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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Fresh, interesting content, daily on POPville
    Rant: How slow the site is

  • Rant: Road test today

  • Rant: More snow.
    Rave: More snow days?

  • binpetworth

    Rave: This photo–reminds me of the beautiful sunrise this morning
    Rant: I got nothin’. Life is good. Just happy not to be dealing with any of the other rough things people on this blog are going through (broken jaws, depression, dog poop accusations). Hang in there everybody!

    • Me too! My only semi-rant is Valentine’s Day is coming up and I have to figure out what to get my gf. Valentine’s Day is better when you’re single and alone. That way, you’re not a victim of the candy, flower and jewerly industries.

      • Get her a card and write a heartfelt message. Spend the evening together, even if it’s at home watching TV. That should be more than sufficient. If it isn’t then she isn’t the one.

        • I’m planning to cook us dinner (not sure if it’s going to be steak or lamb), and she usually spends most weekends with me. Maybe I’ll break down and get her a small bouquet of flowers. All I want from her is to be able to watch all of House of Cards this weekend.

          • My boyfriend got me a small orchid last year, and it was so much better than flowers! It flowered for months and months! Most grocery stores that have some flowers will have them, they’re about $10 for the little ones (less than a bouquet costs!!).

          • I had an ex in college who got me a cactus. The pot said “I’m stuck on you”. It was by far the best *bouquet of flowers* that I ever got for V-day. I had it for years!

          • I gave my parents a small “thank you for watching my dog” orchid 3 years ago and it has been in bloom for 2 years and 9 months. My orchids don’t bloom nearly as long but still they last much longer than a bouquet.

          • I find that the supermarket orchids are less likely to re-bloom, probably because they’re forced (like the spring bulb arrangements). But if you get one from a greenhouse, it will put on a reliable show for 2 months out of every year (depending on type of course).
            And I LOVE getting orchids! I have one a guest brought to Thanksgiving dinner that still looks as fresh as it did at the end of November.

          • This is my third Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend and we have always just kept it to dinner and a card. Cooking a meal with him and a message written from the heart is all I will ever need.

            Though, this year we do have the added bonus of watching House of Cards!

        • THIS.
          Pop open a bottle of wine. Make sweet love. Perfect evening.

      • Rave: Avoided crushing influence of Romantic-Industrial complex by having the girlfriend jet off to Mexico for Valentines Day.
        Rant: Heartbreak and paranoia Friday night — all those swarthy lifeguards on the Playa del Carmen!
        Rave: Actually looking forward to pizza, a bottle of vino and catching up on Archer Friday night, maybe plotting something romantic for when she gets back into Dulles on Tuesday.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        For VDay – check out the surf and turf dinner from ScratchDC. I have been enjoying their dinners and was looking for the maple glazed salmon but will hold off til I know what snow we’re getting tomorrow

        Rave: Telework tomorrow
        Rant: Smoke alarm chirping at 5 am in the morning. In early
        Rave: out early.

      • We don’t usually celebrate the holiday but were invited to an anti-Valentine’s Day party. So my partner and I are backing heart-shaped sugar cookies and then breaking them up for “broken heart cookies.” I’m actually looking forward to baking together more than I would flowers or dinner out.

        In terms of gifts, I think the heartfelt message really is the way to go. And maybe some decent chocolate. Chocolate makes every day better.

      • Taking my girlfriend to see Shpongle at 930 Club. But we’re weird like that. Too bad we don’t do mushrooms.

    • Your rant is very funny. It’s a nice reminder that things could always be worse.

  • Rave: All the great mexican places in town

  • RAVE: Yesterday’s dog poop sh#tshow. That really was epic.
    RANT: Annoying co-worker who is trying to get out of having to work tomorrow due to the snow. Just because it’s a snow day, you still need to telecommute. Don’t give me any crap about it.

    • Rant: Workplaces that behave as if work accomplished is a function of time spent in the office. Some of us are just more efficient than others.
      Rave: I work at a place that doesn’t require me to warm a chair for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. It has an AMAZING effect on morale and productivity.

      • No, you missed my point. We are fine to telecommute tomorrow; no one needs to be in the office. She just doesn’t want to do our scheduled call from home “because the weather will be bad.” Which makes no sense.
        She’s basically saying that she wants a day off, despite the fact that we are supposed to telecommute. I’m super busy today and she kept pushing to have tomorrow’s meeting this afternoon. I told her I didn’t have any availability.
        FYI – we are Feds and she makes $150K+

        • Fair enough. BUT… in a results-only model, if the call is necessary to her job, then she will do it, from home, from a balcony in Venice… whatever it takes for the work to get accomplished.
          Now, you say it’s a “scheduled” meeting. It is a regularly occurring “touch base” kind of meeting (which are The Worst), or a meeting needed to address a specific, time-bound work issue? The the latter, then again, she should stick to it. If the former, then you should ease up. (In a perfect world, which this, I recognize, is not.)

          • No, it’s a one-off meeting with people on the other side of the country. We definitely need to have this meeting.

      • Amen to that! I’m thankful to be in a flexible work environment where no one cares what time I get in or what time I leave, as long as I get my sh*t done!

    • Your rave is my rant – I thought many of the comments were mean spirited, some were downright nasty.

      • I just read the thread because of this Rave. Trying to be impartial, I’m going to say you reap what you sow. My house has been on a GDoN and it got RAVAGED. But I didn’t take offense to it and just rolled with the punches. I think the house’s inhabitant (not owner) only opened herself to all the attacks, mean spirited or not by denying the basic fact that her lawn was not littered in dog shit (it is, I ride by it everyday) or that they clean it frequently (they don’t).

        • The owner’s comments came far down in the comments – agree that her response didn’t help, but comments were well into unnecessary bashing before she showed up.

          • Totally agree as well with you… but it’s the internet. I know it’s hard not to take things personally, especially on a community-based blog but she chose to get involved in the fracas.

        • So how did it turn out with your (ravaged) GDON house? We always see the before – but never the “after.”

        • I have to agree with you. My house was posted on GDoN and got a lot of nasty comments about the neighborhood etc. I ended up selling for $75K over asking price within the first few days listed, so in the end, the comments were pretty meaningless to me.

      • I agree. I saw few examples of “The Beautiful Life” on that post.

      • I’m in between. I admit that I found the thread highly entertaining to read, ultimately I think it’s one of PoPville’s most shameful moments. I don’t think the resident who posted did herself any favors, but I think every single person who came out as pro-public-shaming should really think about how they would feel if they read a completely random and unsolicited thread like that about themselves and their home. I even think some of the criticism was warranted but the unbridled enthusiasm with which it was piled on by completely anonymous and unaffected readers does not reflect well on this website as a whole.

        • So I’m guessing you have a problem with the Horse’s Ass Award posts, too? Because it’s essentially the same thing. If your lawn is covered in sh*t, or weeds, or trash, why would someone expect people not to comment on that and the negative impact it has on the neighbors?

          • To clarify, I don’t have a problem with the initial posts so much as the reader comments. I’m not a huge fan of the horse’s ass posts (I don’t usually read them either) but I also see them as a different animal since they are usually uninhabited and/or commercial structures, rather than someone’s home. They are also in a condition that can’t be rectified by 30 minutes or less of yardwork, for example, so it’s a bigger issue of longterm neglect than what we saw yesterday.
            Has any horse’s ass post ever amassed the same degree of nastiness and hostility that we saw yesterday? I don’t know but I’m guessing probably not.

          • That’s fair. I appreciate the clarification. But for me, I would be angrier at someone who still lived in my neighborhood and treated their neighbors with disrespect and inconsideration than someone who has no active connection to the neighborhood except a title to a property that has fallen into disrepair. I’d still be angry, but it’d be more expected. And I definitely agree with the poster below that many people were probably lashing out at the general problem that this one person represents.

          • I think both yesterday’s post and horse’s ass posts shouldn’t be posted in the first place. This isn’t providing a neighborhood discussion, it’s a chance to vent your frustrations and likely humiliate someone.

        • I agree. I know that there’s different rules for what’s polite and appropriate for the internet, but I think of PoP as at least somewhat of a community. Having multiple posts singling out an individual homeowner struck me as too far on the mean-spirited end of the spectrum.

        • I think some of the comments were not about “Sarah” specifically, but about all of the Sarahs that we city dwellers have to live with. I imagine it was cathartic for some to release their frustrations of dealing with neighbors who appear to not care one bit about others. I’m talking about the neighbors who: play their music as loud as they want when they want, smoke near others’ open windows, leave their trash scattered about in alleys for someone else to pick up, leave a public health hazard on their lawns, etc… If we were all so free to do whatever the h$%# we wanted, this city would be a very unpleasant place. “Sarahs” make life more challenging and result in a lot of the frustration you saw on the post yesterday. It would be ideal if our Sarahs were more pleasant and conscientious of others, but c’est la vie.

          • saf

            I promise, it has nothing to do with the name.

          • I completely agree with this. A lot of us understand that living in a city can mean having a neighbor who is less than fun to live near, but we just grit our teeth and deal with it because what else can you do? Sure, it’s easy for people to say “just talk to them,” but that isn’t very practical in real life. That can be very intimidating depending on what kind of person you’re dealing with, and after all, you live next to them and if you upset them it probably isn’t in your best interest.
            That said, this blog does sometimes become an anonymous way to vent our daily frustrations of city living and I don’t really see anything wrong with it. On the other hand, I do agree that some of the commenters went overboard with the nastiness. (Although, half the comments weren’t even about that particular yard, but rather about public trashcans- go figure).

      • Prince Of Petworth

        There is a completely separate post publishing at 4pm about “Public Shaming” from the owner of the house.

    • I think some of the comments were not about “Sarah” specifically, but about all of the Sarahs that we city dwellers have to live with. I imagine it was cathartic for some to release their frustrations of dealing with neighbors who appear to not care one bit about others. I’m talking about the neighbors who: play their music as loud as they want when they want, smoke near others’ open windows, leave their trash scattered about in alleys for someone else to pick up, leave a public health hazard on their lawns, etc… If we were all so free to do whatever the h$%# we wanted, this city would be a very unpleasant place. “Sarahs” make life more challenging and result in a lot of the frustration you saw on the post yesterday. It would be ideal if our Sarahs were more pleasant and conscientious of others, but c’est la vie.

      • gotryit

        There are two types of people in this world: those who make mistakes and those who won’t admit it. Something about glass houses and throwing rocks. It may be cathartic as an anonymous internet poster, but I’ll bet we all screw up at some point or another, so be careful with the judgement.

        • I understand your point, but there’s a difference between making mistakes because no one’s perfect and giving a big ol’ F U to your neighbors with a yard full of shit. If the couple was struggling to deal with the problem (both in terms of time and money), perhaps they should have reached out to friends, family, or their neighbors. I would bet money that someone would have pitched in to help.

          • I don’t think you do understand gotryit’s point. And seriously drop it: if you didn’t get a chance to post in yesterday’s thread, don’t do it here. If you’re still worked up about this take it elsewhere. At least wait until the “public shaming” post that PoP is posting later, I’m sure that’ll get appalling pretty quickly.

          • Umm, I can post what I want, but thanks.

          • And perhaps their “neighbors” could have reached out to them. It’s asking a lot of people who are already struggling to “reach out”. Good neighbors offer. And in this case, offering to help would clearly have been a win-win solution for all sides.

          • I think it’s a lot to ask neighbors, already busy with their own lives, to be the ones to reach out, but it also sounds like they were having conversations with the owner.

          • agreed neighbors arent mind readers. they wont know there is an issue unless the first step is taken by the ones with time management issues.

          • It IS a lot to ask of neighbors to reach out. It’s also a LOT to ask of people who are already stressed, stretched and overwhelmed. It all comes down to the kind of communities we want to create and live in.

          • Well, I thought this all came about because neighbors had/have a problem with the state of the yard, and its impact on their well-being. My thought is that the people who have the problem should be proactive in offering positive solutions. My bad.

          • Regarding “neighbors arent mind readers. they wont know there is an issue unless the first step is taken by the ones with time management issues.”… what do you do when the problem seems obvious/egregious, but the neighbors are indifferent to the problem — like when the weeds behind their house have grown so big that they’re the size of small shrubs? Or when there’s an accumulation of litter between their stairs and the adjacent fence?
            Do you really expect neighbors to confront people that they’re going to have to continue to live with and tell them that the condition of their yard/etc. is not satisfactory?

          • “Confront”? No. Offer to help — yes. That’s what neighborly neighbors do. Before I would assume that a neighbor is “indifferent” to a problem, I would assume that they may not have the resources to deal with it. And if it truly bothered me, I would offer to help out if I could — either directly, if I was genuinely willing to do so, or indirectly, by suggesting resources that my neighbors might not be aware of. If my friendly efforts are not welcomed, then, unless it seemed to be a safety issue, I’d back off. But I wouldn’t complain about a problem without making an effort to offer some potential ways to address the problem.

  • Rave: how beautiful the sunrises and sunsets have been lately!
    Rant: Winter, I am sick of it

  • Rave: My new bike! While not a go-fast bike, it’s much easier to ride than my old clunker.
    Rant: A screw fell out. Where did it come from? Still trying to find a part missing one screw.
    Question: Is there a place to donate old bikes? Besides Bikes for the World – they ask for a $10 donation per bike, and I’d rather the bike be used locally vs being shipped overseas.

    • yesssssssssss to the new bike! do you absolutely love your Public bike?

      you can donate your bike to phoenix bike’s youth program in arlington… but you have to drop it off yourself:

      do you still have the screw? if i see what kind of screw, i can probably tell you where it came from.

      • Yup, loving my Public bike! Don’t know if this helps, but the screw is a 3/4″ phillips head screw. I know it came from my bike because it has blue paint on it.

        • Hmm I’ll have to wait til I get home to see… I know most of the screws that matter are hex headed screws (brakes, fenders, seat post). 3/4″ is pretty long so it can’t be reflector-related, which are phillips heads.

          • It might be closer to 5/8″ – I didn’t put my glasses on first time measuring.

          • Only thing I can think of right now is it came from the chain guard toward the front.

          • Yes – when I moved my bike the plastic guard fell off. Because it was missing a screw. Glad that it fell where it did (and that the screw fell where it did). Problem solved!

          • And rave to kken for knowing more about my bike than I do 🙂

          • You have no idea how much I love my Public bike. I pretty much clean it by hand over every square inch a few times a week LOL. I also do some basic maintenance to it so I know where everything generally goes. My friends pretty much think I have an unhealthy attraction to my bike.

    • I’m not sure about donating bikes, but I had no problem selling an old one on craigslist a couple of years ago. You can always try local thrift stores to donate.

    • Just chain it up outside, I’m sure it will make its way into the hands of local youth 😉 Otherwise, Bike for the World is the only one I know.

    • Maybe call your local rec center? They might appreciate having an incentive for a kid that needs a bike.

  • Rant: Not trying to start anything but the first thing I did when I got home yesterday is clean the dog poop off my deck and patio.

    Rave: knowing I won’t show up and “Ridiculous and Disgusting Part 2.”

  • Rave: It seems as if I’ve been walking around with my sweater inside out all morning. Glad I noticed it before I got too far into the day 🙂

    • I noticed my fly was open one day and then realized that it had been 4 or more hours since I had used the restroom. Nobody said anything to me. I was even meeting with clients. How about a head’s up people?

      • No one wants to tell their coworker that. My boss missed a button on his shirt this morning. I just really don’t want to be the one to inform him of them.
        If it was another woman who missed a button, I would probably tell her, but that brings me to one of my most infuriating pet peeves: women who don’t wear anything under button down shirts at work!! Unless you’re an A cup or less, you need to have a camisole under there. I don’t want a show when I see you from the side.

        • I think women shouldn’t wear button downs at all for that reason, unless they’re custom tailored. Even with a camisole the chest gaps look messy and distracting.

      • I can understand an opposite-sex coworker not wanting to say anything, but it seems like it wouldn’t be as embarrassing for a same-sex coworker.
        Or maybe (hetero) guys don’t want to point this out to other guys, lest they be thought of as ogling another guy’s crotch??

        • I’m always really appreciative when people point things out, like food in your teeth, a button situation, or when gravity’s got your fly. A minute or two of being red faced far outweighs walking around flashing the office all day!

      • Yeah, that’s tricky. A senior management type once came to a meeting wearing one black shoe and one dark brown shoe (otherwise identical). Someone pointed it out to him, and he got all flustered and cut short the important meeting that we all needed to proceed with the project. Since then, I’ve been hesitant.

        • I’m not sure I’d point that out (what’s he going to do? He’s stuck with whatever shoes he’s got that day). But an open button or fly or something that can be fixed to save furhter potential embarassment should be pointed out.

        • I went to a second job interview wearing a black shoe on one foot and a dark navy on the other. Same style, but still…. I noticed this during the interview and the only thing I thought to do was to put one foot behind the other and hope no one noticed. I got the job, and later I told my new colleagues about wearing different colored shoes. They said they never noticed 🙂

          • Interviewer: “What do you feel is your greatest weakness?”
            You: “On rare occasions, I sometimes fail to notice small details. For example…”

          • Haha – I’ll have to remember this for my next interview (when I will very carefully check my shoes before walking out the door!)

      • Yeah, I would only tell someone that I knew really well — because even a casual “XYZ” suggests that I’ve been looking at some guy’s crotch at work. Spinach in the teeth or a missing button would be a little easier…

        • gotryit

          As a guy, I wouldn’t assume that someone was ogling – just that an unzipped fly was kind of noticeable. What is there to ogle anyway? Unless you’re wearing speedo pants to work…

      • Kennywood’s Open!! (any pittsburghers?)

    • Hah, I was walking around with black poppy seeds between my teeth yesterday, unbeknownst to me. Thankfully I noticed before a big meeting, but come on co-workers.

  • Rant: picked up the wrong sandwich for bfast. Now my stomach hurts
    Rave: discovered the band La Santa Cecilia
    Rant: I don’t get a real snow day– I won’t have to come in but still expected to telework

    • I’ll have to use personal paid time off. Fortunatley, I put in a bunch of extra hours this week (it will be up to four by the end of today), so hopefully I’ll only have four hours to make up for. And I can do that before the pay period ends.

    • Yup, still expected to telework but shhh I may have to take an extended lunch break and play in the snow!

  • Observation: Recent conversations with coworkers and friends remind me how deeply grateful I should be for my health.
    Rant: I am sleeping rather poorly and just dragging this week. I blame the lack of vitamin D.
    Rant: I seriously dropped the ball with something at work. It isn’t the end of the world, but I’m just annoyed with myself for it.
    Rave: The crockpot. I am looking forward to coming home from a long day to an apartment that smells yummy and a meal that’s ready to be consumed. It is like having a personal chef.
    Rave: I got to have a long FT conversation with my bestie last night. I miss her.

    • I want to get into crockpot cooking, especially now that I have a little guy. But I’m nervous to leave it on all day while we’re gone. Have you ever had anything go wrong while you were away?

      • The only issue I have ever had is when I made a pot roast many years ago and didn’t put any liquid in the bottom of the pan. The meat was really dry, and the crock pot was a b*tch to clean. I would suggest giving the crock pot a try on a day when you’re home. That might alleviate any concern. Also, it is well worth buying a model that has a timer. That way, it can switch from cook to warming mode. This has saved many a meal when I’ve been running late and arrived home much later than expected. If you are a meat eater, ribs and pulled pork in the crock pot are amazing! And if you are a veggie, there is still a lot you can do. I’m crocking chole for dinner tonight. 🙂

        • Yum, chickpeas! You’ve given me motivation to break out the crockpot. I’ve had one for a few years now, just never used it. Maybe a snow day tomorrow is just what I need to get crocking!

  • Rant: we’ve started to follow the Feds for inclement weather, same policies and all. My reading of the policy suggests that if the office is closed, work is canceled. If there is liberal leave or telework, I can work from home. My boss seems to expect me to telework on snow days. And I’m fine with checking email and doing a few things, but if we’re closed I’m going to treat the day like we’re closed. If he expects otherwise he needs to make that clear, though likely he wouldn’t want to because it’s against the policy.
    Rave: snow!
    Rave: I’m going to make marshmallows! Homemade marshmallows aren’t light years better plain, but they are so much creamier and long lasting in hot chocolate than the store bought ones.
    Rant: I want to bake all day, but I have a lot of painting and organizing to do.

    • I’m a fed and our boss told us that (contrary to what she thought) when we’re closed and you have either a telework day or a telework agreement in place you have to work. She acknowledged that no one complied last time…but that we should in the future.

      • Makes total sense. The gov’t isn’t closed for a holiday. Flexibility works both ways and if you’ve received the benefits that a telecommuting agreement provides, then you have to accept that it will work against you from time to time.

        • I absolutely agree about flexibility working both ways. But in a perfect world, we would cut parents of young children a *little* slack on days like tomorrow, because sometimes, no matter how sincerely you want to be present and productive while working from home, the kids make it really, really hard.

    • Even when the federal government is closed, federal employees that have telework agreements are required to telework.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Fed Policy at Commerce is – if you are scheduled to telework, you telework. I am scheduled to telework tomorrow, but I guess not too many folks will log in. If you are not scheduled to telework and the office is closed you are off.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        In the event of an OPM announcement that “Federal Offices are Closed”:

        Employees who are not Telework Participants. Employees are excused from duty without charge to personal leave or loss of pay. This includes employees on approved scheduled leave (e.g., annual leave, sick leave, compensatory time). Employees are to record the number of hours of absence that they were regularly scheduled to work as “Hazardous Weather” in webTA, and charge the absence to their regular work project code.

        Unscheduled Teleworkers. Employees are excused from duty without charge to personal leave or loss of pay. This includes employees on approved scheduled leave (e.g., annual leave, sick leave, compensatory time). Employees are to record the number of hours of absence that they were regularly scheduled to work as “Hazardous Weather” in webTA, and charge the absence to their regular work project code. On the day of the weather event, unscheduled teleworkers who requested to telework, but only had work to perform for a portion of the workday, and were approved to telework, should record their work time as regular hours, with the transaction code “Telework Home” in webTA. Managers may consider exercising their authority to grant excused absence to unscheduled teleworkers that teleworked for a portion of the day. Employees would record the excused absence as “Hazardous Weather” in webTA, and charge the absence to their regular work project code. However, if in anticipation of inclement weather, an employee requested and was approved in advance to telework for the entire day of the weather event, (s)he should follow the guidance below for Scheduled Teleworkers.

        Scheduled Teleworkers. Employees are to begin teleworking at their regularly scheduled tour of duty time and telework the entire workday. Employees are to record their time as regular hours, with the transaction code “Telework Home” in webTA. If an employee did not work for the entire workday, the employee should account for the balance of the workday by requesting unscheduled leave. Managers may consider exercising their authority to grant excused absence to teleworking employees on a case-by-case basis if it was not possible for the teleworker to telework for some or all of the workday (e.g., power outages or network connection problems that prevent telework). In these instances, employees are to record the number of hours of approved absence as “Hazardous Weather” in webTA, and are to charge the absence to their regular work project code. Scheduled teleworkers who were on pre-approved leave should continue to record their pre-approved leave on their time and attendance worksheets.

        Emergency Employees. Emergency employees are expected to report to their worksites on time, unless otherwise directed by their supe

        • I’m not a Fed, but in November we were told we’ll be following OPM and there were additional details sent out. What you posted above, anonymouse_dianne, was not included in the communication from my HR dept.
          I’m not all about “getting out of work,” I just want clear expectations. I’m not scheduled to telework tomorrow. In fact, my first scheduled day of telework ever is Friday.
          Last time there was a snow day I logged in and answered some emails, I kept a conference call I had scheduled because it was time sensitive, but I didn’t do a ton of work. The next day my boss was annoyed that I didn’t address all of the emails he sent that day, some of which included communicating with people at FDA. Which was closed. I don’t want him to hold this against me when it’s not the policy.

          • I believe each agency has a telework policy, so the policy pasted above probably only holds for Commerce.

          • i’m private sector, but we follow OPM. I don’t even check my BB on snow days when the feds shut down. many people in my office do, but no one gets mad or expects me to respond to emails on a snow day.

          • OPM Policy is that employees with a telework agreement in place are required to telework in accordance with their agreement. In our agreements, it’s clearly stated that in cases of inclement weather we are expected to work a full day or take leave. Had to remind folks of that today as someone always “forgets” their laptop when the gov’t is closed.

            Some agencies don’t put that in their agreements though.

            anonymouse_dianne’s policy sounds terrible! Just mean and unfair…

    • I made marshmallows when I was making rocky road ice cream & fortunately there were enough left over for a few cups of hot chocolate. When I was looking at recipes I found some for chocolate marshmallows, mint marshmallows, etc – more ways to enjoy marshmallows!

    • I hope you have a good mixer! I destroyed the motor in a brand-new mixer making marshmallows a few years ago, and have been afraid to try them.again.

      • I had the same experience! Making marshmallows was really fun, like a science experiment, but it killed my cheap hand mixer.

      • KitchenAid all the way. It’s worth the money and then some.

      • Yeah, I made marshmallows with a high-end (KitchenAid) hand mixer and the motor exploded. I haven’t tried since I got my stand mixer. Most things are worth making from scratch but I didn’t think the marshmallows were that different than store bought.

        • Wow, marshmallows wrecked the KitchenAid motor? I made marshmallows that, in addition to gelatin and the other normal ingredients, also had beaten egg whites. My KitchenAid didn’t have an issue.
          I did make a double batch of pizza dough that burned out the motor. I called KitchenAid to ask about authorized repair places, but even though it was slightly out of warranty the replaced the whole mixer. That was definitely above and beyond what I expected.

        • I used an old hand blender for this ~

    • Marshmallow recipe, please?

      • All of the recipes I have for marshmallows I found on Pinterest. If you’re not on Pinterest I highly suggest joining.
        I don’t which ones I made last time and I’m not yet sure which ones I’m making this time. There are lots of flavors, I recommend searching pinterest and going wild.

      • I used smitten kitchen’s recipe but also referred to David Lebovitz’s blog post about making marshmallows. It’s easier than it looks, but also a messy/sticky process.

  • RAVE: getting engaged soon! We went ring shopping, he told me he placed an order, there is a proposal window… and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this guy! YAY!!!

    • RANT: stupid work. Unhelpful work colleagues. People that dump more work on you. Bosses that allow employees to go on big work trips (unrelated with our team’s portfolio) and therefore leaving the rest of us with double the responsibilities.

    • How did you feel about picking out your own ring? What do you mean by a proposal window?

      • Well, I didn’t quite “pick” the ring. I tried on a few different style & got measured and decided on the ones I liked the best. He ultimately made the decision knowing my likes/dislikes. So I have no idea what he ordered, but I assume it will be one of two styles.
        “Proposal window” = it will happen after my upcoming work trip and before the vacation to see my family in April. so at some point in March… but no idea when or how or what!

      • Oh and I didn’t mind picking my own ring (or deciding together on a few options based on my likes and the budget). It felt like a very adult decision… made together.

      • I picked out my own ring and am very happy we were able to go ring shopping together. I’m not a huge fan of many the popular styles out there today, .

        It also means we were able to talk frankly about the price. The ring I liked ended up being smaller than I thought when I first saw it online, and (comparatively, for the industry) inexpensive. He was worried that I wouldn’t feel like he was valuing me enough by spending less than the expected norm, but I was able to tell him that this was the ring I liked and want to wear.

        • Whoops, cut off that first paragraph. I would have felt terrible if I didn’t love the ring he picked out.

          • As a man, I could never imagine buying a ring that my significant other didn’t pick out. Why would I drop all this cash for something she might not love? Seems like a stupid way to spend my hard earned money.
            Success marriages are made via frank conversations. The ring & what’s within your budget is just the first of many.

      • I was looking at styles for my engagement ring as well, and decided that i hate them all and would never wear two rings anyway (not a ring person at all). Glad I did that because i would feel guilty if he spend money and then i didn’t wear it. I’m very happy with my thin gold wedding band!

        • Instead of an engagement ring, my mother asked for a Maltese dog. We have a picture of her at the wedding holding the dog. My mother was different!

          • LOL – dogs beat diamonds any day. Good article in last Sunday’s Post Outlook about the advertising company that created a “need” for diamond engagement rings out of thin air ( and pure greed.)

  • Last night: “Fallen Angel Smoothie”–Coconut milk, shrimp, chicken broth, ginger, garlic, onion, red pepper flakes, spinach and flax seed did the Oster tango.

    Lunch today: “Not Taylor Gourmet Spicy Meatball Sub Smoothie”—Pretty much what it sounds like minus the bread plus spinach and flax seed took a twirl.

    • Have you started planning your “welcome back to solid food” meal yet? Craving something in particular? Heal fast!

    • Wow! Your “Fallen Angel…” sounds yummy! I might try it — without the blender part. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve now taken on the very lazy habit of planning (some of) my dinners around your posts! And my lunch plans are nowhere near as good as yours! Still, as much as I’m enjoying your posts, I hope you’re healing, feeling better, and back to solid food soon! Um, have you thought of writing this up as a gourmet weight loss plan? 🙂

      • Happy to be your new dinner muse and yes, “Fallen Angels” was delicious. The first two weeks I was eating mostly ground turkey, spinach, quinoa with beef or chicken broth which got boring and was probably why initially I was losing eating almost a pound a day which is not good when you are a guy trying to regrow bone plus I have a lip and mouth injury. Challenging myself to come up with tasty alternatives has actually been fun!

    • Yep, still want to give you all the hugs…

      • I’m fine–not in pain at all and I’m lucky since many people with a broken jaw have to have their jaws wired shut. I’ve got good insurance, great doctors and a supportive boss. I just look a little banged up 😉

        • Take the hugs! You’re newly trim and still vulnerable. Hear that? That’s opportunity knockin’. (Unless you have a spouse who would object, in which case, never mind me.)

    • I have to applaud the creativity and effort you put into your blender meals. If I had a broken jaw, I’m pretty sure I’d be drinking Ensure and fruit smoothies for the duration.

    • That sounds delicious! I was sure from your menus you had a Vitamix, but it seems not. You are the best advertisement for your brand/style of blender. I am thinking late night infomercial in your future : )

      • I’m a non-profit guy so I doubt that my trusty blender cost more than $40. I have to add a little liquid to it and then cook it down.

        • Sounds like your current blender is doing just fine, but if you ever want a Vitamix someday, you may want to check out the reconditioned models they sell on their website. I got a discount on my reconditioned Vitamix, and while it’s no longer looking shiny and pretty, it’s been chugging along great for about six years now. I love it, so I couldn’t resist a little plug! 🙂

        • I think we need a Popville celebratory steak dinner for Broken Jaw when the mush is over with!

    • You are hilarious and I am happy that you have a sense of humor. I hope when you start eating solid food that you will continue to give updates on something.

  • Rant: Woke up every day for the past 2 weeks with sinus pressure and headache.
    Rave: snow!
    Rant:I have to help give half of a presentation today at work via webinar.
    Rant: Just saw number of registrants. 180. Nerves increasing steadily.
    Rave: I won’t be alone, coauthor will be with me.
    Rave: It’s a webinar so no one will be able to see how nervous I’ll be.

  • Question: Is it bad/wrong of me to not want to run a marathon/half marathon? All my friends seem to feel like this is the ultimate status symbol. I’m OK with my 10Ks…does that make me less of a runner? (#insecurities?)

    • I’m a runner and have done some 10-milers and one half, and I have zero desire to double it for a marathon. I find that while I like running, I don’t want it to be my primary pastime. Doing the long runs to train for a marathon would make me spend more time on running than I want, at the expense of other things. Everyone should just do what they like, whether it’s to run a marathon or to be content with shorter distances, and not judge others who make different choices.

    • binpetworth

      I have this same feeling. I know I could theoretically train and run longer distances, but that would eat up a tremendous amount of time for long runs on the weekend (seeing as I am never going to run a sub-9-minute mile). I think you just have the embrace the runner that you are!

    • Yes, it makes you less of a runner. But not nearly as shabby as folks like Usain Bolt who can barely squeak out 100m.
      I am joking of course. For goodness sake, run as much as you want, and stop when you don’t want to run any further. If it’s not good enough for your friends then get better friends.

    • Nope! I’m in the same boat.

    • Run whatever you want; race whatever distance you want to race. It’s not the racing that makes you a runner; it’s the running.
      I’ve done quite a few halfs and 10ks and never thought I’d get the marathon bug….until I got it last year and barely survived the marine corps marathon. Since the race I have not had the same passion or even inclination to run at all. Hoping the burn out will burn out and I’ll start wanting to run again.

    • I’m with you. I run regularly but have no interest in marathons. I also swim regularly and have no interest in triathalons. I do these things to keep in shape and because I enjoy them in moderation.

    • Why are you worried about being”less of a runner?” Do you define yourself primarily as “a runner,” in which case you probably — both for your own self-esteem and your credibility with others, especially competitors — need to be doing something that sets you apart from all the “lawyers who run as a hobby,” whether that’s going the full 26.2, dramatically improving your 10k time or something else to set you apart. If you’re perfectly happy being a “PoPster who runs” then don’t don’t worry about it. What are your goals? General fitness, looking good, dropping 10 pounds? Winning your age group? The main thing probably is to pick a goal and a regimen that makes you happy and encourages you to stick to it.
      I joined a rowing team a couple years ago and have gradually come to think of myself as “a rower” to an alarming degree. It takes a lot of time and serious effort that I can;t devote to other things. On the other hand, my life is in a place where I have the time, I am happy to make rowing and hanging out with teammates a cornerstone of my social life, it keeps me away from less healthy hobbies, and I’m doing reasonably well. (And I’m not an addict and I can kick it any time). I like it, but if I choose to go to a less competitive program, I won’t think of myself as “less.’

    • NO!
      I did a half, mostly because I was feeling fat (I didn’t lose weight while training, by the way). I intend to stay within the 10K races from now forward. 10Ks have their own challenges and those are the type of races where you can run faster without necessarily having to think about the endurance factor of running for 2-3-4 hours straight.

    • If you’re not feeling it, there’s no shame in not running a marathon. Runners are runners, whether they run 1 mile or 50 miles.

    • You’re a runner if you run, which you do.
      Runner’s World did a survey of their readers and of course I can’t find it now, but I think it was less than half of them had ever run a marathon. These are people who subscribe to Runners World and they don’t all run marathons.
      I’ve done a few half marathons and really liked them, I thought the full marathon was the next thing I should do. Well, it wasn’t the best idea. I was too scared of the distance to train well. When I trained for my first half I was intimidated in a way that motivated me, when I trained for the marathon I was intimidated into not wanting to run. So, I made it through the race and I actually enjoyed a few of the long training runs, but I shouldn’t have done it just to do it and I should have listened to the fear. Not that it’s completely related, but 3 months later I got a stress injury in my femur and haven’t run in a year. So, do what you think feels right.

    • The first guy to run a marathon dropped dead. So – no!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Survived visit to the dentist yesterday, replacing a broken filling was easier than I thought.
    Rave: looking forward to do some snow photos tomorrow hopefully.

    • pablo .raw

      Rant: Riding the bus yesterday, I’ve heard the message asking people to pay the bus fare, it’s a crime to not do it, etc. The problem is that it is only played in Spanish. I looked around, and there were only 3 or 4 latinos in the bus at that point. I’m not really sure what to think about this, it’s the second time it happens.

      • saf

        I think that they forget that there are 2 messages.

        I’ve been on bus in the last few months when the “don’t forget the routes are changing” message from 3 years ago played, but only in Spanish.

      • I don’t think the language is related to the content of the message. Sometimes when I’m sitting in a metro station they’ll play the Spanish version of the “Excuse me, is that your bag?” ad multiple times, but no English version. I’m not sure why; sometimes they just get stuck in Spanish.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’ve heard it in English, so it happens at least occasionally. Maybe they just don’t play them back to back.

      • Tangential question for Pablo and other native (and maybe non-native) speakers of Spanish:
        I don’t ride Metrobus all that frequently these days, so I haven’t heard the Spanish-language announcement that are bus-specific, but I hear the ones in Metrorail all the time.
        Originally there was a Spanish-language version of “Is that your bag?” with a female announcer. I thought that one was very clear and easy to understand. Then there came another Spanish-language announcement (I don’t remember if it was “Is that your bag?” or a different one) with a male announcer. I can’t tell whether he’s mumbling or whether the audio quality is poor or what, but I have a much harder time understanding that one.
        Any thoughts re. mumbling vs. audio quality? And/or maybe he’s speaking with an accent/dialect that’s not as easy for non-natives to understand as the woman’s accent/dialect?
        I’m very curious.

        • pablo .raw

          Interesting, I’ve never had any problem understanding any of the messages and I think they are pretty good at avoiding any specific accents. Maybe it was audio quality, but I’ll pay more attention from now on 🙂

        • I still here the female “is that your bag” one all the time, but I’ll try and pay more attention over the next few weeks to see if I can hear the male one and discern why it might sound more garbled. Could just be that lower frequency voices are harder to hear in cavernous metro stations.

      • pablo .raw

        It’s good to know that people have heard the message in English also, it’s just that the 2 times I’ve heard it, it is only played in Spanish on a 25 min. ride.

  • I’m trying not to resent Valentine’s Day but I lost my V card AND experienced (a mediocre) marriage proposal that ended in divorce. And I’m single. Am I little more entitled to be bitter about all these stupid flower ads I’m seeing on every site?
    Rave: I’m cooking something delicious tonight, stocked up on groceries last night, and (weather permitting) head out of the country this weekend!

  • Rant: My office never cancels for weather. Like – doesn’t even have a system in place to let people know in the event they do cancel – never.
    Rant: Which means if the metro (inevitably) stops working and DC (inevitably) loses its shit, I will have to find some way to get to work because if I don’t show then I’m using a vacation day. Of which I only have 10.
    Rant: Part of me just wants to say screw it and go over to my SO’s place to hole up until the storm passes since I know he won’t have work. But that probably isn’t an option.
    Rave: Snow (?)
    Rant: I have no idea if he’s doing anything for Valentine’s Day or not. So I have no idea whether or not I should make plans with my girlfriends.
    Rave: New (casual) relationship

    • “So I have no idea whether or not I should make plans with my girlfriends.”
      You can easily figure this out by asking him if he wants to do something on Friday because if not you were going to make plans with your girlfriends. Sooooo easy.

      • I tried that a few nights ago and he hedged lol. Not sure if its because he doesn’t want the pressure of Valentine’s Day or because he made plans. Decided to stop overthinking it after that but still frustrating: love the ambiguity of casual relationships, hate when they cause situations like this.

        • And you let him hedge?! Seriously though, if you want to make other plans then don’t let him hedge. I’ve been the hedger so I understand the game but it doesn’t work if the other person is not willing to play along. Just be plain about it, say “if we’re not doing anything Friday then I’m going to make other plans” and if he doesn’t say you’re doing something then you make other plans. The power is entirely within your hands to resolve this. Now, if you *are* secretly hoping that he is planning something and therefore keeping your schedule open, then that’s different…

        • It’s two days before Valentine’s Day and he hasn’t made plans with you? He’s not your SO. Make plans with your girlfriends.

          • Agreed. Definitely not your SO, so hang with your girls. If wanted to do something, he’d tell you.

          • Yeah. If it’s this close to Valentine’s Day and he hasn’t made plans with you, it’s not going to happen. (Unless he finds himself with nothing to do on Friday and thinks he can be all “Hey, let’s hang out” with you.)

  • Rave: Quit yesterday! (have a new job lined up!)
    Rave (because it is funny): passive/aggressive boss won’t acknowledge my existence and has made it a point to personally go visit my other coworkers. Boss wasn’t the reason I am leaving (just a better jobby job) but this childish behavior needs to go back to the sandbox:) PEACE the F OUT.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Snow is coming so work from home looks likely for thursday and probably friday….
    Rave: I am officially single and currently not even trying to see anyone, so i dont need to worry about valentines day for the first time in a while (whew).
    Rant: My 3 closest friends are all going to north carloina this friday…..wish they were there to hang out with this weekend since they are all single too.
    Revel: This week….going so well so far.

  • Rant: I’m the fattest I’ve ever been: 160 pounds and NONE of it is muscle.
    Rave: intervals for lunch
    Rave: it’s Darwin Day! I think ‘Murica would be a better place if we got rid of St Valentine and replaced it with Darwin.

  • Rant: I get the you are posting to quickly slow down or the gateway error message. i dont know if this is related to some of the issues discussed yesterday with the wibsite going particularly slow.
    Rant: I have the sniffles or something else
    Rant: bummed my parents cancelled their trip
    Rave: they rescheduled for next week.
    Rave: my birthday is monday 🙂
    Rave: telework 2 days in a row. friday is my scheduled day and then tomorrow. how many inches are we actually going to get? I have heard so many different predictions.

  • Ravel (or rant?): This Rant or Revel #1000! So many grips and joys over the years 😀

  • Rave: Hoping for a snow day tomorrow!
    Rant: My ears have been ringing all day. I used ear plugs the night before last and yesterday they were feeling a bit weird, and then today mostly one ear has a dull roar. Annoying and tiring, can’t hear properly, the pressure feels weird. If it’s not better by Friday I’ll get it checked out, hopefully it will be though.. :<
    Rant: Working an event tonight. Hopefully we'll be out of there before the snow really gets going!

  • Rant: My flight to Florida tomorrow night was cancelled and everything else is sold out. No long weekend on the beach for me 🙁
    Rave: At least the airline cancelled it early so I didn’t get stuck at the airport? Trying to look on the bright side. And now I’ll get to experience the snow craziness in DC this weekend.

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