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  • this is great, we need a good barber in the neighborhood…deigos is a zoo

  • Please let it be just a barber shop, and not some fake, overwrought hipster vision of a barber shop. This town is starting to look like the Disney version of Washington DC.

  • Hopefully that will give a nice alternative to the Appointment Nazi known as Diego

    • Appointment Nazi? The real problem is that he hasn’t raised the price of a cut in close to 15 years. Customer demand for $20 cuts provided by experienced barbers (except that greek guy in the back corner – don’t understand why he gets repeat customers) exceeds supply.

      I personally think he should go to appointments only on some or all days. Frankly, I call generally 2-6 hours beforehand and rarely have a problem getting in. All the guys that pile in last minute and end up having to stand in the doorway with a jacket and giant man-purse are the real issue here. A little advance planning never hurt anyone.

    • Barber shops generally don’t take appointments.

      • Likewise, it’s not traditional to wait in an epic line to buy groceries…But people do it everyday. Diego’s is busy, just like any good provider of a needed service in a densely populated area.

  • Interesting – just a few block south of Wise Owl Club, which seems to be doing well since it opened. Pent up demand?

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