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  • jburka

    Similar situation at the Reagan Building where 13th “ends” at Penn. The building staff have done a bang-up job of moving the snow off Daniel Patrick Moynihan Place and into giant snowbanks along Penn, which are melting into giant lakes at the curb cuts. Made stepping out for lunch a bit…aquatic.

  • Does nobody in the city have boots anymore? Where do you expect 10-12″ of snow to go?

    On another note, as I was driving around in the city this morning, people all over the place were dangerously walking in the middle of the street and hardly moved when I tried to drive by. I can see the sidewalks still have snow on them, but would you rather get hit by a car instead of getting the bottom of your pants wet? Maybe next time I’ll just drive up on the sidewalk since we’re apparently switching spots.

    • Honestly, I don’t see the point of having shoes I’ll only need once every three years (my rain boots work ok in a pinch though).

      • We’ve already had two storms this year. Buy some friggin’ boots.
        The great thing about snow boots is that they will last you – literally – 10 years. They don’t need to be replaced too often and they are insanely warm and comfortable.

    • I’m not debating your point — but just want to note that when I dangerously walk in the street it’s usually because there’s ice on the sidewalk. After taking a few serious-ish tumbles, sometimes the street does seem to be the safer option. Obviously I’m not advocating this, since it creates a potential danger for drivers as well as pedestrians — just saying that walking in the street might be about more than just inconvenience. And the boots that I do own are fine for snow — but not so much for ice.

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