Kendall Row Chain Link Fences Finally Down – Row House For Sale for $929,999 at 12th and K St, NE


There have been chain link fences surrounding this development on the 900 block of 12th Street, NE just south of Florida Ave for as long as I can remember. I finally see the fences came down and some landscaping was going on out front when I walked by. Units are now for sale too – the one at 923 12th Street, NE says:


Sadly their are no interior photos listed.


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  • Such a travesty of a development. I really wish they would have just leveled and started over.

  • Wasn’t this the project that was started By a woman who worked for the State Department? As I remember, they had serious foundation problems and were foreclosed on by the bank, and she claimed it was racial discrimination.

    Million $ townhomes in Trinidad? Hmm?

    It is a shame that for that kind of money they couldn’t do something that looked better. This old brutalist architecture is so out of date. The building looks like a low-budget mental hospital.

    Not very welcoming, and I think it will be a hard sell.

    • You’re a mental hospital.

    • Technically this isn’t Trinidad.

      • No, not technically Trinidad, but just a short gunshot away.

        Sorry, but whether it is technically Trinidad, or not, still a rough place. Most people that can afford a million dollar house do not want to live in such danger.

        • Change is okay friend, embrace it. Don’t be scared of Trinidad, it’s a great neighborhood. Step outside your bubble and come out here for a tour, get to know the city that you live in. Or do you live in Virginia??

        • Wobble, thanks for speaking for everyone who can afford a million dollar house. I am sure you’ve very well networked with the 1% and have also spent a lot of time in the neighborhood. It’s actually a friendly place and I would hope exceed your obviously low expectations.

          That being said, these houses are terrible.

  • A million bucks for what looks like low-income housing…

  • DIBS! ….. said no one ever.

  • Obviously hideous, but $230 per square foot is really low for this area, right? Seems like they’re aware they’re hideous.

    • Good God, I never imagined the floor plans would be that terrible. These are the worst floor plans I’ve ever seen.

    • Looking to sell my AdMo condo,I measured it. It is listed at 1173 sqft. I measured net floor space (each room), and got 1206. A lot of buildings are now advertised as gross sqft, measuring the outside of the building, and including the space occupied by exterior and interior wall.

      In addition, these townhomes have 5 sets of staircases, which you can hardly live on, and a huge elevator shaft. Usable space is a lot less than 4000 sqft — probably feels like 2500.

  • The building is absolutely hideous, and the elderly or disabled people who might need elevators in their units most are the ones who probably can’t afford a million dollar condo. 4000 sq. ft. is huge, though.

  • These are SO UGLY. Would never pay $1M for that.

  • I live near this hideous development. Are they really five story row units? Madness.

  • While I am glad there seems to be progress/movement – Gad those places are hideous.

    I am sorry but even at that size I can’t believe those are worth that. Any homeowner how has a bit of Internet search skill is going to find a boat load on the Interewebs. Wonder how that would play into their decision – I likely would pass because I would have serious concerns about the quality (particularly since that are no interior photos as yet).

  • Assume there’s a rundown somewhere of what went wrong here? Does anyone have a link to the backstory?

  • you think the buildings are hideous you should see the floor plans. they are truly ridiculous.

  • So much square footage but they don’t put a separate rental unit for the basement? Lack of a rental changes the economics radically on a $1mm home.

  • Floor plans and mock-up photos can be found here:

  • LOL, the floor plans are as hilarious as the exteriors. Can you imagine how unimaginably daft the person who threw these together was?

    • The bathrooms distribution is odd. I’d trade the one in the dining room for another one on for the bedrooms that don’t have one or the rec room without bathroom.

    • Nearly 4000 sq ft of living space and no coat closet.

    • In all seriousness, how are they going to sell these things? Who is going to walk through and think “gee, this layout is so awesome and practical; definitely worth a million dollars!” ? I’m sure eventually someone will…

  • FIVE levels?!? All I can think about is how awful it would be to carry laundry down to the washer (and then back up again).

    • you don’t have to, since a ton of the floor space is taken up by an absurd elevator

      • It’s only “absurd” if you don’t need one. Actually, I think that the elevator is probably the most attractive thing about this place. The “green” roof looks horribly uninviting. The closets are spacious — but if they were going to put up shelving, they could have spent a few pennies more. I agree with the crowd: this place is odd, and it’s hard to imagine who would want the combination of the design and space, the neighborhood, and the price tag.

        • That elevator looks like something out of the 70s. Personally, I’d be TERRIFIED to use it. What if it gets stuck or breaks down with you in it? Is there a call button to the fire department in there? It’s not like in an office building where there are actual people who can help you. You’re just stuck with no one there…

    • Very little about these floor plans makes sense, but it looks like they did have the comparative good sense to put the W/D on level 3 of 5, rather than on level 1 of 5.

  • how is that 4000 sq ft?

  • $500 buy credit?!?! SOLD!

  • Anyone want to start an Over/Under bet on these?
    I’ll start off with $775k (only due to the sheer size).

    • I’m going with they’d be lucky to get $600K. LUCKY.

    • 750, perhaps, especially since interest rates keep dropping.

      Renters, what would you pay to live in a house like this? Maybe some post-ironic hipsters would want to rent it out just to make snarky comments about it on Twitter all day? LOL.

      • Actually, as a group house near H Street it might make sense. You could easily repurpose a den or dining room to make this 5 or 6 bedroom. You could probably rent it for $6,000 pretty easy. The probability the elevator will be broken reaches 100 by about the third house party. If I were 22 and looking for a place with 5 idiot friends I’d be all over this.

        • This made me chuckle out loud: “The probability the elevator will be broken reaches 100 by about the third house party.”

  • Wow. Those floor plans are so crazy it’s kind of impressive. If you have kids, you will be forced to share a bathroom with them unless you put them on a different floor of the house.

  • And it looks like the so-called master bedroom on the 4th floor and the identical bedroom above it on the 5th floor each have a tiny closet, whereas the smaller bedroom on each floor has a huge closet.
    Maybe the architect who did this was retaliating against the developer in some way.

  • Kendall Row – Experience the inconvenience of the Sochi Olympics from the comfort of your own home!

  • What’s the most $$$ would you pay for this place? For me it’s not even the price that’s the issue but the layout. Don’t think I would buy this to live in at any price.

    • Well, there’s gotta be some floor, right?

    • $0 is the answer. $0. If someone gave it to me for free I still wouldn’t live there. I’d break it up into individual units and rent it out. That is really the only way to salvage this mess.

  • I took a look at the floor plans. How truly odd!. However, I think this is because each floor was trucked in as a prefab box.

    The background articles are hilarious to read. A quote of the initial developer:

    “Referring to the bank that foreclosed on the property, she said, “They have virtually stolen the project.” An African American, Herndon said she believes that “racism and sexism” drove the bank to foreclose.”

    I feel for the bank. They stand to get less than 50% out of their investment, and I think it is a small bank that cannot easily absorb the loss.

  • These were originally listed at 1.1mill. What a deal!!!

    What an unmitigated disaster. There is a condo building going up next to this and one replacing jimmy’s tire too. Who will ever live in these pieces of crap?? Time will only tell…

    • I assume you live in trinidad, why you going so hard? Don’t you want the millionaires to help your property values?

      • No millionaires will be living there.

        • If “millionaire” is defined by net worth and those houses are worth at least 700k, how hard is it to accumulate that extra 300K in assets? Anybody that buys these houses has money to burn. If they sell, I’m willing to bet it’ll be to someone whose net worth post-purchase will certainly be a million+

          • Home value minus the mortgage amount determines “net worth.” Plenty of non-millionaires live in million dollar houses. Especially in DC.

          • Most people living in million dollar properties in DC are playing with other people’s money. DC real estate is a ponzi scheme funded by QE. So who’s going to be left holding the bag when that dries up?

      • I’m going hard because this property does not contribute to the surrounding neighborhood in any way and never has. Also, no millionaires are moving in there in this lifetime.

    • I know, I was thinking the same thing. These monstrosities were listed at $1.1 for a very long time. I wonder if they even got anyone to go look at them. The outside screams “low-income housing.” The interior is a hot mess and looks like the cheapest possible Home Depot finishes you could find.

  • justinbc

    How long before Aaron Gordon opens a waterboarding themed restaurant in one of these, hearkening back to DC’s nostalgic days of torture under the Bush administration?

    • This is amazing. It could be at Smith Point! Maybe that would be better as a slavery themed restaurant with bartenders dressed as lawn jockies.

  • Honestly, the only people who I can think would benefit from/be attracted to this awful floorplan (in conjunction with the absurd price and mediocre (being kind) neighborhood) is a multi-generation, large immigrant family who’d turn it into and 8 or 9 bedroom place. Or maybe a slum lord who would try and rent to said massive immigrant family or a boatload of hipsters sharing a place.

    • Honestly I think the only way it begins to make sense is if you somehow convert each floor to its own apartment. But how much would THAT cost after you already dropped close to $1 million?

  • I’ve lived down the street from here and watched these get built. These houses have been a disaster from start to finish. They are a total eyesore for the neighborhood…

  • lovefifteen

    Oh my God! What a trainwreck. This might be the most hideous luxury development of all time. All you people on popville that complain about almost every single new housing development in DC, it’s time to count your blessings.

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