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  • Ugh. There’s already 5 guys, McDonalds, and TD Burger. Stop with the burgers.

    • Kraze has good veggie options at least!

    • Or stop with the casual restaurants already. How many does this area need? There are hardly any places to grab lunch where I work; can’t a few open up down there?

      • justinbc

        The menu looks basically like Five Guys with tofu, not really a restaurant. Also, there will be Moe’s apparently.

        • The complaint was that this area is oversaturated with quick lunch options. That said, I’ve only been to the Barracks Row Kraze, but it’s more like a sit-down restaurant with table service.

  • I tried Kraze in Bethezda before a movie at Bethezda Row and had one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in my life – A double with american cheese and BBQ sauce. I think they will do good if they keep the quality up. Their ordering process seemed a little over complex, but it’s a totally different experience than 5 guys or McDonalds… We do have way too many burger shops popping up though in the area, I think restaurant investors need to come up with more original ideas, like Korean BBQ, ramen, pho, and Thai fusion places, but Kraze Burger will do much better than Elevation and Rays if they promote well.

  • Kraze is better than any of the other burger options in this area but the service is incredibly slow. The one in Tysons is a disaster.

  • Kraze makes a damn good burger – one of the best in DC. Glad to see them opening more locations.

  • Welcome to MOOOOOES! I, for one, am excited about this. Moe’s personifies the bulk of my high school experience. sigh.

  • Regardless of what kind of retail this is, it would be cool if it were open later than 5pm – that’s the worst thing about all these shops in NoMa, they only serve the office workers… the actual Neighborhood of NoMa, and Eckington, and Truxton Circle would all come here if they were ever open outside of 9 – 5

    • justinbc

      The TD Burger mentioned above is open late. I went for their HH once and found the burger + beer for $7 deal to be pretty great. It’s not “the best burger of my life” as people here are claiming about Kraze, but for that price it’s solid.

  • Happy for more options in NoMa! I agree on the hours – I actually LIVE in the area, as opposed to working there, so I’d like for things to stay open later.

  • What I wouldn’t give for a Sweetgreen in this neighborhood.

  • I live in the area and welcome any new option in NOMA. That being said, I agree with the other post here…it would be nice to have a fewplaces with later hours. A sit down restaurant or even a good HH spot would be great.

  • They should call it Krays Burger and get Spandau Ballet to write and perform their commercial jingle.

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