‘Red Light’ Coming Soon Signs Posted on former Bar di Bari Windows in Logan Circle

14th and R St, NW

A couple of weeks ago a reader reported overhearing some plans for Red Light – coming to Bar di Bari:

“a brothel-themed food space, with actual red lighting and faux-chic-come-amorous seating, including plush club chairs…it seems that the place will center around a lot of sweets, but perhaps not the morning baked goods (so maybe an evening only joint??).”

Coming soon:


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  • What a vile concept. If this guy wants to throw away money he can give it to me!

  • This is disgusting. A “brothel-themed” food space? How about call it what it is: a parody of the sex slave trade. Exploitation of a horrifying industry/situation for what? Hope they donate any profits to charity – though it’s questionable if they’ll have any; isn’t this a space that has been closed and re-opened at least three times in the past year?

    • No. This was previously a windowless part of the Verizon telephone exchange building. Not sure if this is an improvement.

  • Uhhhh…..no.

  • I predict this will last about as long as his donut shop on P St, which was around for all of about 2 weeks.

  • Can’t wait to see what idea they use for that space in six months when the business fails yet again. Just off the top of my head…if Shake Shack wanted to expand their DC footprint, that would be a great location.

  • Disgusting! From a cafe catering to the neighborhood crowd (however imperfectly) to yet another nightlife spot catering to the NoVa Thur-Sat night crowd. Where are the delis, the bagel shops, the bakeries, the cafes, the bodegas??

  • Make it stop!

  • This really has to be a joke. Why would anyone think this theme would bring in customers. Do they plan to provide room for the remaining hookers on 13th St? I’m sure they need someplace warm to hang out in the winter.

    • I’m hoping it’s a joke, like Look being billed as an Icelandic restaurant before it opened. But with a better outcome than that one. And for the next pre-opening joke, is it too much to ask that it actually be funny?

  • Obviously in poor taste if true. But all we have to go on is an anonymous poster, on a neighborhood blog, claiming he/she overheard a conversation. I’ll wait to reserve judgement.

  • Chill people. Just order a shot of penicillin and you’ll be fine.

  • That corner needs a sandwich shop or deli or burger joint. Enough stupid restaurants on 14th.

  • How lovely–sex trade themed restaurant across the street from an HIV-focused clinic

  • Waiter, I’ll take the breasts to go please.

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