Meridian Pint and Smoke and Barrel hosting benefit for Assaulted Employee


From Smoke and Barrel:

“On Wednesday, February 12 [Starting at 5pm] Smoke and Barrel [2471 18th St, NW] will host a benefit for employee Marc Smith. Marc was violently assaulted earlier this month on his way home from work, near the PG Plaza Metro station.

To help Marc with the ensuing medical bills and time off work, Smoke and Barrel will be offering a special menu downstairs (The Bottom of the Barrel) with 100% of the proceeds going to Marc’s recovery.

Pints of Flying Dog Doggiestyle Pale Ale and Lost Rhino Meridian Kolsch will be offered for $5 along with classic picnic-style burgers, hot dogs, and fries.

Smoke and Barrel General Manager Zach Myers and Executive Chef Logan McGear will be bartending the event with 100% of gratuity donated to Marc.

Smoke and Barrel would like to thank Sysco, Lost Rhino, and Flying Dog for their support in aiding Marc’s recovery.”

and from Meridian Pint [11th and Park Rd, NW]:

“We will be holding a craft beer raffle during the month of February to benefit one of our own, Marc. Marc is an employee at Smoke and Barrel who was viciously attacked on the way home from work. We will be donating all proceeds from the raffle to help him pay for mounting medical bills and future time off that he will need to rehab. Raffle tickets are $5 a piece and the drawing will happen on March 1st. Thank you in advance for helping us support our family.”

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  • Sorry to hear this. Love Smoke & Barrel and Meridian Pint, and am planning to help out. Does anyone know more about what happened, his injuries, prognosis, etc? I think that it would be more effective to have that information, and to post a picture of Marc. (I think I know who he is, but am not 100% sure.) If folks recognize him from Smoke & Barrel, they may be more likely to help out too…. And perhaps set up an online account for donations?

  • Interesting concept, and it is awful what happened to the employee (hope he’s also looked into victim’s compensation funds). In addition to hosting a fundraiser so customers can help pay Marc’s expenses, wonder if the restaurants would also consider offering paid sick leave and health/short and long-term disability insurance to their employees so they didn’t have to rely on the kindness of strangers to meet their medical needs.

      • +1,000 really? REALLY?!?! Having one a-hole commenting with complete cynacism and disregard for people helping people is more than enough. Whether they do or do not have insurance for this sort of thing is irrelevant. Should we have the same reaction for hurricane, typhoon and earthquake victims?

    • I know much of the staff at Smoke & Barrel and they do offer paid sick leave to all of their employees. I think it is great that they are trying to go above and beyond to help out a fellow employee and I think before people make cynical comments, they should do some research. I have been to a lot of bars that do this type of thing to help support their employees and I absolutely encourage it and plan on being there for the event.
      In my experience, service industry people, especially at in very small businesses like Smoke & Barrel, take a lot of pride in serving their community and tend to think of their guest as more than “strangers”. I know when I dine there I think of them as more than faceless servers, cooks and bartenders.
      Happy to Support!

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