Part of the problem, I think, is that many of them come from cultures where women are treated like garbage. They see a woman traveling alone at night and think it’s their duty to punish her for her outrageous behavior.

    • +500. They would never dare pull this on a man.

    • I was surprised that PoP found this so shocking, but then again, he’s a white male. And by virtue of being a white male, I don’t think he has to put up with half the crap that us women and minorities do from cab drivers.

  • “Linton said the commission recommends that riders ask a driver when they enter a cab if the credit card machine is working and, if not, get out and hail another. ”

    In order to accept fares, drivers are required by law to have working credit card machines. It is outrageous that the head of the cab commission is advising (if you can even call this advice) riders to simply look the other way when faced with a driver who is failing to comply with the law. I’ve encountered numerous cab drivers who claim their machine isn’t working since this law supposedly went into effect. With this clown leading the commission, it’s no wonder that cab drivers continue to feel entitled to act with such impunity.

  • I hate DC cabs. They’re doing nothing to improve and I’m sick about getting an earful each time I’m in a cab whining about credit card machines. There is no accountability and, for me, no reason not to use UberX save during surges.

  • I hear stories about how uber is wrecking small cabbies and right when I am about to feel bad about it I see stuff like this and can relate with my own various ridiculous stories. I rarely cab anywhere now, only use Uber, and I am totally fine with it. This is an exanmple if the free marketing being fine with me.

    • I user uber way more often than I use cabs, but it seems when I use apps like Hail-o and mytaxi, the drivers are pleasant and can’t pull the “my card reader isn’t working” crap. I think some of them are starting to wise up. I can’t even remember the last time I hailed a cab off the street without using an app, so maybe that is where most of the problem lies.
      Only problem with the taxi apps is they’re usually not available late at night or during popular times. That’s when you have to pony up more cash for an uber black car.

      • Mytaxi is rarely available, but I’ve used Hailo during late nights or other popular times (morning and evening rush hours, both ways on New Year’s Eve) and had no problem. It might take a little longer if there are less cabs on the road, but I’ve never had a problem with getting a ride.

    • Don’t feel bad about it. Think of them as part of the same industry and the cab model as a failing business model. One analogy might be the media industry, newspapers compete with new sites, but we continue to consume media as a whole. And many of those who worked for failing papers now work for news sites. Cabs and uber cars provide the same service and operate in the same industry, but Uber/Hailo/MyTaxi simply operate with a different model. So, when Jim Graham talks about how the cab drivers are suffering, I immediately think that he is only talking about a very narrow type of driver, the incumbent part of the industry that funds his campaign. Perhaps uber drivers aren’t doing so bad. With innovation industries change, and there is no need to protect DC cabs from other drivers any more than we should protect bike messengers from the fax machine.

  • what, they thought that by putting in card readers ALL OF A SUDDEN the behavior and attitude that has been cultivated by the Taxi Cab Commision (namely, Ron Linton) would just go away? and now he sees it and claims it’s “a problem”? ridiculous.

  • I think it’s definitely selective outrage by the cabbies. In the last 10 cabs I’ve taken, I’ve used the CC machines with no issues. Then again, I’m a man and often dressed in a suit. It seems to me that they are focusing their contempt on women or anyone else they deem vulnerable. It’s insane.
    Though, in my last taxi the driver swiped my card on a Square payment device hooked up to his iPhone. He said the regular machine was broken. I’m guessing that Square takes a smaller cut of his wages.
    DC Taxi Commission needs to get its act together. The agency is a disgrace.

    • I’ve had them swipe my card on the Square reader every time I’ve taken a cab–have never swiped on the official machine. In speaking to one of my cabbies, he was telling me that, in addition to what you said about the cut, the companies that run the regular machines often take up to two weeks to process the fares and get the cabbies their money. He wasn’t opposed to the machines, he just said he couldn’t wait that long to get paid.

  • Taxi Cab Commission Chairman ‘Linton said his own daughter had had problems. She came to visit D.C. from Boston, Linton said, took four cab rides “and generated four complaints — it’s unbelievable.”’
    It sure is! Gee, if only there was someone in charge of DC taxis who could do something about…

  • Yep. Happened to me. They didn’t drive away but guy locked the doors and said he’d drive me to an ATM. And his reaction when I said “your machine isn’t working” was “Oh huh weird – cash instead.” Pretty sure he knew it was busted.

  • Further proof that cab drivers in DC are the worst. If they’re not complaining about what neighborhood you’re asking them to drive you to or someone wanting to pay with a credit card, they’re complaining to me about dumb stuff like HAVING TO MAKE A U-TURN. Really? Driving is your job and sometimes turning around is part of driving. I can’t with that bullshit. Uber for the win. Whenever I do take cabs and get an actual nice one who drives me to my location without complaint and (bonus!) engages in nice conversation, they get an amazing tip. Of course, that rarely happens in this city.

    • Complaining about making a U turn? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost been hit by taxis making illegal U turns.

  • And this is why I love Hailo. It’s only $1.50 more than regular cab fare, it’s charged to your card when you book and you are provided with a record of who drove you, including their license number. The difference in demeanor (and driving safety) between Hailo cabbies and the average DC cabbie is night and day.

  • This is absolutely absurd. And frankly, really not surprising given all the prior crap taxis have been putting folks through. I was in a cab to Reagan that I had hired specifically because I didn’t have cash and I made that very well known to the driver. On the way there, he gets pulled over and gets a speeding ticket. I’m annoyed but don’t say anything. We get to Reagan and he says his credit card machine is down. I say, sorry then, you’re not getting this fare because having a credit card machine is now required and I don’t have any cash. He proceeds to curse at me in another language and INSISTS it’s not only my responsibility to pay my fare but to also PAY HIS TICKET. I did not ask you to speed, nope certainly did not. I got out, he chased after me, airport staff stepped in. I kept right on walking.

    • What company was it? When I have an airport trip I always schedule with Arlington Red Top. They’ve been great and are always on time (I live in DC).

      • Yea, Red Top is the only way to go if you’re traveling to DCA or Dulles. They’re reliable, on time, polite, and their cabs are very well maintained. I use them every chance I get to go to the airports from DC. It’s a shame they can’t pick up fares in the city.

        • Really? I’ve had numerous bad experiences with Red Top – last time I called to schedule a cab for the next morning they dispatched a cab IMMEDIATELY. When I called to cancel that cab and reschedule for the morning (as originally scheduled) the same thing happened AGAIN.

          Fast forward to that night, I find out my flight is delayed by two hours, so call to move the reservation back. They cannot find my reservation. So I make a new one, for the updated time.

          The next morning I am awakened by the ORIGINAL cab I booked (which I had moved back) (so apparently that reservation did exist). Call them AGAIN and find no record that I had changed/made the later reservation. Make yet another reservation and a cab eventually arrives at the correct time.

          No apologies, horrible customer service and they kept blaming me for the lost reservations. In summary, not a Red Top fan any longer, which is sad, as I’m in Arlington and they’re super close to me!

        • Wow, I’ve used them dozens of times to go to the airport and never had a problem. Too bad you had such a horrendous experience.

        • you must be lucky. The last couple times I’ve tried to call Red Top to schedule a cab for a morning airport run they just didn’t show up. Then when I called in the morning, they told me there would be someone there “sometime”, but they didn’t know when because nobody was available right then. I had to drive to the airport both times and park in short term parking to make my flight. Never, ever again.

          • My travel schedules have changed a lot, and I’ve not had to use redtop in about a year or so. Sad to hear about their service going down, guess I’ll do uber to the airport next time.

        • Correction: Red Top used to be the only way to go to the airports. Uber and UberX are now much better alternatives.

      • i use diamond. i know many people have bad feelings about them but I travel 25+ times a year and leave super early in the morning (5:15am usually) for National and have never, ever been left without a cab.

  • Worse yet: she called the cops and they refused to arrest the driver.

    Ron Linton said DCTC would investigate and maybe, possibly, suspend the driver’s license.

    • Maybe her cards were the problem? The report says that two credit cards were denied. Perhaps her cards had been flagged for suspicious activity earlier and she wasn’t aware. Has happened to me with my amex.

      • Maybe, but it’s irrelevant. After her cards didn’t work she told the cab driver she would pay cash, and he still locked the doors and drove away, claiming she was refusing the pay the fare.

  • Absolutely hate DC cabs and the commission. And concur that this happens to a lot of women in the District. Many of my female friends have similar stories. I have a reverse story to prove the point tho. Last time I got into a DC cab was when the NoMa metro station had just changed its name to that. I needed to get there from Capitol Hill area and I kept saying “take me to the New York Ave or NoMa station” and driver totally didn’t know where to go. He got caught in really bad traffic near Union Station. I got irate with him, called him out on he did not know where he was going, and he just said “OK you’re right. You can exit here with no charge.” quite politely. I’m a 6’1″ dude… so I definitely feel I got different treatment.

  • This has happened to me a couple of times. Once the guy locked me in and drove me to an ATM. The next time, he locked me in but pulled over once I called 911 on speaker phone. When I tried to fold down the sun visor where he was hiding his Taxi Operator number, he grabbed my hand and ordered me to get out.

    DC Taxi drivers are, far and away, the worst category of people I’ve had to deal with on a regular basis. Between Uber, Car2Go, and CaBi, I never use them anymore.

    What’s crazy is that Arlington cabs are so much better. Arlington cabbies are courteous, always have working cards, and in the rare chance the CC doesn’t work, they apologize and let me out. I have to believe that the reason is the gulf of competence and accountability between the taxi commissions. And corruption. And also Arlington Police aren’t useless like MPD.

    • Wow. Just wow. I would flip out if a cab driver locked me inside their car and made me use an ATM. WTF is wrong with people? I’ve only gotten cab drivers who tell up front that their machines are broken. But I usually pay cash anyway when I use DC cabs because I don’t want to deal with their BS and I do not want some sketchy ass driver locking me inside his car. When I have no cash I always use Uber.

    • Agree, arlington cabs are always cleaner and the drivers are more courteous. I’m guessing they’re more regulated?

  • And mere blocks away in Montgomery County, the cabs are clean, the drivers are polite, and the service — especially Barwood– is consistently professional. I don’t know if it’s the leadership, the policies, or the drivers they hire, but the difference between DC cabs and MC cabs is extreme.

    • But they’re Maryland drivers!!!

    • skj84

      I’ve actually had some of my worst cab experiences with Barwood. They basically have a monopoly on Montgomery Country cab rides and treat customers like crap because they know we don’t have much other choice. At least until Uber came along.

      • Regency and Orange cabs definitely do Montgomery County, and, of course, any of the DC companies can do Montgomery County as long as at least one end of the trip is in DC.

        • skj84

          the majority of my problems stem from traveling within MoCo. My house is a bit of a walk from the metro and when its late, or freezing or I’m just tired I catch a cab from the cab stand at the Hyatt. Which are usually Barwood. I have had so many issues with drivers who don’t want to drive to my house which isn’t that far driving, but can be a 20 minute walk for me, or for using my credit card. I just don’t understand why they can’t take me home without running their mouths. I tip well when there is no issue. I work in a service industry job and the way some cab drivers treat me would get me fired if I treated a guest that way at my workplace. It’s just very disheartening.

  • I would never let a cab driver take me to an ATM. If they don’t have a working credit card machine they should let me know up front or get it fixed before taking passengers. I didn’t start using uber until this weekend but after seeing how easy it was and not having to play the guessing game on cash vs. credit card or wondering how much to tip I’m using Uber from now on.

  • This happened to me two weeks ago- Metro Center to Logan Circle. I didnt have any cash and the credit card machine wasnt working. The driver proceeded to scream at me and suggested that I leave him my pursue while I went to go get him cash. I declined and told him that I would report him to the taxi commission for not having a credit card machine that worked, at which point he got very aggressive and was leaning into the back seat waving his finger in my face and yelling. I tried to get out of the cab and he grabbed my arm and told me he would have me arrested and “now he knows where I live so they could come and find me.” Needless to say I got out of there as quickly as I could….too quickly to get his ID number or name but he absolutely needed to be reported- I just got scared. As a 20-something single female living alone it was a terrifying experience. DC needs to figure out a way to work with the cabbies on this issue so that they arent taking out their frustration on passengers

    • I know this is hard in the heat of the moment, but if you could get the license number or the company and cab number painted outside, it seems like that should be enough, with the time and date, to track the driver down. But would the police or the taxi commission?

  • I agree with everyone here, but one thing about uberX that drives me nuts is they never know where they are going. I always have to give them directions – one time I had to tell someone how to get to 16th street from Thomas circle. At least DC cabs generally know where they are going, so for me its often a toss up – a jerk cabbie or having to give play by play directions to the driver.

    • I really agree with it although I’m happy to provide directions if needed. I am still shocked, though, when I am at metro center and need to get to dupont and they don’t know where dupont is and take five min to plug it into the GPS. But still better then the alternative IMHO

      • It’s pretty surprising. It took me a few months to learn every corner of DC, but I wasn’t driving around it for 8 hours a day like these guys are. Still, if neither of you know where you’re going you can just let the GPS do its thing.

    • I have taken UberX 6-8 times and everytime have had to provide step by step directions. I have a smart phone and know how to get around anyway, but it must be frustrating for people who don’t. I dock them a couple stars, so at least there’s some small amount of accountability for that unlike everything that goes on in DC cabs.

    • Yeah- it’s nuts! I’ve had to give a number of them directions to THE HOSPITAL.

    • Are the UberX folks actually professional drivers? That’s what makes me nervous about them. Not just that they don’t know where they are going. I think they are supposed to have insurance, but does uber check? I stick to the black cars or uber taxi.

  • If the taxi driver who did this (or any other taxi driver accused of doing this) is not suspended and does it again, I sure hope that they arrest Ron Linton for being an accessory to kidnapping.

  • This happened to my roommate – The taxi pulled up to our house and my roommate said she noticed she had left her wallet at the restaurant. She said she’d have to run inside the house and get cash, but instead the driver quickly locked the doors, drove 5 blocks away and pulled up to a police officer saying she refused to pay. The police officer then made my roommate walk the 5 blocks back home, in a so-so neighborhood after midnight. I hate DC cabs – I only use Uber now.

    • Happened to me too, except I got arrested and spent the night in jail for it. I’d forgotten my entire purse at the restaurant, so the next morning I was released with no phone or money. After walking a few miles I had to resort to hitchhiking because I had no other option. Never admit you don’t have the cash with you!

      • thats insane

      • So weird they don’t want the fare for driving you back to the restaurant to get the wallet/purse and home again. I once wracked up quite the uber fare when I forgot my keys. H St. to AdMo to H Street to AdMo. Why should the driver care? Crazy you spent a night in jail.

        • Seriously. Why can’t they just drive you back to get your purse or wallet rather than have you ARRESTED and waste city resources on someone who hasn’t committed a crime. Absolutely shameful.
          Also what police officer thinks it’s a good idea to arrest someone for forgetting their wallet at a restaurant? It happens, and it’s not a crime.

  • This is frightening, and not surprising. DC cabs are awful. I don’t take them anymore (thanks UBER!)

  • question… is the rider legally liable if they decide to kick the windows out after being locked in?

    because honestly that would be my first thought if he thought he would lock me in and drive around
    im also a 6’7 made so i wouldnt expect to have that happen but who knows

    had a cab strop in the middle of the street and refuse to take my grlfriend and i any further
    we didnt know why or what. he then proceeded to call the police on us; again for what we are still confused about to this day

    all three of us ended up in the street (not a side one either, this happen right at the intersection of new york and Fla) and ended with me throwing cash in his driver seat and us getting another cab right there

    it was insane thought, like a scene from a movie

  • A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I took a cab from Gallery Place to my neighborhood. When we got in the car, he confirmed that his credit card machine was working. As soon as we got to my street, he turned around, WATCHED me swipe my card, and then said “oh, the credit card machine is broken – it didn’t go through. I need cash before you leave”. I pulled up my bank app on my phone and showed him the pending charge, and told him politely that we would not be paying twice.

    At that point he starting cussing at us and wouldn’t unlock the doors. After exchanging some choice words with us for about 5 minutes, he finally unlocked the doors and let us out. We were so angry and upset – and now, we only take Uber. People shouldn’t have to endure extreme and upsetting behavior just to get a ride home!

  • I’ve had too many similar (though not as terrifying) experiences with DC cabs – especially since the new CC laws went into action.

    My tip – before getting in the cab (but open the door and get half-in so they don’t just speed away/run you over) ask them if they have a credit card reader and if it is currently working. Then say “good because I do not carry cash” as you get in. It has cut my bad experiences completely.

  • justinbc

    In DC, just last week, had a guy who told me if the CC machine wouldn’t work then my ride was free. (the first time the charge didn’t go through) It wound up working on the second try, but it’s nice to know they’re not all hustlers.

    • Check your credit card statement carefully. I got told “charge didn’t go through, swipe again” and wound up being charged twice. Credit card company refunded the money but also told me for the amount of the charge ($9.01) they weren’t going to bother reversing the charge. So the cabbie got paid twice – once by me, once by Citibank.

  • skj84

    I have had such a struggle with cab drivers taking credit cards. Or taking me where I want to go. Like from DC to MD where I live. I’m a young woman of color and they do try to bully me because they think I will just put up with it. Which I won’t, I’m the passenger who will raise hell and I’ve called the cops on a cabbie and vice versa.

    I’m getting better about using uber though. Last week a friend and I decided to Uber home from Alexandria and as we were walking out to the car a cabbie tried to flag us down. We declined and entered the Uber which enraged to cab drive. He followed us part of the way! It was really unnerving, but the Uber driver took the whole thing in stride.

  • Something similar happened to me! Driver claimed the credit card machine didn’t work and I had no cash.

    I got out of the cab and started to walk to my building. The driver got out on the sidewalk, grabbed my arm & physically blocked me from passing him on the sidewalk. He kept yelling that he’d call the cops. I told him, “right on, do it! You’re the one who’s getting a fine!”

    The only reason I’d flagged down a cab was that my phone was dead, otherwise I’d have used Uber. It’s too bad I couldn’t call the cops myself. Finally some guys from my building heard the yelling & came out in their PJs to help.

  • About three years ago I was in a DC cab going to VA. I gave the driver specific directions to take and when she refused, I told her to let me out of the cab. She locked the doors and wouldn’t let me out. She actually got onto 66 West and stopped in the middle of all the lanes and demanded that I pay her for the fare up until that point. By this point I was on the phone with 911. The cab driver finally pulled over and a cop showed up. That cop made me pay her for the fare and had to escort me across the eastbound side of 66. To this day I still get mad when I think about having to pay a fare to that piece of s””t driver.

    • I don’t understand this. What is with the police? What is their authority to make you pay a fare? Did they threaten to arrest you if you didn’t? Jeez, that’s ridiculous.

  • From DCTC after a similar experience:

    “You should know that under DCTC regulations if a driver does not tell a passenger he won’t take a credit card until the end of the trip, the ride is free. If a driver refuses at the beginning of a trip and it is reported to us, we will fine the driver and require repayment of the trip charges.”

    I filed a complaint and they DCTC took action.

  • I must say, where is the Post in doing some serious investigating about the inadequacy of the DC Cab Commission and doing some undercover cab reporting, taking cabbies to task for no working credit card machines. The local media around here is a f***ing joke. In other cities, the local media would be eating this up and taking people down for this kind of downright criminal behavior and lack of enforcement and holding cabbies accountable for their behavior. Linton should be ashamed of himself. It seems like the Commission could give a s*** less about this. Also, the disconnect between the Commission and the DC Council n the article is so painfully obvious you really gotta wonder who’s running this town. No one seems to have a clue or the balls to stand up to people.

  • I have plenty of can horror stories of my own, but the one that makes my blood boil? FIL was at DCA and found that the shuttle to another terminal to rent a car didn’t accommodate his wheelchair. Tried to take a cab and was cursed out for it (presumably the fare was too low to make it worth the driver’s time?).

    • Not that this makes any difference on the inappropriateness, but presumably that would’ve been a Virginia (Arlington?) cab rather than a D.C. cab.

  • And this is why I use uber

  • Oh yes, This definitely happened to me. The driver just locked the doors and kept going past my final destination. It was terrifying. When I finally got out and walked home, a policeman stopped me and lectured me about how it’s not safe for a woman to walk alone at night. He told me I should have taken a cab home. Ironic.

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