Rather Random Plaque


I’ve never seen anything like this before. I don’t know what the hell it is but after serious delibration – I’ve decided I like it. From Dupont.


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  • It’s a door of some kind. Guessing because of the hinge at the top and the strip across the bottom. Maybe off of an old boiler or furnace?

  • Coal chute?

    • My thought exactly. The plaque is too large and devoid of writing or design to be a commemorative plaque.
      It looks like this is the rear of a corner unit, so coal chute seems logical.

  • I bet it is a fire insurnace plaque. In the 19th Century, people paid a local fire company and then displayed, on a metal (non-flammable!) plaque, the logo of the company so if your house was aflame, they knew you had paid up. I saw a lot of them when living in Pennsylvania.

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