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  • N Fort Myers is a horrible place.

  • This place never seemed busy and they have a huge space. What gives?
    The outcome is not surprising.

  • Not surprising. This place is notorious for violence. Last time I was in Adams Morgan on a Saturday night (involuntarily), 18th Street was fully lined with cop cars and police tape around the club.

  • This place has been a nuisance since it opened last summer. Outrageously loud music shaking surrounding buildings and keeping tenants up all night….trash on the ground at the rear feeding rats and smelling horrible…and, of course, the violence that the other posting mentioned.

  • Diva needs to look for a Sugar Daddy to help her pay her bills.

  • I’ve lived on Belmont St (behind “NY DIVA NY”‘s backdoor) for almost 12 years. I know Adams Morgan gets trashy on the weekends but PLEASE!!! Diva nightclub takes the definition of trashy to the next level. Are they really being evicted? Wonderful, some temporary peace for my neighborhood but the truth is… how long before the next new tenant gets to open another “restaurant” that requires you to be bodysearched before you enter to eat.

  • I never figured out who their demographic was. Did hear that they were turning people away at the door for not fitting in to it.

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