STK Steakhouse Now Hiring – “modern steakhouse and a chic lounge”

1250 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Back in January we noted little progress at STK Steakhouse coming to the former Casa Nonna space in south Dupont Circle. Thanks to a reader for sending word that they’re now hiring for back of the house positions. In the craigslist ad they say:

“STK artfully blends two concepts into one — the modern steakhouse and a chic lounge. The restaurant’s signature DNA includes plaster cast horns, curvilinear black platform seats and a palette of black gloss and cream. A large central lounge is furnished with creamy leather banquettes and textured crocodile tiles, and is surrounded by an elevated dining room for more formal dining. Theatrical lights illuminate each table, while smoky mirrors allow patrons to catch a glimpse of the surroundings while a DJ creates an energetic vibe throughout the entire space.”

STK has also previously referred to itself as having a “female-friendly mindset”.

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  • “Horns”? ” Plaster cast horns”? Could someone please explain this? I checked the cl ad – but it seems to have been deleted.

  • So despite some people’s insistence that the public shaming on this blog has gone too far, we’re all in agreement that we can still openly mock this place right?

  • Welcome STK!! To the naysayers, considering they have restaurants in NY LA LV Miami Atlanta and London maybe they have a successful formula, at least in a sophisticated market.

    • Can you say “Reputation Defender?”

    • Having actually done events at STK:LA and STK:LV, I’m pretty sure that a good chunk of their business comes from being able to host things like media and corporate dinners. The food itself is fine, and I would certainly take it over Ruth’s Chris or one of the other chain steakhouses. That said, if it were my money rather than my client’s I’d be choosing Bourbon Steak.

  • Scientist here. Is there another meaning for the acronym DNA other than the biology one? Because restaurants don’t have DNA. Maybe they’re trying to sound all scientific-y?

  • Doesn’t every restaurant in this location fail? I LOVE steak but think I’m not the intended customer they’re looking for.

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