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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant:Comcast, I spent 30 minutes on the phone yesterday trying to find out if the storefront on Michigan avenue would be open on a federal holiday. All the phone numbers lead you to the Comcast call center, why do I need to provide the last 4 of my social to find out if they are open? After talking to one person on the phone and a chat, I finally had to call the corporate office in Philadelphia. They had to transfer me twice before I got an answer. What madness. On top of that my picture is a mess most of the time and I can’t find anything I want to watch.Madness, Madness.

    • justinbc

      Even worse is if you ever had an account on the West Coast and have the same number. It will pull your caller ID when you call and automatically route you to the West Coast call center, which takes an interminably long time to explain to people that you actually live in DC and need to speak to someone there.

    • I find that I get much better service when I use their web chat feature on their website. So much easier than dealing with the never ending phone trees.

    • Google says that the phone number for that location is (202) 315-5989.

      Did you try calling?

  • The whole putting a chair or a cone out to mark your spot has started in my neighborhood. I think it is obnoxious but I do get why people do it. On my street, there is ample parking if people went out and cleared the snow. Yes, I know I don’t own the street in front of my house but by the same token, if you live across the street or down the street from me and did not bother to clear in front of your own house, isn’t it kind of a dick move to park where I have cleared? I think John Locke would support me on this one.

    • Fortunately, given the forecast, this should be a moot point by tomorrow or Thursday.

    • I lived in Chicago for 10 years before I moved to DC. After a big snow, this was pretty much standard behavior, and people were fairly respectful of others’ claim of a space. We also didn’t have ample street parking, so there were no empty, yet uncleared, spots. And, also, a lot more snow.

      • justinbc

        Yeah, exactly. There really wasn’t enough snow to justify anyone doing this in DC, unless you somehow happened to live on a road that never got plowed.

        • On my street (which was plowed heavily) the parked cars on both sides were packed in by large piles of snow thrown by the plows. So actually a lot of shoveling was required to get a car in or out of a parking space. I don’t like the “save a space” thing but there was plenty reason for it this week if you do.

        • Huh? Plowing makes street parking WORSE. It creates ridges of hard icy snow between the parking and the street. If they hadn’t plowed, the snow would be mostly packed evenly, making it MUCH easier to get your car in and out of a parallel space.

        • Right. On my street, there were big chunks of snow created by the plows which makes it difficult to pull into a spot. If the spot was not cleared on top of that if is a recipe for getting stuck and very difficult to parallel park. The alleys remained unpassable through the weekend because they don’t get cleared.

          • On the other hand, if you get into the grooves made by the car that pulled out of the spot, it’s like having an auto-parking feature for getting into it!

    • gotryit

      I agree with the rant. I shoveled out two spots (well) over the course of the long weekend and had both taken while I was out on errands. But I refuse to put cones / chairs.

    • I used to live in Philly, where this is common practice. It doesn’t bother me either. When there is a lot of snow + limited street parking, I think preserving the spot you dug out is justified behavior.

    • saf

      It is SO tacky and SO illegal.
      We have someone on our block who blocks off the space in front of her house whenever she leaves. And they are just nasty mean people who will retaliate if you do anything about it. Makes me insane.

      • Um, wow. That’s insanely obnoxious. Why hasn’t anyone reported her to parking enforcement?

        • saf

          Oh, I have. And I know I am not the only one.

          But there is no license plate on cones or on cinder blocks, so those can’t be ticketed. And unless parking enforcement is standing right there when she comes out, pulls out of the space, parks blocking the whole street while she sets up her parking blockade, and then drives off, they have no solid evidence who did it.

          • Damn. Can whoever lives next to her or across the street set up one of those cheap surveillance cameras and then send the footage to parking enforcement? Or maybe have a stake out and use your phone to record her doing it?
            What do you mean they retaliate if you do anything about it?

    • ” I think John Locke would support me on this one.”
      Sorry, life in the Big Town is nasty, brutish and short. Parking of the fittest is the only rule.

    • I am prepared to concede that you should not mark your spot, although when we got those 2 foot storms I think there is an argument based on the amount of work involved. However, what about just being a jerk to your neighbors and taking a spot they cleared because you were too lazy to clear one yourself. I am trying to think of an analogy for this. Maybe waiting for someone to pull out of a spot at a crowded parking lot and then someone whipping in front of you to take the spot. It is just a big F- You is my point.

      • justinbc

        Although I’m completely against the “marking your spot” thing, unless someone actually does that I’m not sure how else any other driver is supposed to know when or if that person might be returning.

      • What if you cleared out a spot and someone took it. Where do you park? Don’t you have to park in a spot someone else cleared? I don’t think we can assume someone parked in a spot cleared out by someone else didn’t also clear out a spot.

      • How did they get out of their spot and into yours?

      • I just drive around and ram all of the cones for fun, and take any chairs that I might want to use for guests on my patio

    • I’m sorry but clearing a street parking spot of snow is a lot like planting in a city tree box. It isn’t YOURS even though you did the work. You have zero right to “save” the spot no matter how long it took you to shovel out.

  • Rant: Forgot about the way roads are poorly plowed whenever we get a lot of snow… The banks are not plowed straight on many roads. I encountered a lot of drivers swerving to avoid snow/ice piles in traffic, it was very dangerous. There should be spot checks on lowed roads to make sure clean low jobs are done. At the Pentagon, the exit for Ridge Road in Arlington almost caused an accident because the ramp lane went from 2 lanes to 1 suddenly because the snow was not plowed completely.

    Question: I have come to the fact that I need to enlist a contractor to help me in sealing my house from mice. Anyone have any good suggestions for a good mr. fit it guy who won’t get drunk and fall off my roof and die?

    Rave: Coming off a 5 day weekend, feels great! watched a House of Cards marathon, it wasn’t as good as Breaking Bad, but after I figured out who was who, it was entertaining to see what happens in the Capitol and why I don’t want to ever be a politician.

    • We are having mice problems too but haven’t figured out where they are coming in from. How did you determine where your mice were coming in from?

      • Finding a hole under the sink in my kitchen… Gotta look for gaps in your walls, steel wool and spray foam works at most reachable spots, but outside of my house, there are out of reach spots that need to be closed up.

        • Unfortunately, I think mine are coming in through a closet where our water heater and heating unit is located. It is VERY tight and pretty much impossible for a human to get behind. I really could use advice on whether there is a company that can try to look back there without moving the units, which would be very expensive…

          • Can you reach where the water pipes come in through the floor/wall? If you can, stuff steel wool in the gaps.

          • justinbc

            +1 steel wool is great for mice. Get one of those claw arm things that grannies use to reach stuff and shove it in with that.

          • I’ve sealed up all the ground level spots with steel wool, spray foam (“”really great stuff” from Home Depot), and then I put mortar back over those points. I actually found that some mice were tunneling below the concrete in my basement floor! But on the top floor of my house there are some open vent holes that I’d like to cover up just in case there are mice getting in there.

            Even though I have no problems with them getting into my food etc, I’d like to leave no potential access points.

      • A lot of the time if you suspect that mice may be coming from a spot, you can put baby powder there to tell if they’re tracking out of it. Sealing points where they enter is usually best done from outside rather than inside, a problem you can’t easily fix is if they’re coming through walls from the house next door.

    • “Sealing” for rodents is nearly impossible. A pest control place once quoted me hundreds of dollars ($600+) to seal my house after I had rats in the attic. They came out to do the work, and I saw that they were just attaching some mesh screen around some random openings around my house. I made them stop, refused to pay the full amount (I self-prorated based on the time/effort thus far), and told them to get lost. Pest control places should be good at helping you treat for mice, but “sealing” (in my experience only!) was a scam.

      • I don’t think pest control places are good at much of anything. Both places I have used (terminex and cropp Metcalfe) promise that they will do inspections, etc to stop the mice/insects from entering your house in the first place, but after a cursory look around they say that there isn’t anything they can do except spray chemicals or put down traps. I stuck with Cropp Metcalfe because they have good customer service and will come out quickly, but its still frustrating that they cant help me prevent the problem.

      • I have a few obvious places outside of my house that I’d like to put vent covers up. They make it way too easy for mice to get into my walls. I think some may be coming from next door, but I can’t really control that. I don’t need a pest control company, just a handy man.

  • gotryit

    Rave: sledding with the kids in Upshur park
    Rave: no injuries!
    Rant: hit and run on my (parked) car during the big snowstorm
    Rave: caught them on surveillance cameras – moron in a pickup truck at 2am the morning of the heavy snow last week.
    Rant: can’t get the license plate off the video
    Rave: at least I can prove it was hit and run, which lowers my deductible

  • Rave: Had a very relaxing long weekend.
    Rant: Readjusting to being in the office.
    Rave: Delicious homecooked meals. I love it when I’m feeling motivated to cook.
    Rant: I haven’t been to the gym in a week, and I’m feeling like a lump.

  • saf

    So, is anyone missing a three-legged dark brown tabby?
    He showed up a few weeks ago, and has been hanging around intermittently ever since.

  • Rant: got dumped by a guy I’d been seeing for 4 months because I’m “not creative”. whatever that means.
    Rant: a coworker of mine passed away from stomach cancer yesterday. very somber mood in the office 🙁

    Rant/Rave?: finally started watching House of Cards over the weekend (still on season 1). I can’t tell if I watched so much of it because I was bored (and sad from being dumped) or if it’s a really great show and I’m hooked.

    • justinbc

      That’s an incredibly stupid “reason” for dumping somebody, sounds like you saved yourself on that one, even though it might not seem that way now.

    • What does he do that is so creative? That is a really bad reason to break up withsomeone, just tell the truth “its not you, its me!!!”.

      I binged house of cards – two episodes left!

    • everyone is creative in their own way.

    • He’s a DJ (he has a regular 9-5 gig too). He couldn’t really give me a clear definition of what he thought to be “creative”. And I was never under the impression that creativity, or lack thereof, was a dealbreaker. Maybe I could understand if he said I was stifling his creativity or didn’t support his creativity, but neither of those is true. If “creative” is how I understand, then I may not be really great at anything involving fine arts, but I work in education advocacy. I may not be mixing music or doing art shows, but I’d like to think that I am contributing to and helping to shape culture through my work. Guess that wasn’t good enough :-/

      • The guy sounds like a complete wanker. DJs are pretty much the lowest form of “creative” in DC. Does he talk about NYC all the time? Or use the term “scene”? I second the opinion that you are better off!

        • Agree. I’ve never met a DJ who wasn’t pretty much the biggest tool in the room.

        • He does talk about NYC a lot and “the scene”. LOL

          • Anonynon

            Sounds awful – you dont want to date a DJ (unless you are one of those girls super into EDM dudes). Personally i dont understand the ‘scene’. I went to the U St music hall for the first time (with some friends very into the scene). I am pretty sure the ‘scene’ is just a cover for what is really going on behind the ‘Scenes’. If you catch my drift

      • Oooh, he’s a DJ, how creative!! He spends loads of money buying other people’s albums, as well as an expensive set of speakers, turntables, crossfaders, decks, and a PA system and then…he just plays other people’s albums really loudly. Next time he wants to talk about musical creativity, tell him to come and talk to some of us who actually create original music on real instruments.

      • Ah, that explains a lot. By “not creative” he means “not cool enough for me.” He’s a jerk, and you’re better off!

      • I’ve always considered using “creative” to describe yourself akin to using the word “kinky.” I know I’m stealing from a TV show or movie (can’t remember for the life of me which one though), but if you use that word to describe yourself, you’re probably not. And, yeah. The guy sounds like a tool.

        • I’ve always felt that way about “laid back”. It’s usually the most uptight people who go out of their way to describe themselves as such.

        • Likewise, anyone who feels the need to say that they are funny, rather than actually being funny, is usually not funny.

      • He found someone else….that’s what changes in a weeks time.

    • Sorry to hear that this guy is making our kind look bad. 🙁
      For what it’s worth, I’d say that DJing is a creative form… but if this guy talks about NYC all the time, he deserves to be written off for that reason alone. 😉

    • For the record, I don’t have anything against DJ’s or particularly him as a DJ. I’d been to a few of his gigs before and enjoyed myself, prior to even knowing him.

      I’m not a part of that world, but I wonder what about being a DJ gives him license to be the authority on “creative”. Is it code for “boring” or just an overall cop out for something else?

      • It sounds to me like he wants an accessory, not a partner — an accessory that ups his standing in “the scene.” And since you are not part of that scene, you do not up his standing. Good riddens. I will also say, however, that in my 20s I had arbitrary qualifications like that, and I eventually got over them because if I want my life to be more creative, for example, then I need to be more creative, not require my partner to increase my creativity somehow by osmosis.

        • Would it help if I said that he’s in his 40’s?

          • Well then …. that’s a whole other story! No clue but it sounds like an arbitrary disqualification.

          • Oh wow. It’s like he looked at a “How to Be a Pretentious Toolbag” list, and just checked it off to the best of his ability.
            “Are you in your 20s? Work the location of your last ski trip into every conversation!”
            “Are you in your 30s? Make sure people know how much you paid for your new artisanal hardwood furniture!”
            “Are you in your 40s? Become a DJ!”
            “Are you in your 50s? Refuse to date women over 30!”

          • OMG! Isn’t DJing, like skate boarding and action figure shrines something you stop in your 20s?

          • justinbc

            If he really is into it, I don’t see why you would stop it at a certain age. It’s definitely uncommon to see one that age though (although David Guetta is 46 and Tiesto is 45).

          • If he’s in his 40s I’d say that hurts his case more than helps. I might expect to hear a BS excuse like that from a 20-something, but I’d expect a higher level of maturity from someone in their 40s. Sounds like you are better off…

      • He’s not an authority on “creative” (none of us is) but he is in charge of who he wants to date and why. Whatever it is he wants (or think he wants), he didn’t see it in you. It sounds like he expressed this in a very obnoxious way, but there you go. None of us knows what he *really* meant by what he said – you’ll have to ask him if you really want to know (and even then you may not find out for sure).

        • I agree with this. Yes, he’s super obnoxious and probably more than a bit immature for his age. But he didn’t feel the connection with you that he wants from a partner. My guess is that he probably can’t explain his reasons, but he instinctively knew it. This happens to everyone at some point or another.
          Don’t blame yourself – there’s nothing wrong with you. He just didn’t think you were a good fit for his life, which is an OK reason to stop seeing someone. Would you rather he strung you along for years? Hell no.

          • I appreciate the advice. For context’s sake, I will say that in the 4 months we’d been together… He’d dropped the L bomb first and often. Talked about how much he adored me and how happy he was to be with me…that I’d brought so much joy to his life. Opened up to me about a lot of personal things (and I with him). And up until the week prior, said that he wanted to be with me. So imagine my surprise when all of that changed in a week’s time. This wasn’t just some casual thing where we were just “having fun”. This was something that based on words and actions (that always aligned) had depth and substance to it.

        • “none of us is”

          Rave: grammar!

  • Rave/Rant?: Friday’s “Top 13 Revitalizing Neighborhoods in DC I would look to Buy a House” post planted a seed. As I sat in my condo this weekend listening to my neighbor’s dog bark and hearing my other neighbor’s washer and dryer through my floor, I started looking on zillow at houses in some of the listed neighborhoods. Anacostia/east of the river seems really cheap compared to anything else, but I have no idea where is a good location there versus where is a bad location. Thoughts? Obviously metro proximity and the new DHS headquarters will drive revitalization, but any other areas that are particularly good/bad?

    • justinbc

      On Redfin you can actually plug in “Historic Anacostia” as a specific neighborhood to search. That area is by far getting the most revitalization dollars pumped in.

      • I don’t agree. First, Anacostia is a small subset of EotR neighborhoods, and not really typical. Nice old, small houses, though. Second, historic Anacostia is certainly receiving a lot of development focus, but there are other neighborhoods that have just as much attention, like Skyland or Marshall Heights or Congress Heights or Washington Highlands. There’s a lot of different types of neighborhoods, so I’d say it takes a little bit of legwork to find what you like.

        • justinbc

          Skyland definitely has things planned, but the types of homes you can buy over there are much different than what you can get in Historic Anacostia. It’s also not as Metro friendly.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Found a sweet new liquor cabinet at Restoration Hardware over the weekend, with a bonus 30% off thanks to the Presidents Day Sale.
    Rant: They don’t offer delivery, and will only store it for 24 hours, so I’ve got to rent a U-Haul van after work today and slug through the miserable Virginia rush hour traffic to get all the way out to Leesburg to pick it up.

    • That is some dedication for a piece of furniture.

    • jim_ed

      I don’t own anything from restoration hardware, but I’ve read a ton of horror stories about ownership. How does it hold up with use? I feel like they charge exorbitant prices for Chinese made furniture, but maybe I’m incorrectly judging it?

      • justinbc

        We’ve got a few select pieces that I’ve never had issues with. I think the same could probably be said of most furniture stores nowadays (especially with regards to China). I miss living down in NC and being able to hit the shops in High Point which have mostly closed down now, it’s sad what happened to the American furniture production industry. I think it really depends on what you buy, that’s partly why I waited so long to pull the trigger on a specific item.

      • Well the issue is just about EVERYTHING is now manufactured in China. With the exception of small boutique small scale manufacturers, our entire furniture manufacturing has moved overseas. So I wouldn’t single out just Restoration. I owned a Mitchell Gold sofa, paid a pretty penny for it even after a discount… still made in China.

        • epric002

          try room & board. beautiful, quality stuff.

          • justinbc

            Room & Board definitely has nice (American made) stuff, unfortunately not the rustic aesthetic I usually go for though. I would love to give them more business if they were!

        • jim_ed

          While this may be true of big chain furniture stores, its pretty easy to find American made stuff at any local furniture place (all of which are in the suburbs around here). I get that cheap furniture is made overseas because of the low costs and margins, but I have a personal problem paying top dollar for stuff made by people making far less than minimum wage. Granted, we’re partial to more traditional styles of furniture, but we’ve had great luck at Furniture Discount Center in Ft Washington. We got a beautiful Shaker style bedroom set at a really decent price from Vaughan-Bassett, made in Virginia.

        • A friend’s father has a great workshop in NJ where he hand makes all the furniture.

          If you need quite a few pieces (or have friends that also want handmade American furniture) I’d recommend checking it out: http://www.woodshedwoodworking.com

          (one of my favorites are his radiator covers!)

        • It’s still possible to find American-made goods, you just have to know where to look, and be willing to pay a 200-300% premium.

          There are a bunch of stores in the area that sell Amish-made furniture, made locally in southern PA.

        • Hardwood Artisans makes their furniture locally – you can go watch your furniture being made 🙂 I have bedroom furniture from them – it’s all custom made, and it is beautiful (and not cheap)

    • I once got stuck in a UHaul in Virginia rush hour traffic. Don’t do it.

    • I need a bed and totally forgot there were sales for Presidents’ Day. I guess they’re over now?

      • justinbc

        Most of the ones we saw ended yesterday, but it seems like there’s always another holiday right around the corner that businesses are itching to throw a sale out for!

    • I thought that Restoration Hardware did a lot of their sales through their catalogs. I’m surprised that they don’t offer delivery — or at least have arrangements with a delivery company for their customers. That seems strange for a furniture store. Glad you got a piece you like though.

      • justinbc

        The catalog does, but the outlet location in Leesburg doesn’t. When I was there a few years ago I recall them having an agreement with a 3rd party delivery service, but it seems they’ve scrapped that now.

  • Rave: Fitbit! I started tracking my food and exercise with myfitnesspal and recently added the Fitbit. Although it seems silly, I climb more steps and walk more so I can reach my daily goals. Being able to track my sleep patterns is a bonus.

    • Do any of the fitbits monitor heart rate? I’m interested in a fibit, but I wear a heart rate monitor when I work out to ensure I’m in the zone. Two devices seems excesive. Thanks!

      • I don’t think the fitbits track heart rate but I’ve seen (not yet tried) apps that sync with fitbit – digifit, for example. The fitbit website shows apps that work w/it.

    • I love my FitBit! It’s even more motivating if you compete with someone else. My 77-year-old dad is always gloating that he’s beating me!

      • One of my motivators is that my 84 year old father was walking more than me and doing more yoga than me. Granted I’d gotten into a slump over the winter (injury, cold weather and other excuses) but still….

    • I use Nike Plus but it’s the same idea, and I agree! Plus it’s good way to compare exercises, so you know that you have to walk twice as much to equal a zumba class, etc.

      • What exactly is it comparing? You could walk all day, but if you aren’t getting your heart rate up it isn’t ever going to be equal to a zumba class.

        • I’m not sure how it works; it seems to measure motion. The NikePlus fuelband gives you Fuel points, calories and steps. (I’m sure it’s not accurate). You still burn calories and get exercise by walking. Yes, you don’t get your heart rate up typically, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial exercise. But, you can see that perhaps walking for 2 hours is roughly equivalent in amount of exercise to 55 minutes of zumba (not saying that’s true; just using numbers as an example). The tool doesn’t compare them in a chart or anything, but you can remember what the numbers were and compare them on your own.

  • Funny how many people only started watching House of Cards this weekend. I watched the first two episodes, and will probably keep going. If I can tolerate what an evil scheming person Buttercup has become. Every time she turns up, I have the urge to kill her with fire.

  • Also, I LOVE today’s picture. Just a fox, on his way to fox.

  • Rave: True Detective. Haven’t been this smitten by a show since Twin Peaks. Might have to throw a season finale party for the last episode, deer antlers and all.
    Rant: The job. The amount of red tape and micro managing and expectations despite the added bureaucracy is incredible. Think it’s time for a fresh round of applications.
    Rave: Started seeing a girl and it’s going swimmingly well. One has his fingers crossed.

    • Plus 1 on True Detective. I couldn’t get into it at first, but the last few episodes have been great and now I am a fan.

  • Rave: 50 degree weather today! Let’s get rid of this snow!…I’m easily made happy by the simple things! “Tapping foot to Pharell’s I’m just Happy*

    Oh..and House of Cards is awesome…i wish Ingo Montoya aka Mandy Patinkin would make a cameo this season.

    • I would love to see a House of Cards/Veep crossover. I’m about a third done with season 2 of House of Cards and I’m trying to avoid reading any spoilers.

  • Rant: I’ve waited years for a new CEO and now that he’s here I’m getting impatient. How long is change supposed to take? My boss planted a seed in my mind at my review, he said he hopes my work is fulfilling in some way. It is not. Does he think his work is fulfilling? How much longer can I wait for the tide to turn at this place? It’s not terrible and my boss likes my work, but it’s boring and the culture of fear and retaliation is going to be hard to change.
    Rant: Five day week. And a work function one night.
    Rave: I am in love with my living room paint color and now that’s up I’ve finally hung curtains and put up my Cherry Blossom Collective prints of my previous neighborhoods.

  • RAVE: I was promoted last week

    RANT: The boiler broke and I haven’t had heat for two days. I sleep (and sit around in) in 3 layers of clothes under 5 blankets on the couch. Borrowing co workers space heaters today

  • Revel: Hula Girl pop up at Pulpo! I love her food truck so much!
    Rant: I went Saturday and the pop up suffered from the same issues as Pulpo for brunch: food comes out randomly (two identical dishes ordered show up 15 minutes apart), certain dishes ordered don’t show up at all, most everything (with the exception of the eggs) was lukewarm.

    Rant: David Datuna’s “Portrait of America” exhibit at the Portrait Gallery. Disappointing. Also, one of the docents told us 45 minute wait. Security was at least honest and said 3 hours. The exhibit had a lot of potential, but just didn’t get there.

    Revel: Hamilton’s sushi happy hour. $4 uni? Yes, please.

    • justinbc

      So would you actually recommend going to the pop-up? I’ve been a fan of her truck since her first day, and although I didn’t like their musubi as much as Hogo’s it’s a pretty good second place in a city where it’s hard to find.

      • Yes, but I would only recommend going to the pop up in order to support her, and likely not for brunch unless you plan on drinking a lot. $35 a person is too much for the quality of food, but you can make up for it with tropical mimosas (and diabetes).

        I plan on shooting her an email tomorrow letting her know that I enjoyed it but also what issues were present (and how they were also issues at Pulpo prior to the pop up). I hope this means that she can address the issues, because there is a dearth of Hawaiian options around here.

        Hogo’s spam musubi is gooooooood.

  • Rave: Gorgeous weather for a leisurely lunch-time stroll.
    Revel: First year as a retired tax accountant. I can actually look forward to spring now!

  • Rant: The girl that sits across from my cube. She is on the phone all day long asking questions to someone. Her voice is so loud and whiney. There is never a quiet moment. I can’t take it anymore. I want to bring my pillow in tomorrow and smack her in the head and yell SHUT THE EFF UP!!!
    Rave: She just hung up the phone. I have atleast 5 minutes of peace before the incesent questions start again!

  • Rant: Had to have dinner on Saturday with the most annoying woman I have ever met in my life (girlfriend’s coworker’s fiance). It was torture!
    Rave: She lives out in Vienna, so I think I can avoid future engagements with her due to the lack of proximity. But I feel sorry for the fiance who has to live with her.

  • rave: Spotted a fox trotting down the sidewalk of Macarthur Blvd on Sunday afternoon (near Q St).

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