Metro Transit Police arrest alleged “cell phone flasher”



“An accused “cell phone flasher” has been arrested by Metro Transit Police in connection with several recent incidents on the Metrorail system.

Metro Transit Police today announced new charges against Steven Andrew Slaughter, 22, of Washington, DC, for alleged lewd acts and an assault that occurred in January.

Starting in mid-January, Metro Transit Police detectives became aware of a series of incidents in which a male subject would approach female passengers on the Metrorail system and show them a lewd photograph of himself on his cell phone screen. In some cases, the suspect would approach victims claiming that he was raising money for a youth organization.

Slaughter was identified using Metro’s high-definition video surveillance footage, as well as witness statements and reports.”

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  • he sort of matches the description of the metro masturbator too…. wonder if he’s the one.

  • He is a disturbed individual. If you read the full WMATA report, he was arrested for masturbating on a Red Line train. So yes, this is probably the same guy.

  • Wait, a clear HD-quality security camera where you can actually identify objects? Well done, Metro!

  • Cellphone flashing, this is a thing? Follow up, what do you do when you see people watching porn on a phone in public. I’ve seen this on the metro and bus a few times recently. Fairly disturbing.

    • Snatch their cell phone while they’re distracted, of course!


      But seriously….that’s gross. Don’t know if you could do anything if they have on headphones. If they’re playing it out loud, you could complain.

  • Complete with a classy “69” neck tattoo. Seriously.

  • how awesome would it have been if the victim had grabbed the phone and tossed it onto the tracks??!

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