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  • Talk about bringing coal to Newcastle. I give it 9 months. This strip of 14th has so much potential, it’s sad to see another Salvadoran restaurant.

    Is “Seafood House” on the 1st floor and “La Dulce Noche” on the 2nd floor? I suspect something slim-shady is going on here.

    • I suspect all that’s going on is an immigrant attempting to open a restaurant serving his country’s food. Dog bites man. La Molienda has been there forever, as has Distrito. So I suppose it has some chance. What’s far more offensive to me than Salvadoran restaurants opening in a Salvadoran neighborhood is the half-assed food stalls between Otis and Parkwood. They’re dirty and the food isn’t good, and they’re on a lot that could be developed.

      • Would you build on a lot with a view of section 8 housing and a gas station? These Maryland based food vendors used to be in Adams Morgan, but moved when the neighborhood finally got them out of the park. Enter Jim Graham, who moved them to this lot (they are renting from the church) without consulting the neighborhood.
        From what I’ve observed they have lots of customers, although most of them are about 4 inches tall, have 4 legs, and a long tail.

        • Honestly, I think that block is a gold mine. Not just that lot, but the two nasty buildings in between it and Pho Viet. Hubbard Place might be Section 8, but it’s an awesome building.

          • I always enjoy your comments, Mr. Poon.
            Now if only the Exxon owner would sell (like what happened in Adams Morgan).

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