Sign for an Organic Market Coming Soon to former Z Mart space Returns to H Street

806 H Street, NE

Back in February of last year we first learned that the former Z Mart space located at 806 H St, NE would become a Chez Hareg Organic Market. They were originally supposed to open in April but there had been very little visible progress. At some point the coming soon sign had also disappeared. I’m happy to share some photos from a reader that show the market is still coming. Updates when they open.


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  • won’t this compete with whole foods?

    • sorta, kinda. Most people will go to the Whole Foods because of their larger selection and reliability. This store will gain the attraction of the H Street hipsters who don’t want to give a penny to corporate america.

    • Whole Foods isn’t coming in for another couple of years, no?

    • Whole Foods isn’t supposed to open until fall of 2016, so this has time to build a base. Plus if the Whole Foods is delayed any, it might be three years before H St sees a WF.

  • I believe a fall 2016 opening for Whole Foods is best case scenario. I think 2017 is more realistic.

    • Hey, don’t jinx it!

      I’m rooting for even earlier than Fall 2016!

    • I live on the same street as the new WF and it can’t come soon enough, but I think you’re correct. Murray’s isn’t even closed yet so I’m not sure how they could even deliver by that date?

  • I was beginning to wonder if this was still happening. Very happy to see it is!

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