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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • This is for all the upstairs neighbors out there. Sometimes I wonder how big my neighbor’s heals actually are. One would think that it would be common courtesy to make as little stomping as possible if you wake up at 5:30am. Sometimes we forget, but our downstairs neighbors can hear all our heavy feet, slamming doors, and suitcase drops to the floor. Please remember your downstairs neighbors.

    • I had the same issue in my old Mt. P basement. The upstairs family had 2 kids, and once they learned how to walk it sounded like hooved animals were running back and forth all day long. It’s absolutely crazy how much noise a 20lb child can make when running. And not to mention bouncing basketballs on the floor. It all came to a head when they got a Wii and starting playing jumping games. I called and asked if they were doing construction, because it sounded like a sledgehammer was going to come through the floor at any moment!!! After 3 years it became my whitenoise.

      • In my experience, the neurotic (pacing and barking all night long) dog was way worse than the kid. We rejoiced when they moved out to the suburbs.

    • This is a first world problem that can drive you insane. My first city experience here was as a first floor resident, not knowing what it was like. By the time I moved I was about ready to snap, 10 people have lived above me in the condo in 2.5 years, all college students. They were of the mind “we pay more to live above you so we don’t have to think about you”. They also said they never complained about the noise from the unit above them……… understandable as it was a single guy that traveled for work and was only home on the weekends. When I bought my place the number one factor was being on a top floor, I will never go through that again with the noise and stress level. oddly though I am very sensitive to my downstairs neighbors who say they never know when I am home. May be it is less how much you pay, but how much you are worth.

      • Not always a first world problem. I’ve lived in developing countries where neigbors kept indoor chickens. I’ve gotta say, I think that beats jumping kids and dogs ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Developing countries tend to have solid concrete floors in their buildings. Much cheaper and quicker to construct. I loved living in my building in Beijing – I heard NOTHING. Everything was made of concrete, lol

    • justinbc

      When I was in grad school the building I lived in was an old converted saw mill, billed as a “luxury” conversion. So it had all the original hardwoods, and kept the 14 foot ceilings from the old factory. So you can imagine how much a woman walking on heels resonated to my unit below. I think the worst day of that experience was Easter, when the child pretended to hop like a bunny for the entire morning. Ugh. I went upstairs and left a note asking them to be more quiet, and I was subsequently given a stern warning from building management not to “threaten” other tenants.

    • In defense of the stompers, some people just have a heavier gait. My husband and I live in a rowhouse and sometimes I feel like he is going to walk through the floor when I’m downstairs and he’s up. He’s just a loud walker. I think a lot of people are not aware that their steps are heavy and then don’t understand what people are complaining about. Luckily, all of our bedrooms are upstairs, so I just don’t worry about the sound…

    • I always tell my visiting relatives/friends to walk “toe heel” “toe heel”. It’s something they’ve never thought of before. You have to practice the concept to make it a habit in condo/apartment living.

    • SO true. i lived in a basement unit in Eckington for three months and wanted to kill myself towards the end because the upstairs unit was a family with a toddler. i don’t know what he did but it sounded like he was bowling for at least three hours a day. and he would bang on pots and pans like a drum set. which i thought was terrible, until THEY BOUGHT HIM A DRUMSET. i honestly laughed when i heard it. it was surreal. thankfully now i have thoughtful neighbors.

    • I’m lucky… I live in a newer building with really thick floors, but it’s not impervious to sound. But our upstairs neighbor had the courtesy to come down, introduce herself and let us know that she’d be starting some Insanity workout routine after work in her apartment. Now that we know what she’s doing, and we do hear it through the floor, I just think “oh, she’s doing her workout now… go get it, girl!” Having that heads up I think makes a world of difference.

      • Absolutely agree about the heads up making a difference. The girl who lived above us 2 yrs ago slipped a note under our door to introduce herself and said she was a virtual music teacher and to please let her know our work schedules so her skype lessons wouldn’t bother us. We were never bothered by the loud vibrations if we worked from home because she was so polite and we knew exactly what was happening.

      • That’s nice of both of you. I didn’t know that someone was moving into the unit below mine (new building, filling in slowly but surely) and I was doing my insanity like workout- T25- and not even 2 minutes in the cousin of the woman moving in below me came up to tell me that as of that day the new neighbor was in. It was fine, but it felt a little like she was informing me that this is not okay even though it’s not her house, no compromise or anything.
        I finished that day’s workout and I ran into the new neighbor a few days later and it turns out she wasn’t moving in for another week. She’s very nice, so now when I work from home on Fridays I knock first to see if she’s home around lunch and if she’s not I do the workout. I hadn’t considered informing her and continuing, I wonder if she’d be okay with that. It’s nice to hear that it does work and everyone is nice about it.

      • So true. I once had an upstairs neighbor who made the weirdest sounds, every day from 5-6 am and 9-10 pm. Could NOT figure it out, it drove me batty. Then I learned she had a cat, that was when the cat was mot active and she was playing with it. Just KNWOing what created the sound made it almost go away.

    • I’ve used a broom on my ceiling to help them get the picture. It helps for about a week and then the elephant high heeled toddler with a ball and chain around its ankles comes back… and then I bang the broom again.

    • On the one hand, I have carpet. And I hate it. But I live in a building that mandates carpet of some type over a certain percentage of the apartment’s space. And, I understand why. On the other hand, when GDoN pics have wall-to-wall, many people view this with horror. I would love to have hardwood floors — even as I would love for all of my immediate neighbors to have wall to wall carpet with ample padding. It’s a communal living quandary.

    • THANK.YOU.

      I live in an english basement. I love my landlord but DEAR LORD he is a stomper!!!

  • Rave: I went for a muddy, but sunny hike at Great Falls on Sunday. Awesome hike, good talk with a dear friend, great rapids in the river due to the melting snow run-off.
    Rave: I slept so deeply thanks to tired muscles.
    Rave: I’m feeling inspired in the kitchen for the first time in weeks. I want to try my hand at baking bread this weekend.
    Rave: My friend’s firstborn came into the world this weekend.
    Rant: I have none. Life feels pretty good today.

  • Rave: We got to taste us some spring this weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rant: Old man winter is reluctant to go away. ๐Ÿ™

  • Rant: Friends on a bike tour in New Zealand keep posting glorious photos!
    Rave: Friend’s bike tour company (Greatbiketours.com) that he started from nothing is doing well!

    And second the rave about weekend hikes – I spent most of Sat. at Carderock. The river is really wild right now!

  • Rave: Beautiful weekend weather! I spent my weekend wandering around the city and sitting outside in various parks to read in the sun. I should have done more productive things, but oh well.
    Rant: Pants shopping. I just really hate pants.

  • gotryit

    rant / rave: joined costco… and glad I have a minivan

    • I love Costco! My Costco rave is when I can go there and spend less than $100 (which I did last night.)

    • I always see a Car to Go at Costco. And the logistics of it all make me giggle.

      • justinbc

        I know some people who go just for the booze ๐Ÿ™‚

        • They sell wine from local VA vineyards like Breaux. And it’s cheaper than at the vineyard!!!

        • gotryit

          I was a little surprised at the amount of booze sold there, but I guess it makes sense with the big markup on it everywhere else. I did see a nice sized case of dogfish head 60 minute IPA that looked tempting. If they had the 90 minute, I’d be sold! (Yes, I like to be punched in the face by hops)

          • I believe CostCo also has a Dogfish mixed case. Great deals on booze there – I love their specials on scotch. Stupid cheap.

          • Just bought the 60-minute case there yesterday.

            I agree, they sell a LOT of liquor. Glad to see the sales happening in DC as opposed to Maryland! Agree, the prices are very good on these things, and crush the local dumpy liquor/beer stores.

            60-minute will normally cost $10.99 for a sixer, and a case is $33.99. Steal.

          • I’ve been thinking about joining Costco and this is making me think it’s a good idea.

  • Rave: Guy I dated is back from a deployment in Afghanistan early.
    Rant: Who knows if/when he’ll be back in DC.
    Rant/Rave: That nervous feeling about a guy…I haven’t had that in awhile.
    Rant: This one will probably not work out.
    Rave: I’m better at accepting that information that I would’ve been…even a year ago.
    Rave: Really just thrilled he’s home safe and sound.

    • justinbc

      Why would you think it’s not going to work out? And why continue in a relationship if you feel that way about it?

      • We aren’t dating, we dated, we’re not together now. When we met he was at the Pentagon. I think his next assignment is Kansas City. There just wasn’t a strong enough history to pursue something long distance. I just heard from him that he got back today after being gone since May.

  • Rave: Second trip to Roofers Union was great. I was somewhat pessimistic thinking that this place would be overly pretentious but I’ve found the price to be about right and the food has been delicious on both occasions.

    • I live around the corner and was excited when it was announce. Went sat night and while it was ok the sausage was whole food grade (which is ok) but the price was way off. I paid much less for more at Fenway Park! The sausage was small and $11…..but then again th beer was also $11….$35 spent and left hungry.

  • Rave: Great brunch at Tabard Inn. I don’t ususally use the phrase ‘life changing’ when talking about eggs, but I will in this case. I’m still thinking about eggs benedict!
    Rant: I miss the city. I love our house and all of the space that we have in Alexandria, but I miss the crap out of DC!!!

  • Rant: Didn’t get the fed job at home that I really wanted, delaying my return even more. That I didn’t even get called to interview for a position I was more than qualified for stung even more, really.
    Rant: There are only two places in DC that make real paczki and I can’t get to either of them before they close this Thursday or next Tuesday. I’ll have to settle for the manufactured ones from Giant
    Revel: Doing my damnedest to eat better. After two years of grad school and living alone, I’ve been terrible about preparing complete, nutritious meals. Time to get back on the right track.

  • Rant: Republic in Takoma Park. Wow, not good. The bloody mary was gross; I was picking dried pepper flakes out of my teeth, and it was so salty I had to chase every sip with water. Any actual pork or sage in the “house made sage sausage” was completely obscured by cloying sweet and overdone spice. And the scrambled eggs were somehow runny and grainy at the same time. Plus, snotty waitress. All around a lousy meal for the money.

    • I went there this weekend for the first time and thought it was tasty enough.

      I thought the weirdest part was the dรฉcor….it just didn’t make much sense to me. Wrought iron, beads, plush red velvet, French-inspired light wallpaper, and johnny cash in the bathroom? Not sure it worked.

  • Rave: Listening to Gregory Porter http://www.gregoryporter.com/

  • Rave: Got more biking in this past weekend on both days to make up for the short trips I’ve had to take over the winter. My hips seriously hurt but feels oh so good.
    Rant: Winter is Coming (again).

  • Rant: My dumb phone won’t work in Portugal (at least that’s what the guy at the verizon store told me) so I’m going to have to buy a burner phone when I get there. It will feel strange to travel without a phone. Guess I’ll actually have to wear a watch to know what time it is.

    Rave: Going to Portugal in two weeks so I really can’t complain about the phone.

    • Just try using it in places with free wifi – your hotel. The non-phone functions (clock, camera ) will still work.

    • Is it an actual dumbphone (i.e., not a smartphone), or were you just using “dumb” in frustration to disparage it?
      Either way, if it’s Verizon I think it’ll be using CDMA technology rather than GSM, which is what T-Mobile, AT&T, and most of the rest of the world uses. So even if it’s a smartphone and you can use the wi-fi, you’ll need a cheap GSM phone and SIM card if you want to make calls.
      And what Anonymous 11:34 said about the clock, etc. — as long as your phone has power (and the charger is 240V-compatible), you can still use it to check the time, etc.

      • It’s not a smart phone. It’s an ancient Samsung flip phone, which I use for making and receiving phone calls.

          • Yes, people will choose romantic partners based on technology. For example,
            (internal conversation at a bar) “hmmm… That guy has an old flip phone. I am constantly status checking Facebook, email, twitter, and playing angry birds. It probably won’t work out. But, I’ll bang him anyway.”

        • My phone is a dumbphone too. I’m just not used to hearing other people refer to theirs that way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • It’s actually called a “will never get laid” phone

          • Because people make decisions about sexual liaisons based on the kind of phone someone carries?
            “I really like him. He was polite to the waiter, he’s very handsome, we participate in the same pop culture fandom… Wait, WHAT?? Is that a FLIP PHONE?? Never mind. Ugh.”
            Or better yet! “This guy is a tool. Self-centered, not very bright, and I think that musty smell is actually coming from his body. Ew. Wait, WAIT?? Is that an IPHONE?? Hubba hubba!”

          • Defensive much, wdc?
            It was a joke.

          • Oh. I guess I don’t get it. Can someone please explain?

          • OP here, I’ve been in a relationship for close to three years. In fact, my gf and I will be celebrating our three year anniversary in Portugal.

    • As anonymous said all the non-phone stuff will still work and you can connect to wi-fi where it is available. I traveled in Europe for two weeks without a phone and it was great.

    • I went to Europe for two weeks without a phone and it was wonderful. Being completely unplugged was almost the best part of the trip. From another Samsung flip phone user.

  • OMG this is my rant and has been for months. We are finally just going to move.

  • Rave: Out at Great Falls for a beautiful weekend hike. Stunning amount of water coming over the falls.
    Rant: NPS and the way they have the park entrance set up. >1mile line up to get in, through a single entry point. Passholders wait in line like everyone else. What a hot mess.

    • That’s why if I do Billy Goat these days, It’s 9 am or earlier. Any time after that, it gets packed.

      • Do you know that you can access the Billy Goat trail – both sections A & B – from the parking lots near Old Angler’s Inn with no line to get in the park. You just hike it “backwards.”

        • Yup, always see how chaotic the parking lots are there as well in the morning when I drive past. I buy the annual pass every year so I just show up early and get it down and move out when it becomes packed.

  • Uh….that rant concur was to Downstairs Neighbor…reply function failure (probably operator error!).

    Rant: My f’ing ogre and clydesdale neighbors. They take the baby up all the time and yes, we are very aware babies make noise. However, we try VERY hard to keep our noise down and keep his crying to as as little as possible (our neighbor didn’t even know we had a baby). Our condo board and management just ignore our requests for help in how to deal with this (he has told them he never wears his shoes and has gotten area rugs, which is a huuuuuge lie or his feel are made of shoe soles).

    So we are just gong to move. We own, but we’ll figure it out. Investing this much energy into sleep training only to have it thrwarted by a ridiculously ignorant neighbor isn’t worth dealing with anymore. And yes we have a white noise machine.

    Rave: weekend weather. Yeah I officially am over winter.

    • Check your condo docs. Ours require something like 80% of floor space to be carpeted, so you can ask the board to investigate and make them comply.

      • Tried it. We don’t have that provision because “some people have allergies that are made worse by carpeting”. Yeah, seriously.

        • Ugh, people are the worst and will trot out the “allergy” excuse any chance they can.

          • The policy should be carpeting and if you have a reason for no area rugs, you bring it up to the board on a case by case basis. And if you have an area rug, you clean it once in a while. Allergies aren’t the best, but there are compromises associated with communal living. It is too one sided in this case so we’re going to skip town

        • I’ve remembered your past rants. Sucks that it has come to this. ๐Ÿ™

          • we’ve tried to talk to him, but at this point I have to think about maintaining the sanity of another being. So I think that’s what we’ll do. Not having the support of neigbors whose packages I get for them or have known for a long time is pretty disappointing. We tried to ask them for help with a solution but they just say “it’s condo living!”. As I’ve said, if my dog barked endlessly all day, would that be oK and I could chalk it up to condo living?

          • Your condo co-owners will change their tune once you start renting it out. And you damn sure let the know that uncooperative upstairs neighbor + non-assisting neighbors are what drove you to this course of action. Not that I’m telling you to go rent your place out to an inconsiderate tenant but… to me if that DID happen, that’s called karma.

        • Huh, so allergies are a good enough reason to not require carpeting, but not a good enough reasoning to ban smoking. Got it. (That was an internal rant at my own condo complex.)

  • rant, I guess: I’ve never visited a friend in the hospital before, but a friend of mine was admitted to Georgetown Hospital last night and had some kind of surgery done this morning – does anyone know if I can just show up and ask to visit him this afternoon? I don’t know what the rules are, and I’m not finding much info on their website.

    • houseintherear

      When you call their main line, the operator can look up the patient and tell you the visiting hours for the particular ward they are in at the time. Hope they are ok. ๐Ÿ™

    • How close a friend? How long in the hospital? Maybe wait until he/she returns home? I felt/looked like crap when I was in the hospital and was happy no friends stopped by.

      • Second this. Especially if it was emergency surgery of an unknown (to you) kind, friend may not want visitors at the moment. Depending on the kind of surgery friend may not even be awake or coherent, for that matter. If you’re truly close then you’ll probably know whether it’s OK, otherwise maybe think twice about just showing up unannounced.
        Anyway, hope everything’s ok with friend.

    • Yeah, don’t assume your friend wants to see you. Some people are super self-conscious when in the hospital and your presence might stress them out. Is there any way you can get permission before you show up?

    • he’s one of my best friends – he’s a like a brother to me (and I’m not someone who says that about well, anyone else actually). at first he asked me to go to the emergency room with him last night, but then my other friend offered to drive him, so she’s the one who went and who let me know about the surgery. the last time he had health problems I was one of the few people other than his brother who he wanted to see, so I’m pretty sure it’ll be ok – although now that people mention it, if the problem was with his throat (that’s what he said last night) then he might not be able to talk so – I’ll take L’s advice and call ahead – thanks L.

    • Is there a close friend/significant other who is there with them? When I was in the hospital, I kind of appointed my partner as gatekeeper. I wanted visitors, but it was too overwhelming to manage it all myself. As for the visiting hours, they were pretty flexible about that in the wing I was in, though that would also depend on whether your friend has an individual room or a shared room. I’d avoid coming first thing in the morning too. I found that the doctors often did their rounds then.

    • Georgetown, where I grim couple of weeks, is pretty easy to get in and out of, but confusing to get around the first visit or two. They have a front desk guy and he’ll clue you in, and give you a stamp for your parking receipt. The parking garage is a pain during the day, it’s often easier just to park on Reservoir Road, which is also free after 6:30.
      When I was in the hospital, I was bored our of my mind and welcomed visitors. About an hour is about right. When my wife was in, she felt as though she looked terrible and didn’t even want the kids in. It could be a boy/girl thing.
      Check and see if they need anything, especially food, which is terrible. The Social Safeway is great for staples (there will be a fridge and microwave).

      • The food is pretty awful yeah. I always asked people to bring me fresh fruit because the canned stuff they served was so depressing. It’s strange that they don’t have a cafeteria, but the Epicurean and Co. on the ground floor of the conference center is not bad. It’s just across the parking lot and you always see a lot of hospital staff eating there.

  • RAVE: had a fun week in sunny CA
    RAVE: this weekend’s weather
    RANT: the bitter cold that is coming. i’m done with winter.
    RAVE: SO finally got his own bikeshare key and we biked the whole weekend
    RANT: unpredictable job is…very stressful. how do people with mortgages and mouths to feed handle the insane amount of uncertainty in my line of work?

  • Rave: It’s not 11 yet and already I’ve googled “paczki” and “”carderock. I love learning new things here!

    Rant: Work network is soooo slow. It took me forever to do above research.

  • Rave: Pinterest sends an email if the price of something you pinned dropped. At first I was annoyed by this marketing ploy, but they sent me an email about a chandelier I ordered 4 days ago. I got a $32.40 refund after a brief online chat with a very friendly Overstock customer service rep.
    Rant: I understand having a mix up over my unit number with Pepco, but I got a letter from my mortgage servicer that my brand new homeowner’s policy was expiring (not true). So, I called their automated system and they say I have a different insurer now (also not true). Turns out it’s another unit number mix up. But if you need my loan number, my full name, and the last 4 of my ssn, how can you put my neighbor’s policy on my unit?
    Confusion: I ordered a wingback headboard from Target and it came this weekend. Two of my neighbors carried it inside for me, which was above and beyond (rave!), but when I opened it I couldn’t find the wings. I called Target, they said to call back Monday, I call today and they give me the number for the manufacturer, I call the manufacturer, they tell me the wings, the hardware, and the instructions are hiding behind the lining on the bottom of the back of the headboard. How was I supposed to know that if you hid the instructions!?!

  • Rant: Watched a bike slam into a car on the way to work this morning (Thomas Circle & M St. – 8:15am). Bike ran a red light and the car tried to turn from a non-turning lane. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Everybody was wrong, but did anyone accept fault and apologize? Nope. Instead, the biker started violently kicking the car and then the driver started violently screaming at the biker.
    Rave: The cab driver who jumped out to break up the fight.
    Rant: Starting my day with that bad juju.
    Rave: No one seemed seriously injured (with the exception of their pride).

    • If they were both wrong, then why do you say the bike slammed into the car? They slammed into each other.

      • justinbc

        They could both make wrong decisions and the bike be the one to run into the car, and vice versa.

      • The physics of it is independent of right/wrong — if the car was trying to turn right (from a non-turning lane), and if the bicyclist was going straight, and the bicyclist was far enough behind the car, it would be the bicyclist slamming into the car.
        If the bicyclist had been a little closer to the car, so that the bicyclist was passing the car at the same moment the car was starting to turn, then it would’ve been the car hitting the bicyclist.

      • I think you’re a little loose with your terminology here and you sound like a bike apologist in the process. If the bike was traveling at a higher rate of speed than the car and if the front of the bike hit the car, then they most certainly did not slam into each other.

        • That’s fair enough and I didn’t really consider the physics of it. I just know that we tend to use words that implicate the cyclist more than the driver (not the car, the driver) despite actual fault and I’m a little sensitive to it. I’m not a fan of any irresponsible driver (bike or car); it sounds like both were in this situation.

      • Is that mincing of words really necessary? I really got OPs point from the initial description- all were wrong.

        Here we go PoP on a long chain about bikes and cars….

      • You are over-reading. It’s just a description of an action that occurred, not a proclamation of guilt from the high court.

    • Which light did the cyclist jump prior to the collision and which road was the vehicle turning onto?

  • Rave: First day at new job. Only a few hours in but can tell this is a really good fit for me. Although being unemployed and at the mercy of temp agencies was uncomfortable, I wish I had quit my terrible job sooner.
    Rave: Surprisingly tasty dinner at Ambar last night. Love me some fried sourdough.

  • Rant: I’ve never been depressed before but the suck of negative thinking is getting me down. I think this break-up has affected me more than I’m willing to admit.
    Rave: I’m getting mirrored furniture (nightstands) and I don’t care if the room looks like Liberace’s closet.

  • Rave: Big gig last night.
    Rave: It went well!

  • Rave: the past week in Cozumel (and i don’t know the person who is in the pic today). Got in 11 great dives. And lots of time with the nephews and niece.
    Rave 2: sunday weather was a great transition back. Now need one good snowstorm and I’ll be ready for spring.
    No rants other than its a long time until my next trip.

  • Rave: Gorgeous weekend!!!!
    Rant: Anxiously waiting to hear back on a second-round interview, need to direct my focus elsewhere
    Popville query: Someone posted here a while back the name of the site where one could post their services (writing/editing, web design, etc.). Does anyone remember the site? It was gig-something I think….man I’m getting old.

    • binpetworth

      Elance is the site I know of to post services for freelance writing, design, etc. and to bid on potential gigs. There are probably plenty of others, too.

    • Although I’ve never used it, the site was “Task Rabbit.” (Thanks photographic memory combined with an unhealthy PoPville addiction!)

      • THANK YOU! That is it! Thanks Binpetworth, I’ll look into that site as well. Love me some Popville. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • epric002

    rave: got to play with puppies at WHS on sunday. ๐Ÿ™‚
    rave: got to run with the doggies on saturday.
    rave: that awesome weather that is…
    rant: …now cold ๐Ÿ™ please don’t snow.

    • epric002 – I run on Beach Drive on Saturdays and one of my favorite things is seeing all the pitties getting their run. Thanks for doing it! Maybe I’ll join you next year after my race.

      • epric002

        oh i see that i wasn’t clear, i volunteered with the WHS puppies, but i ran with my own doggies. my husband did the sunday PACK run at the national arboretum though. i haven’t done PACK yet, this was his first run and he loved it! i hope you’re able to run with PACK soon.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Nice weather, feel like taking more photos
    Rant: iPhone updated in a rush and before coffee = lots of information lost.
    Rave: the cloud

  • Not a rant or a rave, but last night I was wearing a PoP shirt in a Maryland suburb and a guy who saw it asked me what Prince of Petworth was. I told him it was a local blog. He said something like, “Oh about the Petworth neighborhood in DC? I think it’s great that people do that – write about what’s going on locally and make money selling ads!” So PoP got some recognition in Maryland.

    • Man, I wore my PoPville t-shirt jogging on Saturday hoping someone would say something, but no one did! I was jogging on the mall, though, so I guess I was mostly surrounded by tourists.

  • Rave: made it outside to take photos for much of Saturday.
    Rant: have some sort of throat/ear infection going on
    Rave: heading to NYC this weekend where I will snort haughtily at how NYC just can’t compare to the awesomeness of DC.

  • Rave: 13 weeks today! Started telling friends and extended family.
    Rave/Rant: Still totally exhausted all the time. Took a two hour nap yesterday and then went to bed at 830…normal bedtime is more like 9:30 these days but pregnancy has me wiped and hungry all the time:)

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Weather – got to play basketball and enjoy the sunday night drum circle at merridian hill park.
    Rant: No potential dates on the horizon, is this making me anxious or is this just what i need? Not sure.

    • Upside of no potential dates? Better for your bank account (if you’re a man).

      • Anonynon

        thanks for the silver linning hahah…now i can spend the extra $$$ on some wardrobe updates. Perfect. (and yes obviously a guy, dont most girls always have a potential date?)

  • rave: as with everyone else, beautiful weekend weather. got to hang out all day with one of my best friends drinking wine at the rooftop at the brixton.
    rant: pie fest at the brixton was an epic fail. SO crowded and horrible lay out. i think the crowd would have been fine had they not put all the bakers in one little area.
    rave: got a first date tonight! feeling good.

    • Anonynon

      i drove by the brixton saturday and saw how packed it was on that roof it looked like a friday or saturday night, not ideal. I feel like any kind of ‘tasting’ event always turns out to be a cluster F*ck and is never as enjoyable as it sounds on paper. I am the type of person who gets so uncomfortable when i am in peoples way or others are in mine so i am glad i wasnt there. Other events like this such a brew tastings.

  • Rave: Great weather, big progress on a home renovation project, and with the minions at the playground all the neighbor kids came out to play like bears coming out of winter hibernation.
    Rant: Sorta going to miss outdoor skating and sledding, maybe we could have one more snowy spell?

  • Rave: Husband began applying for jobs last week and already has 2 phone interviews!
    Rave: Maybe moving to Chicago (home) soon! Excited for free babysitting from grandparents.
    Rant: Will be sad to leave DC after almost 7 years.

  • houseintherear

    Weird/potentially gross question: Has anyone ever had a scar “fixed” with a plastic surgeon? Google is surprisingly not helpful for figuring out how soon after an injury a person should see someone about scarring… and when I call plastic surgeon offices, they want to just schedule me for a consultation right away (for which I’ll have to pay). The injury is only a couple of days old and won’t heal for a while, but the doc at the clinic I went to this weekend said to contact a surgeon right away so they can get to the injury at the right time. It’s a skin avulsion, if that helps (don’t google it, trust me).
    Any advice, Popville?

    • My advice would be to follow the advice of your doctor.

    • Why get it fixed? Scars are cool!

    • I’d say the sooner the better. It might be easier to “fix” certain kinds of scarring before the injury has fully healed — and scarred.

    • I had a long-ago bike wreck with lots of facial stitches and the critical factor was to prevent/minimize scarring by taking out the stitches as soon as possible. Even one a day as soon as a bit of it was ready. I’ve done that for subsequent cuts (I’m also good at taking out my own stitches) and scars are not noticeable. You mention a clinic – that first treated the injury? Do you have a regular doctor under insurance that you can trust for advice? A walk-in clinic type place may just be trying to cover their butt.

      It also depends on where it is and your own type of skin.

  • Rave: I just voted for Popville in the Citypaper Best of DC survey. Last week’s Friday list had me feeling warm and fuzzy and community-minded.

    Rant: I just skimmed through the comments on the post about the ATV riders. Posts advocating “snipers”” as an efficient way to address the problem. Presumably by the same people who want to “bulldoze” people’s homes whenever there’s a post about crime near public housing. As much as I’d like to remind such posters that “citizenry” includes reckless teenagers too, I have to remind myself that “community” includes people who have no qualms about advocating violence for people that they view as “them”.

    Rave: It’s Spring. Achoo!

  • I live in a rowhouse. I have lived here for many years.
    In all that time, I have heard:
    The baby next door, who was colicky
    The tv from the older woman on the other side, when it was against the same wall my bed was against.
    Now I have new neighbors. I hear their loud small dogs. I hear constant hammering (what ARE they doing?) and I hear constant squealing (could they really be having THAT much sex?).
    Now I worry – what do they hear from this side? And why do I suddenly hear SO much when I never heard anything before? Did they expose all the brick on that wall? Or are they just really loud?

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