Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Kalorama/North Dupont

2311 Connecticut Avenue Northwest

This rental is located at 2311 Connecticut Avenue, Northwest:


The listing says:

“You will fall in love with this charming one bedroom apt. in the Woodward Condo. Very nice FURNISHED apartment in prestigious building, convenient to shops, restaurants and just blocks from Woodley Park Metro. Tenant must sign min. 12-mo lease per condo rules. Remodeled, tasteful, utils (except phone & Internet) and basic cable included in rent. Spacious roof deck with great views.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $2,300/Mo.

Ed. Note: You can read about how much those in PoPville pay for rent here.

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  • I wish more one bedrooms were priced for single occupancy.

    • I think if you could live in the city without a car (which you totally could in this neighborhood) and didn’t have a tremendous amount of other expenses like law school loans, then $2300 would be affordable for a single person earning over $75,000 a year.

      • i think that would be a stretch for anyone making less than 100k if you’re using the rule of income/40.

        • Personally I think that rule of thumb is not exactly applicable to this situation because (1) it’s possible to live without a car, drastically reducing transportation costs thus freeing up more discretionary income for housing, (2) usually housing affordability at a 30% income threshhold is more problematic for lower income households than higher income households who have a larger pool of discretionary income to draw from (3) this is a rental property, not a mortgage subject to a specific debt to income ratio to qualify for a loan, and (4) living in a desirable neighborhood of a major city engenders lifestyle choices that may involve spending more discretionary income than what is “suggested” in order to be close to amenities such as restaurants, parks, gyms, playgrounds, cultural institutions etc.

          • Agree entirely with your analysis. If you’re a single person who prioritized a career in a lucrative field, you can afford this place in what is arguably one of the more posh neighborhoods in a very expensive city. If you’re a just-starting-out single with student debt, a non-profit salary, and an interest in things other than making money, you’ll need to adjust your expectations and look elsewhere. Life is about choices; not everyone gets to have the best/most expensive/most convenient, if that’s what you could even call this.

      • Oh law school loans, bane of my existence for all eternity.

      • 23k in rent for someone making 75k? That’s nuts. I would never even consider paying rent that high unless I made at least 125 and even then its a stretch. You can get a 1BR (in a non-posh building) within 2 blocks of this one for around 1,700 a month including utils. That said, the Woodward is a beautiful building.

        • It’s actually 27.6k which is 37% of 75k. Under even very conservative financial planning (ie the 30% rule) that should not be a huge stretch at all. And some people want to live in a boutique building – whether you can get a basement unit or shared bedroom 2 blocks away is sorta moot.

          • I respect the 30% rule as a standard metric but I’d hardly call it conservative let alone ‘very conservative’. Anyone who moves into this apartment making less than 92k has either a carefree attitude or a sizable inheritance awaiting them. Consider this: according to the Washington Post, the median household income for the entire 20009 zip is $77,835. You’re recommending that someone with an average income for 20009 move into one of it’s nicest and most expensive buildings? Doesn’t make sense.

            Regarding your second comment: ” whether you can get a basement unit or shared bedroom 2 blocks away is sorta moot.”

            That’s not what I said. You can get an upper floor 1-br on the 1900 block of Kalorama for $1,725 (including utils).

            Example building that’s just around the corner that goes for 1,725:

            PS: Here’s another radical idea: always pay your credit card balance in full every month!

            Look up the Median Income for 20009 here:

  • the person’s current decor takes away from the apartment. but with a coat of paint and some nicer furniture, this place could be cute. you’re obviously paying for the prestigious location though.

    • I agree about the furnishings… I would not hesitate to immolate them in an uncontrolled bonfire, as an effigy to bad taste. I can’t say in good conscience that the table lamps are worse than the dictatorship of Kim Jong Il, but they are at least equally bad. Lovely detail work on the exterior of the building, though.

      • No complaints about finishes?

        This place has oriental rugs and and furnishings that didn’t come from Ikea or from overpriced place like the ironically named “Design Within Reach”. That’s probably why they want single occupancy. And the furnishings aren’t going to attract a “kids trade”

        • Man if those furnishings are expensive, I’ll continue to buy antiques off Craigslist and refinish them for next to nothing. It looks like the landlord furnished the entire apartment at Value City.

        • “This place has oriental rugs and and furnishings that didn’t come from Ikea or from overpriced place like the ironically named “Design Within Reach”. ———– You’re right, they probably came from an appropriately priced place, like say a yard sale, Craigslist, or Wal-Mart.

        • Huh? That furniture looks rather cheap and disposable, frankly. Looks perfect for some “kids”.

  • It looks like there’s another similar unit in that building too – though there’s no furniture to immolate in that one.

  • I’d suggest taking new pictures when it’s light outside. Unless the living room and kitchen really are encased in a black hole that’s sucking all the light out of the place.

    • +1 on the need for photos taken in daylight.
      I’m surprised people are criticizing the decor. I’m not enthusiastic about every single piece in the apartment, but I like the oriental rug and the Chinese (?) screen on the wall, and several of the other items.

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