“On The Road and At Home with The Rolling Stones” Talk March 1st at Petworth Library


“On The Road and At Home with The Rolling Stones”

Author and Rolling Stones insider Bill German will discuss his ups and downs with “the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world.” His book, Under Their Thumb, chronicles his friendship with the Stones (forged when he was just a teenager) and how he became the band’s official historian for two decades. He traveled the world with them, stayed at their homes, and witnessed their private jam sessions, decadent parties, and vicious in-fights.

He’ll share his humorous anecdotes and never-before-seen photos at the Petworth Library at 4200 Kansas Avenue, NW, Washington, DC on Saturday, March 1, from 2pm to 4 pm. A book signing will follow. Admission is free.

Event is sponsored by the Friends of the Petworth Library.”

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  • Bill, why aren’t you with the Stones in Asia? I’d go to this event but I’ll be in Japan . . to see the Stones!

  • No, AC/DC’s better.

    • I loooooooooove AC/DC, but you are SO WRONG.

      1. The Stones
      2. The Beatles
      3. Led Zepplin

      • Zeppelin is possibly the most overrated band in rock history (they might tie with Springsteen.) They stole a bunch of old Blues songs and their singer sounds like an old woman screeching when he tries to sing them. Like Sonny Boy Williamson said about The Yardbirds, “They wanted to play the blues so bad, and they played the Blues so bad!”

        Dylan and The Band are at the top of my list.

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