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  • It’s a Strida folding bike. Very cool design, and pretty high-tech, but unfortunately fairly annoying to ride. The frame is so flexy it feels like a wet noodle, and the tiny wheels are inefficient and don’t do well on crappy DC streets.

    • justinbc

      I’ve always wondered how those folding bikes worked out. This looks terribly uncomfortable to ride!

      • They’re very convenient as a short commute bike because you can take them on the Metro at any hour, including rush hour. They ride OK and are fast off the blocks because of the small wheel size. But you wouldn’t want to ride them for lengthy distances at all.

        • justinbc

          By chance have you ridden the Mini one?
          That’s the one I had considered getting, mainly for the reasons you indicated.

          • I haven’t but do realize that this bike, and usually anything from a major non-bike brand are just rebranded bikes so you’re paying a tad more for the Mini name. Seems Mini bikes have been rebranded Dahon or Tern bikes, which are decent commuter bike brands.

            I’ve given some thought to a folding bike but I currently can’t bike/metro commute to work (office is up in MD) so I don’t have an immediate need.

          • justinbc

            Good to know. I really don’t know anything about specific bike brands, I do all my biking on CaBi. I thought this collapsible ones would be good for the summer time when the inventory of CaBi bikes seems to diminish. (and my commute is relatively short)

  • That mini definitely looks like a dahon. I’d get an actual dahon or tern, you’ll probably get a better bang for your buck. Daily Rider on H sells dahons and terns I believe. If you want to go all in, go for the brompton. They’re pricey but they deliver. With all three of those brands, you’re getting a solid bike. I have every kind of bike and I’d say for my daily riding I use my Brompton 75% of the time and that’s with a round trip 12 mile commute. They handle very much like normal sized bikes. Some of the terns even have about the same gearing and weight as full on road bikes. The thing is you have to accept it for what it is, and if you do you’ll be satisfied. I go with the brompton just because it gives the best portable experience, it folds into itself and becomes the size of a large backpack.

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