Scuttlebutt: Former Freshii Space next to E Street Cinema to become an &Pizza

1005 E Street, NW

Earlier in the week we learned that Freshii had closed next to E Street Cinema. A very good source tells me that &Pizza will be opening up another location here. Currently &Pizza is located on H Street and U Street. They’ll soon open up in Brookland. And, perhaps, in trying to dominate the entire the DC pizza market – Washington Business Journal also reports &Pizza has leased a space at 14th and K Street, NW.

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  • Oh no. I’m going to gain like 100 lbs.

  • They are going to make a killing at 14th and K.

  • I think its fair to admit- that this will soon become a national chain…It’s a great concept, and its actually pretty delicious. I wish i was had stock in this company. I’d be retiring young.

  • &pizza is good, but it is just pizza…nothing else :/

    • That’s like saying beer is good, but it’s just beer. Does anyone pay you for stating the obvious?

      H & Pizza is awesome, by the way. I especially like how they have diary-free options and multigrain dough.

      • I agree, i do like it but at the same time theres already two others in the city. There is ‘custom fuel’ on penn and 18th, which is essentially the same concept as &pizza. I feel like even more of the same concepts will come out. Kind of like the ‘burger craze’ and so many others…but we will see. and beer isnt just beer that is completely false.

  • I still haven’t tried it, even though I live near the original location and was excited when it first opened. The line is always so long!

  • I think I should open a pizza/burger/coffee joint (with free wifi!) and become a millionaire.

  • This is great. There is a serious shortage of quick/tasty food close to the E Street theater.

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