Reader Reports Man Beaten at 9th and H St NW about 5 PM Yesterday


Another disturbing report from a reader:

“This was so disturbing and even more annoying that I couldn’t get 911 to pick up.

I witnessed 3 young guys corner a guy in broad daylight in the middle of the street 9th and H St NW about 5 PM and start beating him. Everyone started screaming cars were honking because they were literally blocking rush hour traffic. Tons of witnesses and people rushing to break it up. I called 911 and was on hold…Never got through but I think someone did. It ended and everyone just walked away including the guy that was getting beat up which was suspicious. By the time I reached Gallery Place 2 blocks later I saw cop cars arriving but I’m not sure what they could’ve done…”

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  • sounds like might have all known each other?

    • Yeah, I can’t imagine that someone would walk away before the police arrived if they’d just been jumped by strangers.

      • Don’t blame the victim

        • I’m not blaming the victim, I just said that from the little description given, it doesn’t sound like a random attack. I did NOT say that the guy deserved to be beaten , or anything along those lines.

          • This is a good point. The unfortunate reality we face is people will generally sleep easier at night knowing it wasn’t a random act of violence. Not condoning or victim blaming. But, I for one would like to see less random acts of violence perpetrated by urban youth on hardworking DC young professionals minding their own business and finding themselves vulnerable in the wrong place and time.

          • Yeah, it’s possible for it to not be random, and for the guy to still be a victim. Also, while I acknowledge that crime is a big issue in DC, I’m just not sure this one warrants the “everybody panic!” response that these posts usually generate.

      • Or the victim has priors/outstanding warrants and the cops are only going to make it worse for him.
        The only thing worse than getting beat up is getting hauled off to jail afterwards. I’d rather soothe my wounds on the couch with a beer and Netflix.

        • My cousin was the victim of a domestic violence situation and the police who responded treated her like shit. She said the things they said to her (too horrible to repeat) were the most traumatic part of the situation. When I was assaulted I remembered her experience and decided it was better to walk away than deal with the police.

          • the cops said things TOO HORRIBLE to repeat?? or do you mean your cousin was simply offended by their questions / comments??

          • More like scared and threatened by their comments. Trust me, anyone would be.

          • saf

            I called the cops for a neighbor who ran to my house when her husband beat her.

            One cop asked what she did to deserve it. One cop got her number and then harassed her for MONTHS.

  • Exactly what folks want to see from those $1000/sqft condos at CityCenter. No retail and street fights.

  • justinbc

    I’m surprised there’s no footage of this. Surely some security camera in the area captured it, if not a cellphone camera.

  • That’s weird. Was this Monday? Because at the same exact time, there were a lot of cop cars and fire trucks around the building at F and 11th responding to what looked like a massive fire alarm.

    • Really weird that there could have been unrelated emergency responders……responding to emergecies at the same exact time.

      • Why do so many people who comment on this website feel the need to be so incredibly rude? WHY?? It’s just ridiculous.

        • Thank you!

        • Come on, that was not rude. It was a ridiculous response to a ridiculous post. I don’t understand why people make comments like the one spring made. Is it really weird that there were two separate emergencies at different locations at the same time? No, of course it’s not weird, nor does it have anything to do with the subject of the post. But if you’re OK with that then you should be OK with the other.

          • houseintherear

            I maintain that the comment above, and *many* others here, are rude beyond what is reasonable. There are nicer ways to say things, peeps. Nicer ways. Be nice.

          • L, fair enough. How would you have *nicely* pointed out to spring that his/her post was ridiculous and irrelevant?

          • diploj

            The “nice” thing to do would have been to have not responded at all. And it would have been far less time consuming.

          • I don’t think it was ridiculous… 9th and H is almost within eyesight of a 11 and F. I was just asking to nail down the timing. Also, 911 may have been hard to reach because of it. There was also a lot of foot traffic (I was walking from that intersection to the metro entrance at 9 and G at exactly 5).

  • Exactly why crime was #1in your poll of what issues are the top priority of voters when choosing a mayor. I want to see a tough, proactive police force. I haven’t seen one candidate fully address this issue.

    • Ex-cons and people who are quite sympathetic to multiple offenders are a big constituency in DC

      • DC CapHill


        It’s a slippery slope as to who should, and should not be locked up in this community. From my 12 years here, the DC native population certainly have a different expectation than the DC Gentrification crowd does.

        You’re not likely to win elections here by being the “tough on crime” candidate, so I don’t see this changing any time soon. The most likely outcome is they just continue to juke stats, and employ criminals dressed as Cops.

        As to the “ridiculous and irrelevant” post, how will said poster know the comment was ridiculous and irrelevant unless someone points that out to them?

      • To be fair, the vast majority of DC ex-cons are non-violent offenders busted for drug use or possession. And then once they have that on their record, good luck having a normal life or getting a decent paying job. Public policy purposely eliminates their options for leading productive lives.
        I got away with a ton of stuff in college that would have put me in jail had I not been an upper-middle class white kid going to a private college in NYC.
        So yeah, I can understand why large segments of DC’s population are sympathetic to ex-cons. Most have been railroaded into a Kafkaesque system where justice and punishments are not evenly applied.

        • +1 . Thanks for being the voice of reason!

        • Another +1. Lock up people who commit violent assaults by all means. But many with records in this city are people with relatively minor drug convictions.

          It’s completely a double standard. If you are a mid to upper class kid at a residential college chances are your university “police force” administers drug violations. I went to a college here in DC and tons of my fellow students got caught with drugs–only one was ever turned over to MPD during my tenure and it was a kid who was distributing serious quantities of hard drugs.

          Meanwhile a 19 year old kid 10 blocks away who didn’t go to college ends up with felony charges for shit that got my classmates kicked out of the dorms.

          So yeah, many of us gentrifiers are a bit skeptical of the super-newcomers (yeah I’m creating a new sub-group here) who are all “TOUGH ON CRIME TOUGH ON CRIME SO MANY EX OFFENDERS HERE”, when we’ve lived in this city a while and know who so many of those ex-offenders are and how utterly f’ed they are when trying to build a life as an upstanding citizen with a felony record.

  • Once again the most salient and disturbing point in this post has been ignored by side arguments – that everyone involved “just walked away.” No matter who was involved or why, is it really so much to ask that people not be able to engage in gang fights in downtown DC without being arrested? Now there are three guys who figure, rightly it seems, that they can do anything and everything they want with impunity. It is the rotten core of what continues to be the problem with street crime in this city.

  • Unfortunately I”ve hrard from victims (Latino guys) that when they denounce crime committed on them, The police treat them as the criminals and question them and get their info, skipping complete ly the original issue,

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