Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights/Meridian Hill Park

2440 16th Street Northwest

This rental is located at 2440 16th Street, Northwest:


The listing says:

“DOWNTOWN: PRICED RIGHT; PETS ALLOWED; OFF STREET ASSIGNED PARKING EXTRA: Public Golf Courses 10 Minutes Away In BOTH Directions. Suburban Island Set in the HEART of Downtown D.C. Landmark Public Park and Water Falls Across Street. Popular live entertainment, diverse restaurant and sports bar night life of City’s young professionals 5 minutes in BOTH directions. Great Neighborhood and Building.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,999/Mo.

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  • I think this could be the first time I’ve seen a toilet, shower door and building awning prominently featured in a rental listing.

  • hm. Never realized there were 2 public golf courses (!), anyone know if its fun to go play a round for beginners?

    • There are three public courses. The East Potomac Park location has a heated driving range and mini golf too.
      But you’re driving damn fast if you’re getting to either of the ones on the west side of town in 10 minutes from this place. I’ve never seen the golf courses included in a listing, it seems really strange when there are tens of thousands of people who live closer to either of them.

  • Finally, a 1 br under $2000.00…

  • this is actually pretty nice, though probably about 60% of my take home pay…

  • Off topic here, but anybody know the deal for the French Chateau next door? I have been fascinated with that building since I first saw it in the late 1990’s and it was for sale. Shoulda bought it for $100K or whatever it was selling for during the control board era and I could literally be living like a king…

  • downtown?

  • The best of all worlds: suburban island, city living, and golf courses!

  • a truly bizarre listing

  • Golf course? Maybe in Rock Creek? there is the Old Soldiers Home golf course in Park View but thats for residents and limited membership only. And its definitely more than 10 min away.

    • Yes, Rock Creek golf course is probably about a 7-8 minute drive up 16th and East Potomac is probably about 10-12 minute drive south. Still, focusing on the golf courses for this place is one of the strangest focuses in a listing I have ever seen.

  • This is the strangest conglomeration of photos that I have ever seen posted. It’s like disjointed rambling, but with photos instead of words. “Suburban island”? lol! That said, a friend of mine was living in this building (renting a bedroom in a 2BR owned by her roommate) and she liked the building. I’m not in the market to pay $2000+utilities/month, so I can’t offer an opinion as to whether or not it’s a good deal…

    • Yeah, I live up the street, and while I think it’s a lovely area, I wouldn’t exactly call it a “suburban island.” Although my bf is kind of a suburban boy, so maybe I can use this listing to convince him to move into my neighborhood! “See honey, it’s not *really* the city…it’s a suburban island!” 😉

  • This is definitely an odd listing. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for almost 6 years now, and there are other pluses to that address. How about the Harris Teeter that is about 1.5 blocks away? It’s certainly not a downtown address. I work downtown and it’s a good 25-30 walk to get to Farragut Square from there.

    As a side note, the juvenile who was convicted of tagging the Harris Teeter and various other buildings in the neighborhood resides there. You may have seen his tag, “oda $wisha”, in the area.

    • I’ve lived in this building for four years and am not familiar with the kid or his tag — do you have any more info?

      • The juvenile used red spray paint and put his tag, “oda $wisha”, on the Harris Teeter, the sidewalk outside the Park Tower Kalorama Rd entrance/exit, the lofts on the corner of 17th and Kalorama, and the Kalorama Deli on the corner of 17th and Kalorama. I believe he was ordered to pay fines to cover the cost of the clean-up, and he was restricted to his home for a period of time.

  • Not a great deal. You can find a 1-bedroom in the same area for a couple hundred bucks less.

  • Guys, the listing agent is located in Chantilly. That might explain the bizarre description!

  • After looking at the posting and pictures, I truly hope the owner never gave his/her approval — what a poor way to represent this building! Harris Teeter is across the street from Park Tower’s side entrance, the S buses are 1/2 block away (16th/Crescent), the park is across the street, there is a concierge, and laundry on every floor.

    • With the DC market as hot as it is right now, this just shows how a pulse is the only real qualification one needs to be a real estate agent….regardless of the asinine description, this place will rent in a few days.

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