Pete Seeger Singalong a Huge Success – Plus Please Meet the Bold Capitol Possom

Pete Seeger - Kitties - DCRA notice 027

Thanks to Victoria for capturing the crowd at the Pete Seeger singalong in the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza on Saturday.

And @Kevin_Barta tweets us the beautiful/haunting/terrifying photo below:

“Went for a stroll and met #CapitolPossum”


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  • That possum looks like the ROUS in Princess Bride.

  • If the possum is out in the daylight, that is not normal, I would suggest that folks steer clear, it is usually an indication that the animal is ill.

    • People say this every time a photo of a nocturnal animal out in the daytime gets posted. Nocturnal animals are primarily nocturnal, not exclusively. Especially when they have adapted to living in a city environment where there is a lot of light at night. That thing looks pretty healthy from the photo. And not that you said “rabid,” possums are pretty much immune to getting rabies.

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