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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant – Its Monday
    Rave – I am gainfully employed and have so much to be grateful for.

  • Rave: Olympics (USA! USA! USA!)
    Rant: NBC coverage thereof
    Rave: Streaming live events
    Double Rave: Streaming BBC coverage of live events (they have no commercials and they say funny things)

    • I am so tired of Bob Costas.

    • RANT: NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. They paid $750 million for the rights to televise the Olympics, yet coverage didn’t start until 2:30pm on the weekends. They had 5 HOURS of cartoons on Saturday morning. WTF are you doing?!?!?!?!

      • But if you wanted to watch the figure skating you could see it live on NBC Sports or rebroadcast on NBC in the afternoon and in primetime

        • I don’t have cable, so I’m not watching NBC Sports. My point is that they have the ability to show the Olympics all day long on regular NBC and they don’t take advantage of it.
          Do kids’ cartoons and the Sunday morning political shows really generate higher ratings and ad revenue than the Olympics?!? I seriously doubt it.

          • They seem to be in denial about technology. If they can withhold all of the events until 1 broadcast everyone will be forced to watch in prime time and they will have huge ratings because there is no other way to see the results.

          • Maybe they don’t want to alienate their regular viewers by cancelling all their usual programs?

    • I hate how they always air the big events at the end of the night. I usually miss the figure skating because I have to get up early and can’t stay up until 11pm.

  • Rave: Olympics. i really enjoy seeing good sporting events i dont usually get to see often
    Rant: this cold…

  • Rave: Olympics are my rave too!
    Rant: though on weekends it’s annoying because prime time is everything I already saw in the morning.
    RAVE: I am beyond thrilled to have Johnny Weir and Tara Lapinksi commentating. It’s about time figure skating got a new generation of commentators and freshened up the boring, monotonousness of those people who so boring I’ve forgotten their names. And Johnny Weir is such a compassionate, well spoken sweetheart with a killer wardrobe.

  • Rant: Alley is a total mess behind my place (petworth) and no sweeping service is available until Spring. The other day I was sitting in my car about to go out and a trash collection specialist completely blocked my car with 2 cans, they hate their customers and it shows. No annual tips for them!

    Rant: Noticed a ton of new speed cameras on my tip to Wheaton MD. This is only getting worse… They’re also placed on roads without speed limit signs and on roads with massive potholes. I bet they go off for bicyclists too, the speed limits on the roads where they’re placed are way too low for reason to prevail.

    Rave: All hail 3 day weekends! I made one last week and I get one this week, my guilt can only be washed away by days at home with ice cream and movies.

    Rant: Match.Com, I paid 75$ for 3 months and it’s been pretty much useless. I think most people on there are old accounts that haven’t paid in months and they just keep old profiles up to make it look like people are still on it. I used POF, but that’s a bit scary the messages I get on there, would be good if I was actually into dating strippers.

    • Where did you see speed cameras on roads that don’t have speed limit signs? Also how are massive potholes relevant to the placement of speed cameras?

      • The guy feels entitled to road conditions and parking availability that existed back in 1998, when the city was much less congested/more stabby. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

      • Warder street for one. Also I saw the camera by 16th street (southbound just off of GA Avenue in silver spring had been moved) to a spot further up the road just after the curve before you can see any signs for the speed limits. Now I’m all for reducing traffic in the city, but there should be some rules about fair camera placement and transparency on where the proceeds from these tickets go.

        It also seems like interested parties troll forums like this to immediately question any opposition or commentary on cameras because it has become such a money making trick for local government. I think this whole process needs some federal oversight because the rules for speed cameras and fines are beginning to show corruption by how much fines (and vendor profits) vary in each state.

        • Well Warder Street is in DC where the speed limit is always 25 unless otherwise marked, so even if there are no speed limit signs (I don’t know if that’s true) you have no valid complaint (except perhaps your own ignorance.)
          I think “interested parties” question your kind of commentary because they don’t understand why you won’t just learn and follow the rules of the road like you said you would when you got your license.

          • Don’t blame me from your pompous pedestal for poorly placed street signs.

            If it was up to me I’d mandate that all traffic control cameras were painted yellow and would need to have speed limit notices directly next to or on them. I’d also make second and third camera offenses cost more money than the first. That is what would happen in a fair world that actually cared about safety.

            Your attitude does nothing more than show you’re against people owning cars. Your assumptions that my intent is to speed is totally off base. I follow the law. People frequently get tickets now even when they’re very good drivers, and more cameras will only increase punishment for good drivers at bad moments. Fairness should be a factor.

          • Jack, most of what you said is absurd. I own a car, and have for years. I’m a good driver and I haven’t gotten a ticket in ten years – that was from a speed camera and I was speeding though the limit was clearly marked. So I took a lesson from that since I didn’t appreciate having to pay a fine.
            I’m not blaming you for poorly placed signs, I’m blaming you if you don’t know that in DC the speed limit is 25 unless otherwise marked. The fact that you think I’m on a pedestal shows how out of whack your perspective is – you think I’m pompous because I’m saying people should know and follow traffic laws? It’s just not that hard.
            I simply don’t believe that a significant portion of people getting tickets from cameras are “good drivers having a bad moment”; I’d love to know what your basis is for that assertion. It’s statistically improbable. Chances are that they’re actually decent drivers who are habitually a little careless, impatient, or inattentive when driving.
            I am in total agreement when it comes to escalating fines for repeated offenses. In fact I’d be okay if they made the first one a warning.

          • Anon 12:10 is absolutely correct. Reflexively assuming that pro-speed camera = anti-car owning is ridiculous. I’ve owned a car for all but about 6 months of my 20 years in DC, and those 6 months were enough (for *me*, not knocking anyone else’s choices). But I’m also very much pro-speed (and pedestrian, and stop light) camera. As long as they’re properly calibrated, there’s no real public policy concern in my opinion. Privacy? You’re out in public and have no expectation of privacy. Just a revenue stream? Maybe, but so what? I’ve heard the same arguments over and over again and I’m convinced that the most vehement anti-speed camera folks are just habitual speeders who don’t like paying tickets.

        • You know how you can really get even with those evil local governments using speed cameras as money makers? DON”T SPEED. That’ll show ’em, when the revenue drops off because people actually stop speeding. And jesus, most of them give you a 5-9 mile an hour over the limit buffer before you get a ticket. How fricken fast do you have to go in the city?

          • Thank you. I’ve been wondering if I was the only persons who thought this way. Slow the !@#$ down til you’re under the speed limit. I hate all of these arguments about how speed cameras are nothing but money makers. If no one speeds, it won’t make ny money. Duh.

      • maybe because the revenue generated by users of the roads could be used to maintain those roads in return.

    • justinbc

      Just use OKC. It’s free, or $5 if you want the “premium” account, and the userbase is significantly higher in DC.

      • Agreed.
        Unfortunately, he’s probably too old for Tinder (don’t be the creepy old guy…)

        • Rant: In a relationship so I can’t use Tinder (it looks fun!).

          • You can go on as a person in a relationship. It’s pretty goofy – me and my GF rate people and laugh about dumb profiles/duckface photos/dudes posing with no shirts/etc. It’s grist for some good laughs.

          • Okay Anonymous, you’ve given me the green light!

          • justinbc

            Wait so what is this thing? Another hook-up app?

          • Justin – Tinder is basically just like Hot or Not from the early 00’s. You rate whether you “Like” or “Don’t Like” based mostly on their photos. There’s space for them to write a brief blurb, but there’s really no profile to read.
            If you both hit “Like” for one another, Tinder allows you to message each other. It’s a location-based app, so it will show you the other people who are nearby. It’s populated primarily by the 18 to late 20s set.
            I’m 32 and there’s no shortage of young women with Daddy Issues who want to chat with me, lol

        • I have a friend in his late 40s that used Tinder and swears by it. But, he seems to be meeting “age appropriate” women and not stalking the 20-somethings. And, he is a bit of a hunk, despite his advanced years, so that probably lowers the ick factor.

        • How dare you call me a “creepy old guy”

          I’m more like a creepy lower-middle-aged guy, thank you very much. 😛

          Never heard of Tinder, will check it out. I hate dating sites, tried OKC many times and only got matched with stereotypical pics once I put my race in. It doesn’t seem like there’s any sort of algorithm working on OKC or even on Match, they keep showing me people who are not based on my personal preferences. It’s all a scam. I kind of wish POP would organize a singles event, but I’m scared of meeting you all too. 😛

          • I’d be up for it. But as a 32 YO female…I think I’m too old for you!

          • justinbc

            OKC does have an algorithm, it’s stated pretty clearly. They base your match % off the questions you answer and how you weight them. If you don’t like the results you’re getting try answering more questions.

          • @justinbc Ain’t nobody got time fo that!

            If they had text-to-speech questions maybe, but I’m too busy to answer all those silly questions on there and it’s too hard to take most of the questions there seriously because how is someone who likes the same color a factor in who I’d like to date?…

          • You don’t have time to answer “all those silly questions”, and you don’t take them seriously…. yet you’re surprised and apparently disappointed with the responses that you get. Umm……..

            You kind of wish PoP would organize a “singles event”. Have you attended the PoP happy hours? I haven’t, but I’d bet that at least some of the people attending were/are single. Umm….

          • justinbc

            I have to agree with Anonymous @2:02 … like most things in life, you get out what you put in. I spent one free day on a weekend, answered a couple hundred questions that require a few seconds of though each, skipped the ones that were irrelevant to me, and wound up getting matches that were pretty damn accurate. I think you’re making it seem more difficult than it really is. Please tell me you don’t also send messages to women along the lines of “hey whats up”.

          • “Please tell me you don’t also send messages to women along the lines of “hey whats up”.”
            Nah, he ain’t got time for that. He usually writes “Sup?”. And then the ladies swoon.

          • OKC doesn’t base matched on photos, just answers to the questions. Which is nice because it’s good to see if you share similar values with people. (Nice to easily pick out and guys who were very religious/thought a “no” just needed convincing to turn into a “yes”/were just looking for casual sex/etc.) But if you’re just going off photos, Tinder would be better.

            Also, I’d often look at peoples’ answers to the questions on their profile – see one that seemed interesting and I wanted to know the answer to, so I’d answer it myself. It really wasn’t that hard and didn’t take much time. I used OKC for a bit over a year before meeting my now-boyfriend.

    • What exactly is the problem with strippers?

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Second weekend in a row that I’ve been sick as a dog with runny nose, cough, sneezing, and more.
    Rave: A weekend on the couch & I’m caught up on back issues of the New Yorker.

    • Ugh me too. I’ve had this weird cold that has lagged on for almost two weeks. I had a few days of sore throat, then a few days of sinus congestion, then a few days of runny nose, then a few days of coughing etc. It’s like I’m experiencing each cold symptom one at a time.

      • Yes! Exact same symptom progression. Must be some (horribly annoying) strain going around. A week and a half later I’m only just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel…

    • Me three. I’ve never experienced such violent sneezing before. On the plus side, I have a warm cat on my feet, just watched Skyfall, and the dog is barking less than usual. If I didn’t feel so lousy it would be a nice day.

      • binpetworth

        I hear ya on the violent sneezing! And the worst is feeling like you have to sneeze but cannot. I still don’t know whether my symptoms are allergy or cold related; at this point I don’t care so long as they go away soon!

  • Question for vegetarian/vegan pet owners: Do you feed your dogs and/or cats meat?

    • I hope no one is trying to feed their cat a vegetarian diet! Cats are strict carnivores– they can’t produce certain vitamins and amino acids on their own and must get them from meat.

    • Yes, because it’s what’s best for them. I know when I am lacking on protein or other nutrients, but I can take a vitamin. My dog can’t tell me she feels low on iron. And dogs react differently to foods (for example, onions and grapes are both terrible for them), so I don’t want to go playing with her diet with only a minimum amount of information. If I were a vet or had a lot more information on doggy nutrition, I might try it… but for now, I feel comfortable with ethically-farmed dog food, even if it has meat in it.

    • Of course.

    • As someone who knew a vegan cat owner who fed her cats vegan food, please don’t. Those cats looked horrible – way too thin and malnourished – and had the worst gas I’ve ever smelled. It can’t be good for them.

      • Ugh, humans are insufferable.

      • I think you COULD do it with a dog because they’re omnivores (but definitely check with a vet first, and do a lot of research to make sure their diet is complete). But it’s just not possible with cats.

      • Cats have the smallest intestine tract, compared to the overall size, of almost any mammal. No wonder they had gas from eating vegan food (which requires a larger digestive system to break down).

      • Assuming this person was vegan out of concern for animals, this shows that they didn’t even understand what that means.

    • I’ve been giving my dog V-Dog (http://v-dog.com/) vegan food for the last 18 months or so. She loves it and she’s healthy as can be. I’m not saying that it’s the best option for every dog, but that it’s possible to have a happy, healthy dog on a vegan diet.

    • I think it is wrong. Wow. Don’t have a cat, please.

    • I think feeding a non-meat based diet it is wrong. Wow. Don’t have a cat, please.

    • Dogs and cats are carnivores. Anyone who thinks feeding them vegan food is healthy is kidding themselves. I knew someone who refused to feed his dog a species-appropriate diet due to his personal ethics and the poor thing had a dull, flaky coat, was too thin and smelled really bad.
      Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting you go out and buy whatever crap “meat-based” food there is for dogs or cats. There are plenty of really really bad ones. Depending on the size of your dog or cat, Honest Kitchen is a great option- they use human grade foods and it is responsibly sourced. If you have a big dog like me, it’s not wallet friendly to feed just Honest Kitchen, so I mix it with a premium grain-free kibble.
      Another suggestion: check out the website Dog Food Advisor. It offers very comprehensive reviews of pretty much every food on the market. Not sure if there is something similar for cats.

    • My understanding is that dogs ~can~ go vegetarian; cats, however, must have meat in their diets (i.e., they’re “obligate carnivores”). I don’t think a vegetarian diet is generally advisable for either, though.

    • houseintherear

      To answer your question (has anyone actually answered it yet?)… I am vegetarian and feed both my dog and cat meat-based food. The cat needs it for nutrition, and the dog can’t have grains because he’s a pain in my ass (and skin issues).

  • Anonynon

    Rant: A lot of Columbia Heights haters (my neighborhood) from a post this morning. I get that everyones perception is what is going on right around metro, I try to avoid that area…but there is a lot going on else where even other than 11th street. Theres a lot of devlopment creeping up around 14th and florida, the brand new YMCA ect. I mean i love my ‘hood and i dont think there is a better value in the city.

    Rave: Meeting someone from popville tonight for a drink/working from home tomorrow…cheers!

    • I’m glad they all hate it so much. The fewer people trying to squeeze into our bars and restaurants the better. I bet they all love the 45+ minute waits at their trendy 14th street places.

    • I’m no traffic guru, but the intersections at 14th and Irving and 14th and Kenyon need some serious help.

  • justinbc

    Rant: This || close to walking away from this investment purchase. The sellers simply cannot get their $#!& together with regards to documentation of leases, repairs, etc, and this is the 3rd time we’ve had to postpone settlement because of it. At this point I’m thinking we might as well just spend the extra down payment money on our place.
    Rant/Rave: Noticed some water spots on the ceiling on our first floor, likely from a busted pipe upstairs in the guest bathroom due to all this freezing weather. We had planned on remodeling both bathrooms anyway, so this seems like the perfect jumping board for that. Looking at new spa type inspiration photos is at least fun.
    Rave: Another win for UNC basketball over the weekend, giving us a 5 game win streak heading into this week’s game against Duke. It’s been a rough season, but at least this game will be in Chapel Hill, hopefully giving us a better shot at some redemption for the year.

    • Pinterest is amazing for remodeling inspiration (if you’re not already checking there).

      • justinbc

        I do like Pinterest, but my favorite is Houzz (mainly because there are so many good filters). The prices are always way off though on their estimates, because DC labor is so $$$$.

    • Another UNC fan? *Tips hat* Greetings!

      • justinbc

        Yep, I did my grad school work there. Unfortunately the alumni group here always does the game watches in some of my absolute least favorite possible bars. /rant

    • Awesome to hear things are going well! We had a similar issue when we bought our house. I think there are sometimes people who are not used to multi-tasking and working on complex projects, and when forced to do such, they struggle mightily. We put our planning off for a bit due to my wife’s father passing, but are working on the business plan now, and hoping to start making meaningful progress by the end of the month.

      Still would love to buy you a beer or coffee and pick your brain a bit. I will reach out via Twitter shortly.

  • Rave: Made decision to see a new therapist/psychiatrist about recurring depression and anxiety. I was hedging for a couple of months thinking I could fight it on my own until a few weeks ago when I realized that I really need some help. Began to feel better even while looking up the address and downloading the referral form online. Hope this works better than the last one which was not compatible to my needs at all.
    Rant: Someone in the office has burned popcorn in the microwave. Again. At 10 am in the morning. I’ll be smelling this all day.

    • Re Rave: Congratulations. 🙂 It’s really hard to get help, and it’s hard work, and I’m glad even just looking has made you feel a teence better.

    • Well done! Seeking out help is a major (positive) step, and not always an easy one. Extra congrats to you for giving it another try after a less-than-great previous experience. I need to take the plunge myself; you have given me a boost of inspiration.

      Burnt popcorn, ugh. One of the worst smells. 🙁

  • Rave – this is a perfect Monday photo; I don’t know why.
    Rant – just Monday in general; hard to sleep after watching people hurling themselves down mountains at high speeds wearing very little protective gear.

  • Rant: I was tired of all the olympic hype even before the games began. Not watching at all.

    Rave: I don’t have to watch the olympics!

    Rant: Went to see a movie last night and there were seven trailers before it started! That’s way too many.

    Rave: Saw Gravity in 3D IMAX. Mediocre plot, but the visuals were amazing.

    • My buddy said he paid $17 for a IMAX Gravity tic! I may be old school (or just old), but that seems like a lot.

      • I paid $19 and it was worth it. I don’t see movies in the theater very often, so it’s not like I’m spending that much on movies once a week or more.

    • +1 regarding the olympics – I was beginning to think I was the only one who didn’t care. I’ll watch if I happen to not be doing anything else at the time, but I’m not going out of my way for it. Same applies for the superbowl and christmas.

      • I find the Olympics really boring (I feel that way about all sports or anything competitive though).

      • I would find the Olympics a LOT more interesting if the commentators would tell me something about the sport (how does the scoring work, what are strategies, what are the judges taking off points for) other than what I can see on the times listed at the bottom of the screen. Even with the popular sports, but especially for the new or obscure ones that never are on TV, they should pander a little more to the novice viewer. If I don’t know what to watch for, I’m not going to watch at all.

        • I feel like Johnny Weir has been good with that for figure skating – I know nothing about it, but he’s been talking about people getting points deducted for under rotations, etc. or what people have done well. So that’s been interesting!

  • Rave: I spent all of Sunday on the couch, watching the Olympics. Bliss.
    Rave: Successful “not-birthday” dinner for my partner on Saturday night.
    Rant: I don’t know if I have it in me to survive the rest of the winter. I’m sick of the cold.

  • Rave – Escaping cold DC for sunny Florida on Thursday
    Rant – Potential snow storm will probably mess up my travel plans
    Rant/rave – I love that I have access to great local weather info via Capital Weather Gang, but constantly checking their blog and reading their tweets is already making me super stressed about this upcoming storm and potential travel disruptions. On the plus side I’m learning so much about meteorological modeling!

    • I hope the storm does not disrupt your travel plans, but I am a weather junkie and have been following this potential storm via the various models for a week now. So your rant is my rave:

      Hoping the models stay the course and we see 6+ inches of snow Wednesday into Thursday!

      • Are 6+ inches even a possibility? I am so excited just thinking about this!

        • Is that what they’re calling for now? I’ve honestly got “snow storm tracking fatigue” at this point. Seems that they always talk and predict and track and over-predict, etc., and we never get the big bertha snow storm that I’m hoping for. I now operate under the “maybe I’ll wake up snowed in and surprised” mantra. In a perfect world, we get 6 inches AFTER you successfully make it out of town.

  • Rave – found out this weekend that I’m pregnant!
    Rant – have avoided the cold/flu until this weekend and now i’m sick and can’t really take anything to make me feel better.

  • Rant: I tried to hang my wallpaper this weekend. As an avid DIYer I thought it would be hard, but manageable. It’s not. Now I need to call someone in and order another roll. This project just went from kinda pricey to straight up expensive.
    Does anyone know any wallpaper hangers? I tried Merrifield Paint and Design, but even though they list wallpaper installation on their website, they don’t have anyone right now.

    • Ugh. I have been thinking of trying to do just an accent wall with paper. This definitely discourages me. It seems like it would be really tricky. I don’t know how people used to do their whole house!!

    • What was hard about it? Lining up the pattern? Getting the top to look straight? I did a small room years ago, and the top was my only problem– the key was to ignore the wall/ceiling joint, as it was uneven (old house) and threw the pattern off. Just picked a straight line as close to the top of the wall as possible, and used that.

      • Yes, getting it straight was hard. It’s also a pretty heavy paper and the more I tried to get it to match my plumb line the more I overworked that side of the paper and wore off all the paste there. I eventually got it down, but I couldn’t keep it against the plumb line the whole way down without getting some creases in the paper. So rather than wreck it I decided to worry less about the level. And the edge I was trying to match against the plum line isn’t completely down because it lost so much paste.

        • gotryit

          Maybe it would work better with an extra pair of hands? Sometimes these things need to be done slow / steady in order to come out right, which can be a lot more difficult with heavy / awkward / not the right angle.

          • It’s definitely a two-person job– or more. Two to place the paper, one to prep the next piece would be nice.
            My parents used to joke that hanging wallpaper should be a pre-req for marriage. If you can get through that together, you can get through anything. 🙂

          • That’s a good point. I’m rarely one to call in the professionals, especially for an aesthetic project at home, but I think I’m going to give in this time. I’m tired of painting and I’m not done with that, so having the wallpaper hung by someone else will be my little luxury.
            Though I will say, I’m happy to see it up even if it’s one not quite level piece. The pattern and colors look great and it looks awesome next to the new living room color.

          • gotryit

            By “extra pair of hands”, I was thinking a home improvement buddy who works for beer / pizza. Like someone you helped move / fix something in the same way.

        • justinbc

          I’ve probably painted dozens of rooms over the years, but avoided wallpaper for all those reasons. Good luck!

  • Rant/rave: Both houses next door to me are getting leveled/gutted.
    Rant/rave: I won’t have to use an alarm clock for the next few months?
    Rant: One house was a cool old SFH and is being essentially leveled and turned into an apartment building. When they started construction, I had been really looking forward to seeing the house restored.

    • binpetworth

      Just out of curiosity, do you live on 13th? There’s a beautiful green SFH with stained glass windows there that’s being divvied up into separate units and it just makes me so sad!

  • rant: so many potholes from the crazy weather we’ve been having! my morning commute is like the downhill slalom.
    rave: great weekends catching up with friends who i haven’t seen in months!

    • Same rant! I hardly ever drive, but had a few driving errands to do this weekend, and the potholes were out of control. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an increase in fender benders as people swerve to try to avoid the holes.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rave: Grammy tribute to the Beatles. 2 1/2 hours of Beatles bliss. Yoko dancing in the aisle to Ringo’s “Boys”. And ending the evening with —- “Hey Jude” . Perfect.

    • You lost me at “Yoko.” Glad I didn’t watch it.

    • houseintherear

      Yes! I really enjoyed the whole thing (except Katy Perry… not a fan). I was text-watching with a friend and said, “Yoko is weirdo dancing in the aisles!” and she replied, “She must have been programmed wrong today.” lol

      • I still hate her for breaking up the Beatles.

        • Yoko didn’t break up the Beatles. The Beatles broke up the Beatles.

        • I hate her for ruining half of John Lennon’s solo recordings with her “singing.”

        • I don’t know the history of this — but recently listened to an interview with George Harrison — when he discussed the needs of the band members to go in different directions, including a backlog of songs that he had written that didn’t make the Beatles albums. So, maybe you’re wasting your hate. But then I genuinely like a lot of George Harrison’s solo work.

      • Yoko is an amazing performance artist, way before her time. Her work is just not mainstream enough to meld well with the Beatles. So, blame John for picking an artistic mate who is not mainstream enough for his band, and encouraging/not discouraging her participation.

  • Rant: the third of three hired nannies didn’t work out. First wanted more money than her contract was written for, second was illegal, and third backed out the Friday before she was supposed to start.

    Anyone need a nanny share in Logan circle/shaw?

    Rave: got a job offer
    Rant: it’s less than I earn now. However, I am negotiating benefits.
    Rant: can’t work without childcare

    • Is there a parents listserve for your neighborhood? The CH one averages 3-5 nanny share posts a week. Also check out DCUM. That’s where we found the nanny share that we stayed with for 3 years.
      But yeah, it’s a brutal process, finding the right match. We had one that simply didn’t show up after the first week, and another that we never got comfortable with and didn’t retain after the two week trial period. It was an awful month. And then we found an angel from heaven with whom we’re still close, years later. 🙂

  • Rave: Second interview, already!
    Rant: My little squirrel heart is pounding already. I’m going to go hide under my desk now and figure out how to become as suave as George Clooney in less than 24 hours.

    • Try planning what you’re going to wear. Having “confident” clothes and accessories could well make your little squirrel heart stop pounding, as you plan for “suave”. Good luck on your interview! Since it’s a second interview, that means that you’ve already impressed!

  • Rant: 3 IUI’s and 1 IVF fail. Trying not to lose hope….

    • jim_ed

      If it’s any consolation, we finally got lucky on IVF #2. I know its terribly cliche, but just try to stay positive.

    • I’m so sorry – it’s so hard to go through and so few people understand. But like Jim_ed said, I also know loads of people who went through it two or three (even 4) times. First try is VERY rare for IVF. Keep trying if you can. Good luck and hugs.

    • houseintherear

      I’m sorry for your troubles.
      fyi, being an adopted kid is pretty great, and my parents say being an adoptive parent is pretty great, too. Please consider it.

  • Steakhouse Smoothie today—Ground beef, beef broth, spinach, blue cheese all twirled in the blender!

  • Rant: CBS’s coverage of the Pebble Beach golf tournament. With less than 30 minutes until the end last night, they pull the “for those of you on the East Coast, we’ll be transferring coverage over to the Golf Channel and you can watch the completion of the tournament there.” Unless you don’t have cable. Then you get to sit there watching a tournament for 3 hours, and just as it’s about to come to the end, CBS cuts off coverage and I don’t see the end.

  • Rant: Neighborhood Parking Signs: 2 hour parking on right side of street; left side of street: Resident Parking Only. As residents, we now have to deal with our neighborhood now being full of bars and the newly restored Howard Theater. Especially on weekends, we have to do our errands early in the morning/afternoon so we can get back and park before the visitors come in and take our spaces. Parking signs mean nothing. Most evening there is no parking enforcement monitoring,and DC police don’t handle complaints. Gotten several tickets because I’ve missed getting home by 5:p.m. and have had to park on stop signs because there are not spaces available in a 4 block radius. Yet our bar visitors can spend hours drinking, leave the bars stumbling…come right to their cars and get in them and drive away putting innocent people in danger. In the meantime DPW – what’s the purpose of your signs? It must be just to decorate the neighborhoods!!!

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