Reader Reports 11th Street Closed between U and V St, NW Due to Fire Dept. Activity


[email protected] tweets us around 2:30pm:

“Fire crews on 11th street apartment block. 11th street NW closed from V St to U St.”

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  • Anonynon

    what is the story with that building in the picture? I always thought it seems so out of place for the area (looks wise) it feels like it should be out by vienna metro.

    • It was one of the very first developments in the “new” U Street corridor. I think it was built back in 2004. My friend bought a 1BR back when it first opened for a song. He now has a stupid amount of equity in his place and wishes he had bought a 2BR, LOL. He said that whenever he had girls over, he would have to walk them to U Street and put them in a cab because it really wasn’t too safe for women to be walking around. Lots of street walkers, homeless, and drug addicts all over the place.

    • I used to have the same feeling about it then learned a bit of its history. It was the first new condo building in that hood, which was at the time a crime war zone. There were few preserved nice old houses and a lot of empty burnt out lots so this was, at the time, a positive addition.
      I’d like to know more about it, especially pictures of what it replaced.

      • The more interesting story is that of the block of townhouses that were developed between V and W Streets and 13th and 12th Street. The entire block was an abandoned mental hospital that was taken over by the homeless and drug addicts. The MPD wouldn’t go in it.
        I think the townhouses were built around 2001 and were sold for ~$300K, which was A LOT back then. They now sell for $750-800K with 14 year-old fixtures, LOL.

  • anyone know what happened? A friend is out of the country and lives there.

  • Oh come on — It was not that bad at all. I bought at the end of 1999 a few blocks off of 13th and U prior to the building of the lincoln Condos and before Harrison Square was built. It was not a war zone. It may have been one in the 80’s through mid-90s. Also, the Harrison Square lot was not a mental hospital. It was the orignal Chidren’s Hospital before it moved to where it is now.

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