New Liquor Store Coming to former Old School Liquor Store at 914 H Street, NE

914 H Street, NE

A new liquor store is coming to the former liquor store at 9th and H St, NE. We once noted the old school liquor sign that was registered back in 1962. I hope the new folks are able to restore the old school sign. The liquor license placard says the licensee is Andy Lee Liquor:

“New Liquor Store with tasting.”

And hours are listed as Sunday through Saturday 9 am – 10 pm.

A friend of mine wonders – “will there be bullet proof glass or not?”



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  • Ditto on restoring the old sign. H Street needs some neon.

  • i wonder if they will do something with that front door situation

    & if i had to guess id say there is a good chance glass will be present
    they wil probably be geared torwards the “new” h st but bear in mind there was a store clerk shot and killed just last year

    • I disagree. I doubt there will be glass. If they’re trying to gear toward the changing demographic on H, bullet proof glass would be a death sentence- esp. when some of the older businesses are beginning to remove it and revamp their look.

  • What a disappointment. We really don’t need yet another liquor store on H Street. We don’t even need a Mexican sports liquor store. Where is the creativity?

  • justinbc

    Cool, hopefully they can compete with Schneider’s in pricing. On that note, a recent self conducted survey found most bitters at Schneider’s to be $3-4 less per bottle than at Batch 13 (both visited on the same day), although Batch 13 had more options available (about 10 vs 20).

  • What’s up with the other liquor store on H Street? I went in there a few weeks ago at 9pm and the guy working the register was all sorts of drunk/high-as-a-kite. Mumbling slurred speech, random bouts of yelling, and he could barely operate the register. Me and my buddy actually had to wait around and escort a female customer out of the store because she didn’t feel safe being in there by herself.

      • Capitol Fine Wine and Spirits, right next to Sidamo.
        I don’t live in the area and just stopped in to grab a bottle of wine before a friend’s party.
        The selection was decent and it was a nice shop, but the guy working the shop was completely off his rocker.

        • You’re kidding. I live near there and go all the time. Granted it’s usually on a Saturday afternoon, but I’ve never had issues. The people there have always been very nice.

          • I’m not sure if it’s the normal guy that ya’ll are familiar with. The guy kept ranting about “my boss!” and stated that his boss can watch him via the security cameras. He was also drinking shots of liquor and offering them to us. The man was working the store alone and appeared to be Ethiopian/North African.
            Like I said, I don’t live in that ‘hood and I’m not familiar with the staff. It was my first time in there. It sounds like it was bad one-off experience with a guy/relative who was covering a Friday night shift for the proprietor.

        • Yeah, I live around the corner and frequent that shop. I have never even remotely seen what you are describing.

        • Yep, I live a few blocks away and go in all the time. The gentleman who is usually working the register has always been very polite. This is definitely an atypical experience.

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