To Celebrate 5 Year Anniversary – Taylor Gourmet Offering $5 Hoagies after 5pm


From an email:

“In celebration of 5 years of Taylor Gourmet, we are offering all of our regular sized hoagies for just $5.00 after 5:00 PM. Yep, that’s right. Every regular sized hoagie at all 8 locations is just $5 bucks from 5:00 PM to close!


We’ve come a long way in 5 years. From our original shop below our apartments on H Street we have grown to 8 locations in DC, Maryland and Virginia. 5 AFTER 5 of is our way to say thanks to all of our customers who have made our first five years a raging success.”

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  • Given that you can buy two of these for $9.50 at any time of day, any time of year, this seems like a lousy deal masquerading as a good deal. Only useful for people who would never eat a large sandwich and can never find someone to split a large with.

  • Taylor Gourmet: We would love one of your stores in Petworth. Check it out!

  • The large 12 inch subs are always $9.90 while the regular 6 inch subs are usually $6.90, so by the inch these “specials” are the same price as a large sub is any time of day. I love Taylor, but their “specials” are always bad deals.

  • Agreed. I would prefer that for their 5 year anniversary, they reverted back to the quality of the sandwiches when they first opened and pre-expansion.

    • Totally agree. Their “subs” have become just plain nasty. Barely any ingredients inside, soggy, tasteless, and way over priced. They used to be a lunch stop for our whole office but we’ve all agreed to not eat there anymore.

  • In what world is a 6 inch sub ‘regular?’ I’m hungry dammit, I want the whole foot

  • When is DC going to get a Wawa so I can get a hoagie for $3 all day every day?

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