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  • $4995 and that doesn’t include the $150 charger…gulp!

  • I saw this on the road this morning! I would definitely consider it as a way to get in my workout on my commute, but that price tag (and parking – how do you keep if from getting stolen?) shut me up really quickly. Plus – no option for doors?

  • That sucker was fast too – it accelerates really quickly, being electric. I was intrigued until I saw the price.

  • Lot more traditional electric bikes out there at a much lower cost. You are essentially buying a car at that price… without any of the benefits other than being environmentally friendly.

  • At that price, buy yourself a nice Vespa.

  • This photo deserves a caption contest.

  • I wonder if the maker of this bike knows that ELF is also the name of a terrorist organization.

    • It is also the “race” of Santa’s helpers. So should we boycott Will Farrell because he made a movie named after a terrorist group?…

  • Can hardly wait to be run over in the bike lane by this. God Americans are lazy.

  • Saw these guys down in Ashville, NC last year. The model I saw had a pretty standard hub motor setup. Looked like a golden motor or maybe a type bafang motor. That price tag is about what you would pay for a good majority of ebikes out there as well. The high cost comes partially from the lithium batteries. A good 48v lithium manganese battery can cost you at least $600-800 bucks depending on the “C” rating.

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